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Fundraising for a thirteen-part art project exploring masculinity, discipline and control. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 7, 2011.

Fundraising for a thirteen-part art project exploring masculinity, discipline and control.

About this project

I’m seeking partial funding for a “suite” of thirteen projects--photos, video, sculpture and performance--that deal with subcultures and quirks of masculinity as masculinity is expressed in terms of restraint and control. The thirteen projects in the series, some of which I’ve already begun, all link in some way to some kind of restraint or discipline whether it’s self-imposed, externally imposed by society, or imposed by me as photographer. In some projects this sense of control is more explicit than others, but they work as a suite. Rather than one large project there are thirteen smaller ones so that I can more flexibly work on the projects and display them later together, in combinations, or as discrete units.

The specific reason I’m seeking funding is that many of the projects require hiring models, renting a studio, and using better camera equipment than what I have now. I’m shouldering many of these costs myself and also applying for external grants so this is only part of the funding I’ll need but I’m confident that with your help I can make good headway, which will help with other grant raising and work sales.

Like I’ve said, I’ve already begun some of these projects but need help especially when it comes to hiring models and renting studio space. The results of the suite of works will be a series of gallery shows across the next two years as well as very likely a book that links the work with text about the same subjects.

These are the projects:

1. Between Men: double portraits of gay male couples cropped so that most of the couples are absent and the space between them is emphasized.

2. Shirtless: “snapshot”/flash photography of shirtless men in their homes.

3. Control (1): close-cropped shots of men handcuffed behind their backs.

4. Shibari: photo documentation of a model and artist practicing the japanese erotic rope bondage art known as shibari.

5. Handsome: Line drawings of images of men pulled from magazines and online clothing store images, including all of the clothes and body posture but leaving the faces erased.

6. Night Out: disposable cameras handed out to participants to document a “guy’s night out” however they see fit.

7. No Mercy: portraits of members of heavy metal bands.

8. Your Name Here: banners made of floral fabric featuring common male first names.

9. You Are Here: landscape photographs of thickets in upper-midwest cruise parks photographed in the dead of winter.

10. Control (2): portraits of hunters with their weapons displayed.

11. Burden: sculpture/twelve-hour performance piece of the artist locked in a pillory; visitors can remove him but only if they agree to wear the pillory themselves for a 15-minute period.

12. Control (3): silent video loop of a man in Milwaukee Police Department uniform pounding himself in his crotch with his nightstick.

13. Together: comet shaped sculpture of 100 police flexicuffs linked together.


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    Color postcard mailed to you made of a photograph of a cruise park.

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    Unique set of five 8.5x11" ink drawings from the faceless/handsome series plus the postcard.

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    Medium-sized print of anything you would like from plus the items listed above.

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    Fabric banner, approx. 36x48", made with a brief text of your choice, plus the items listed above.

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    Pair of police handcuffs, small hand-sewn photo book from the Night Out series, and all of the items listed above.

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