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The way we think about our bodies is changing. B3 features the latest in nutrition, fitness, personalized medicine and performance.

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Blood, Berries or Butter is a documentary (and passion project) starring the most boundary-pushing, trail-blazers in the areas of nutrition, fitness, personalized medicine, anti-aging and beauty. It's a collection of stories and interviews from some of the world's most influential personalities in the health & wellness space. 

Although the topics covered and the cast of characters are awesome, this film really isn't about them. It's about YOU. It's about the choices you make everyday. It's about the food you eat. It's about re-imagining your expression of life. It's about boosting your IQ. Eating fat to lose fat. It's about controlling the rate at which you age.

Topics we cover include​:

- Biohacking

- Paleo, Vegan and Low Antinutrient / High Fat diets. 

- Crossfit, Yoga and Neurological Training

- High Quality Meats, Plants and Fat Food sources.

- Macronutrients, micronutrients and anti-nutrients (mycotoxins),food timing and how they work together.

- Connection between our Nature, Mind and Body.

- Epigenetics, Sleep, Habit creation​

- Biotracking technology

- Inflammation, brain metabolism and anti-aging.

- Qi Gong​, Makko Ho, Meridian Stretching

- Making healthy food fun for Kids

Characters we interviewed include: Sarma Melngailis (Raw Haute Cuisine), Gabby Reece (Ex-Pro Volleyball Player, Fitness Icon), Laird Hamilton (Big Wave Surfer), Dave Asprey (Biohacker), Jonathan Bailor (Researcher, Author), Kristen Buchanan (Former Olympic Athlete), David Cote (Living Foods), Nir Eyal (Habit Formation), James Hardt (Physicist), Mariel Hemingway (Oscar-nominated Actress), Bobby Williams (Stunt Man), Abel James (Nutritionist ), Justin Mager (Existential Medicine), Darin Olien (Superfood Expert) , Nicholas Perricone (Anti-Aging Expert), Rich Roll (Vegan Ultra Athlete), Jay Schroeder (Neurological Trainer), Mark Sisson (Primal Lifestyle), Steve Fowkes (Neurochemist), Glenn and Caryl Elzinga (Grassfed Beef Ranchers), Noah Amparano (Free Running and Parcour) and Mario Martinez (Biocognition). 


This is 90-minutes chock full of health-inspiring information. Instead of rambling on about how great the content is, here are some of the characters and quotes from the film:



Look, this movie is one killer compilation of awesomness. Whether you end up with a virtual hug or a ticket to the LA premiere you can rest easy, knowing that without you, this movie never would have been finished. 


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Our lives were changed as a result of producing this documentary and we feel ridiculously fortunate to have connected with so many inspiring people. The way we think about our bodies, our health, our IQ, everything, has changed. We are on a mission to share the message with as many of you as possible with the hopes of motivating thousands of people to make their lives better through health. 

We want to create a community of ambitious people who are taking their health into their own hands. We want to inspire the masses to think about what they're putting in their bodies. We want to spark a health revolution! 


Find out more about the film and connect with us at:


If you're intrigued, inspired, dumbfounded, or you just like the trailer click that green button and DONATE! Pretty please. 

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Here's the thing, we've thrown our heart, soul and savings (literally tens of thousands of dollars) into this project and we need your support to finish the documentary.

As many resources (time, money, energy) as it took to film the documentary, it takes even more to edit, release and distribute it.


We aren't starving (now) but we're definitely bootstrapping:

We've shared more beds than we'd like to admit. In San Francisco, we got to a point where we only had $1.27 cash so we slept on a park bench with the homeless. We stayed awake for 46 hours to drive from Idaho to San Francisco to Seattle back to California in order to shoot four interviews without having to pay for a hotel room. We've eaten laundromat sushi. Don't ask.

Juan declined a 6-figure job offer, sold his vintage blinged-out car, gave up his apartment, reduced the entirety of his worldly possessions to one bag, maxed his credit cards, experienced real hunger, slept with vampires and in 20-bunk-bed-in-one-room-hostels in Inglewood, where he ate only a free blueberry muffin for breakfast and free tater tots for dinner for an entire week while waiting for money to be wired in order to keep shooting. There even came a point where Juan and Tomas subsisted solely on rice -- don't tell their Paleo friends.

Tomás shut down his New York City East Village photography studio, sold his over-priced furniture for nothing, left his books, countless broken hearts and tennis racket behind. He maxed his credit cards, and threw in all his savings. He shot a friends Opera and edited it for the bargain price of $500 because the team needed cash in order to buy food to eat.

Morgan quit her Director level Marketing job with all of it's security and promises to follow her bliss and join the team to help spread the word. She knows it's worth it, though, because she's so irritatingly passionate about the subject matter.

We are asking for the minimum amount we would need to complete this project and any additional contributions above our goal will allow us to spread the word even further with more outreach and promotion!


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