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1909 period film about Cryptozoology. The search for mythological creatures. By VFX veterans Miguel Ortega & Tran Ma
1909 period film about Cryptozoology. The search for mythological creatures. By VFX veterans Miguel Ortega & Tran Ma
1909 period film about Cryptozoology. The search for mythological creatures. By VFX veterans Miguel Ortega & Tran Ma
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    1. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      We're waiting for the jars from china. DVDs and shirts made. I am currently in Canada directing s commercial to recoup years of no work/$ we're almost there guys!!

    2. UFOX on

      I guess after waiting for 5 years,I lost intrest in the blu ray.
      Oh well,at least i got it digital.

    3. Missing avatar

      Vanja Voncina on

      Now that the short movie is out, is there any estimated date for physical media (Blu-Ray)?

    4. Victor Marin on

      any new about the "screen used small creature specimen inside glass jar with custom label" reward?

    5. Marilyn C Prevatte on

      What's the status of things? Now that the short is out, when are you going to provide us our small creature specimen. Would love a date or time-frame. Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Eyeball Museum on

      When do we get our "screen used small creature specimen inside glass jar with custom label"? Delivery is now four years later than estimated...

    7. Amanda Davis on

      Will the backers who pledged for a digital download be able to actually have a downloaded copy when the movie is finished? I like to watch movies on train rides but Amtrak's internet won't do video streaming. :-/

    8. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      *making of video has been updated as of today

    9. Paul Stevens on

      Fantastic to see the project come to fruition and be so successful, also feels good to have been a small part of that ! Is there any news on the blu-ray copy of the film , so looking forward to watching it ?

    10. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      We are still going live today for backers. Encoding and ensuring QC at the moment.

    11. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      Steve send me a pm

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve R on

      Congrats! Would it be possible to get high resolution downloads of some of that great artwork while we wait?

    13. Missing avatar

      Luis Miguel Henao on

      Congratulations! It's inspiring to follow along on your ride, which challenges the status quo of how to reach creative and commercial success and an equal challenge to anyone who ever wanted to make a creative piece and thought they couldn't aim for the stars!

    14. Rudy Gnodde on

      Great to hear The Ningyo is going to be a feature movie. Good luck at your first production meeting. Can't wait to see the film.

    15. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      Here's where we're at. We have a producer. The Ningyo is going to become a feature film. We had 3 AAA producers after the project and we chose the one we felt was the better fit last week. Our first "production meeting " is this Thursday Once we have this I will get the blessing to release it to backers. And also announce who he is. These meetings have moved at turtle speed so I apologize. It's been a long road and we just want to wrap this up and move onto the next phase.

      I can promise you that the backers won't be forgotten After the prizes and film has been distributed. We'll see how we can make it all worth the wait it at phase 2. This is all because of you guys.

    16. Chris Cassino on

      Any word on whether backers will get to see the movie by Halloween?

    17. Marilyn C Prevatte on

      @migual - Still excited and totally get why it is taking so long. I have a son in the biz too who is working on an animation project and it is also years in the making.

      Congratulations on all the wins and responses... I can't wait to see The Ningyo! Waiting with bated breath!

    18. INGRID on

      @matt you're comparing a short film with a company owned by facebook worth billions?
      You sir are a troll. good riddance you're gone.

    19. Matt Baldwin on

      @migual - tsk tsk - you lie again. You refunded me yesterday, almost two months after you indicated you would. Again, this just follows your pattern of not following through with your commitments. I'll now leave your project alone. Again, as I said in private message, best of luck.

      @ingrid - I respect your opinion. It doesn't change my opinion about these creators and how they're shafting their backers in favor of others. This isn't vicious just blunt responses. I'll name one project that's been on more covers than this will ever be on: Oculus Rift. I wish I could see this inspiring film that the KS community backed; however, the creators refuse to show their backers. You'll also note my other posts were to similar creators who don't follow through with their commitments. Is it so wrong to hold people to what they agree to do? I don't think so. I call it as I see. BTW - look up troll as this isn't trolling.

