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Bendito es el fruto de tu mente, en luz.

Ave Faviola tells the story of Adelina, a woman struggling to cope with loss, addiction, and the effects that come from her fascination with staying awake after her dreams become reality. 

Beneath the narrative lies a visual of the discomfort reality produces after prolonged periods of resisting its escape; a visual experience of a word being repeated so many times it becomes foreign to the fluent ear. 

Ave Faviola is an NYU Intermediate Narrative Workshop project. The story takes place in present day Mexico and is to be shot in Brooklyn, NY. The  film will be shot on the Sony FS100. The estimated on-set production time is 4 days. 


Writer - Producer - Director :: Elena De Santiago

Assistant Director :: Christina Benenati 

Director of Photography :: Aaron Snow

Line Producer :: Andrew Hebert

1st Assistant Camera :: Carolina Vazquez

2nd Assistant Camera :: Braulio Andres

Key Grip/Driver :: Quinn Gunderson

Sound Mixer :: Joseph Gallo

Art Director :: Karine Benzaria 

Production Assistants ::  Valeria Rotella and Lauren Flores 

Food ($400) 

Being eternally grateful for having a lovely cast and crew of about 15 people willing to work on this project for free will not fill their bellies. Meals for a party of 15 can add up to over $100 per day of shooting! Your donations will aid in providing tasty meals and snacks that will keep the cast and crew happy and energized. 

Transportation ($400)

To get the production on its feet, we will have to do quite a bit of traveling. One of our locations is on a beach in Brooklyn and the other in an apartment in Manhattan. To get the cast, the crew, and the equipment to location we will be renting a van. Your kind donations will help us pay for the van and the fuel to get it moving. 

Equipment ($100)

NYU has provided us with the majority of the equipment we will be using, but we will still need to purchase and rent additional essential equipment like batteries to power it up and memory cards to make sure we can turn the performances we see into something we can capture and share. 

Art Design, Props, and Wardrobe ($200)

In order to bring the worlds within Ave Faviola to our reality, we will be doing a lot of heavy art directing and wardrobe styling. We want viewers to believe it was shot in Mexico and not a New York City apartment.

Festival Fees and Distribution ($200+)

After all of our hard work in bringing Ave Faviola to life, we want to share it with as many people as we can! Your contributions will help us far beyond the filming period when paying these pesky festival fees. 

If you can't afford to donate to our project, you can still help by spreading the word! 

You can share the link to this page with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networking site you may prefer. (or even in-person!...if you're into that sort of thing.

Spreading the word about the project doesn't only help us connect with other people that may like to donate, but it also helps build a bigger audience for Ave Faviola

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Everything that goes into the making of a film is costly, and choosing to call 'action' on "Ave Faviola" is a risk in itself. We could lose a location. We could have issues with equipment. Actors could become sick and drop last minute. Even small things like lunch being late to set could throw our entire schedule off and bring our costs up if we have to schedule for another day of production.

The delivery date for the rewards are pretty accurate estimates with the exception of the screening invitations that could vary depending on what festivals it gets accepted into!

Bringing life to the heart of this film can not be done without your help. With your support, I am confident that this film will be brought to life no matter what challenges we may face in its making.


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