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Upgrading software in order to better produce my first album.
Upgrading software in order to better produce my first album.
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Spencer Richard's first Solo Album

CA$ 610


I have been writing music for the majority of my life. It's one of my biggest passions and growing up I've been lucky enough to have had a few venues for performing. 

I started composing music for the piano at a more advanced level than most kids my age when I was very young. As I grew older the composing matured and I wound up playing a piece for the Alberta Winter Games in 2006 in front of 9,000 people. That was when I was sixteen years old. A lot has changed since then.

At seventeen I picked up the guitar and immediately (within three days) started writing actual songs---that is: songs with lyrics---and it gave me a new direction. Previously my wordless pieces were all about melody and the beauty of an instrument, but once I brought my voice into the mix, writing songs had a whole new challenge. I took my experience of composing and brought it into the field of singing.

Flash forward a few years, I'm going to University and still working on my music. Gradually I begin to incorporate fast lyrics and more intricate rhymes---my love of Hip Hop and Rap begins to manifest in my work. It is nerve-racking but fun. On the side I write stories and articles for my website so I feel as if I am always living with words. Rap is a challenge but I am invigorated by the process of writing (and rewriting) meaningful lyrics that come at the listener with such velocity.   

Flash forward a few years more, I'm back in Alberta but now working as a Book Store Manager. I'm writing a novel and a gazillion other things, but I'd pretty much given up dreams of performing rap. I never had the equipment to make beats, so what I could produce with a piano and a guitar could never really match what I was trying to do in my head. It was discouraging to say the least. 

Also at this time I was a new father (still am) and husband. My little girl is less than a year old and my free time, naturally, becomes a little more scarce. This is how things go, but secretly I begin to work again on rap, writing on the bus and whatnot. Even without the equipment, I gain confidence.

Then, just recently I've finally been able to save up (AKA receiving a bit of birthday money from my loving parents) and purchase Ableton Live Intro, a program for professional music recording. I have a relatively nice microphone and a set up now where I can produce beats on my keyboard. I started messing around and within a couple of weeks I'd written and completed two songs using the program. These were the results:


I have many other ideas as well for songs, some are already in progress and others involve redoing and improving some of my old stuff. I'm aware that the levels (particularly with the vocals in "Phantom" need some work, but these are pretty close to how I want them. Very little mastering work is left, but some for sure. I can worry about the tinkering later.

The point is, Ableton Live "Intro" is great, but I'm finding it incredibly limited. Better than what I've had to date, but still limited. There are so many instruments and sounds I am unable to use. In order to upgrade the program to Ableton Live "Suite", it will cost $600 dollars CAN. This is money I don't have and won't have for a very long time. The benefits of upgrading are huge, but the biggest reason is that it would give me more music instruments to mess around with. Instruments that sound more natural such as orchestrated sounds, and much more to play with, as well as the full features of the program. There is a video here describing the benefits of upgrading:

So, hopefully that will show you what I'm up to, and perhaps a taste of my work (even more can be found at or will give you the encouragement to back me in upgrading my program. The point is so that I have a fuller box of paintbrushes, so to speak, with which to paint my art. That will allow me to feel confident in each individual song as I build my very first Solo Album.

Any additional funds raised that surpass the $600 will go towards furthering my musical goals. Perhaps toward getting another couple of music videos done to support the release of the album. My first was done with the director Kevin Rosmer (, and we've been longing to work together again.

Thank you for taking the time to consider backing my creative work. I really appreciate it.

Risks and challenges

All of my work is saved through Dropbox and uploaded to several extra drives regularly. The only risk is in not being exactly sure when the album will be finished, I suppose. Those people backing with over $10 or more, I have committed to giving them the album for free, it just could be a little while before it is released. At this rate, it will likely be done by end of next year, but you never know what life will throw at you.

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