      With that, I leave this project. Thank you for the refund Miguel.

    20. INGRID on

      @Matt Baldwin , You are known as the kickstarter TROLL. I have seen all your posts and they are all toxic. This project is one of the most inspiring films on Kickstarter and one of the most awarded. Show me another kickstarter project that has been on 3 front covers of magazines. So I don't know why you are so vicious against the creators. Also what does being in the vfx industry have to do with film festivals? It couldn't be more removed. Have you considered that maybe they are being honest and they just but off more than they could chew in the promised time? Whats important is they finished it and are now winning every festival. And we will see it soon. And hopefully this gets picked up by a studio which seems to be whats happening. Calling them liars and cheats is nasty.

    21. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      @Matt Baldwin: you were already refunded. So yes stop trolling my page.

    22. Matt Baldwin on

      So awesome to have a creator tell you to, I quote, "Go suck a dick", in a private message. Confirms everything I have stated about these creators. The backers were duped. The creators are in it for themselves. Expect continued empty promises and any offer of refund they make will not be honored.

    23. Matt Baldwin on

      Another month, another promise. I call BS on your failure to understand festivals given you work in the industry. Be up front, honest, and set expectations correctly next time.

    24. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      @DoDoBird: just updated now

    25. DoDoBird on

      I have been and continue to wait patiently to see this. I would appreciate an update however, for when we'll be able to watch it as August has come and gone and I don't remember hearing anything more since. I've waited all this time and have no problem waiting longer still, just a quick word is all I ask for =) and if there was an update and I missed it I apologize

    26. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      @Chris Cassino: the truth is we had no idea how festivals worked at allllllllll. This is new to us too.

    27. Chris Cassino on

      Well... yeah, I have to admit, learning that the rules for most film festivals precluded the backers getting what they were promised was a rude surprise to me. I suppose I would have known that if I was more into that scene. I backed this because I loved the idea, am fascinated by cryptids, and feel morally obligated to support people making good art. I would really like to have the DVD I was promised.

      That being said, I understand this has been a long road for the creators and that kickstarter is not a pre-order service. A product has been made and is being shown to audiences who love it so this clearly isn't vaporware. I can wait a little longer to get what I wanted.

      Best of luck finishing out the festival season guys. But please do give us a proper update for when we can see a download code or a DVD or something for the film we helped to fund.

    28. Rudy Gnodde on

      @Matt Baldwin I've seen this in multiple movie/video kickstarters, especially the successful ones. It usually takes more time to finish a project like this than the creators anticipate, so most of the projects are completed long after the original projected delivery date has past. And when it is finished they either want to show it at festivals or try to get the backing of a movie/tv studio, producer or distributor to turn it in a full feature movie or series. Most festivals won't allow movies to be released before they're shown (so people go to the festival to see it) and the creators are in a better negotiating position with studios if they haven't released the movie yet. There is no way to securely release the movie to backers without the chance of it being leaked to the general public. So most creators who have a chance to go beyond just making a short film as a hobby decide to delay releasing it. I'm not always happy with that decision, but I do understand it. In the case of the Ningyo I do not think we have been deceived by the creators (they have finished the movie and are releasing it to us hopefully next month), but I do think the creators could have communicated better with the backers (though I doubt that would have made everyone happy).

    29. Joseph Sweeney on

      Matt, how does that crow taste?

    30. Matt Baldwin on

      Joseph - I strongly disagree. I wholeheartedly backed this and continued to do so for 3 years after the creators failed to meet their delivery dates. I strongly disagree that those who support you are the last to see what they supported. At a certain point, you just have to toss in the towel and say likely the backers will be the last folks to see this. If this were truly about creators creating something, then why are they withholding the film from those who backed it? Let's turn this around. If the creators had no intent on rewarding the backers when the film was done, then why not seek financing elsewhere? Maybe the creators don't deserve to be a part of this and we were all used.

    31. Joseph Sweeney on

      Matt Baldwin, if your sole purpose to backing this was to see a film, then you should have just gone on YouTube. Kickstarter is about so much more than just receiving a product, it's about backing a project or a company and seeing their progress over time. It's about knowing you were a part of what made it a success. If you aren't proud of this team for the years of hard work and dedication they've put into this film which is clearly evident on their social media and through their communication then maybe you do deserve to not be a part of this.

    32. Matt Baldwin on

      I should note you missed your promised delivery date by 3+ years, so goodwill was used up a couple years ago.

    33. Matt Baldwin on

      So, this project is the reason I won't back any other video projects anymore. Seems everyone gets to see the films before the actual backers. This seems wrong to me regardless of the business strategy.

      Where can we get a refund for backing this? At this point, I've lost interest in seeing or supporting this film; the backers appear to be the last to be rewarded, yet we're the ones that backed and made this happen for you.

    34. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      Heres where were at:
      We have been showing the film at festivals of course. We are using these showing to test the audience and we have actually made quite a few editorial changes based on the reactions. We are rerecording some ADR July 14th with Tamlyn Tomita to clarify some plot points that were being missed by SOME.

      We hope to have the film out to you guys as an online screener by August.
      We will have a booth at comiccon Sandiego swing by if you wanna say hi.
      We are doing 3d prints of the heads and specimens jars for production now.

      We have met with over 25 production companies in the past month regarding making the ningyo into a feature film or TV series. We signed with CAA last week to help represent the film and us. CAA is the most powerful Talent agency in the world so its quite an honor.

      I think you guys are gonna dig the care were putting into the products. Were making sure all the details are right on this stuff. Its actually helped us quite a bit with the studios when we show up with shirts stickers etc. Merchandising!

      PM if you want to discuss anything. on here or FB

    35. Marilyn C Prevatte on

      Status, please... "Screen used small creature specimen inside glass jar with custom label. Signed (if you wish) by creators Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma."


    36. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      Exactly what Joseph said. Right now things are moving fast. Everything we're doing has a business side strategy to get this made into something bigger than a Kickstarter short. Unfortunately festivals are part of that strategy to build hype.

      We should have a screener for you guys within a month or two the most. I promise

    37. Joseph Sweeney on

      @mighty_petra: It's due to the rules of the various film festivals in that you can't distribute your work prior to the actual showing. These festivals are the best way for the film to get initial reviews and then eventually picked up by a bigger studio.

    38. Barry Atkinson on

      Will the film be available for backers online soon?

    39. mighty_petra on

      How come you're showing the film on festivals before people who contributed got a chance to see it?...

    40. Lisa Kruse

      I really want to see what I pledged for. At this point I would settle for a download rather than a dvd

    41. Shawn Taylor on

      Congrats on the great reviews so far! I know you've been working so hard to make this a reality and it shows! I am eager to see this marvel you have created and from all the updates, drawings, and clips it looks fantastic! "Thank you until you're better paid", as my grandmother used to say.

    42. Joseph Sweeney on

      So excited for you and your team and congratulations on the screening in Sydney! �

    43. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      Rewards will be sent out soon. Our head is now in making the rewards as good as possible . We'll be posting images soon

    44. Greg

      I am still very excited to see this film! Hope we can get the digital download soon!

    45. Chris Cassino on

      Or, can we have a code to view it digitally? Is the plan to wait until after festival season to send out rewards? Let us know when you can.

    46. Rob Meyers on

      Looking forward to finally getting to see this. When is the ship date to backers?

    47. David Blockley

      Congratulations on the success of the film. When will we be able to see it?

    48. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      We won best Narrative Film.!!
      Make sure you follow the facebook page as well.

    49. Miguel Ortega Creator on

      We won best Narrative Film.!!
      Make sure you follow the facebook page as well.

    50. Chris Cassino on

      How did the premier go?

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