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The Jay DeMerit Story is a true story of a young American's journey to the 2010 World Cup - one never experienced in the soccer world.
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Nick and Ranko

1,937 backers pledged $223,422 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You - We should all be proud!

We wanted to give you guys an update and thank you for being a part of the film. The response we have received has been truly overwhelming.  We had families, teams, and coaches attend screenings and the result was extremely positive. Some comments from people who saw the film are below. Judging by the reaction we truly believe that this film has the ability to positively impact people, most importantly the youth. Jay's story can also help grow the sport in this country. I attended a matinee screening in Long Beach with almost 100 people yesterday and to see people's reactions first hand was incredible.

If this film had a regular "Hollywood" budget we would be in theaters nationwide and all over the mainstream media. With that said the passion of the soccer community and independent film supporters has already broken barriers with this film. We have the possibilty to continue to expand this film and grow the game. If you can please spread the word letting people know that the film is playing again this week (starting on Wednesday) we would really appreciate it. We are hoping that the word of mouth extends the theater run and continues to get the word out. Thanks so much! We should all be proud of this achievement. Info on the screenings this week is available at

Also - DVD's are coming. We are truly sorry for the delay. We had an issue with the "authoring" and have been extremely overwhelmed. We are trying to get them to you guys asap.

Thomasthebeard Thomas Guzman
by JayDeMeritStory
Just saw @JayDeMeritStory. Truly an inspirational film. Gave me chills. A true embodiment of what's right in the world of football.

SayraGrissel Sayra Grissel Moran
by JayDeMeritStory
Every football/futbol/soccer fan, young and old, should see the @JayDemeritStory. Amazing story of determination and passion. #MLS

thatgeniusjacob Jacob Austin
by JayDeMeritStory
To me, @D6MERIT and @jaydemeritstory is the American mentality, spirit, dream, unique to our culture. Inspiration and fight #riseandshine

GolazoEnergy Golazo Energy
by JayDeMeritStory
The @JayDeMeritStory was fantastic. What a journey! See this movie. You will leave the theater inspired. #determination #perseverance

pdubs18 Peter Wilkinson
by JayDeMeritStory
Thoroughly enjoyed @JayDeMeritStory! Followed it via @YanksAbroad over the years. The movie inspired kids today! Great stuff.

bgirard24 Brianna Girard
by JayDeMeritStory
Just saw 'Rise and Shine: The @JayDeMeritStory '. Soccer folk need to go find a theater playing it and give it a go! Truly inspirational!

Ryanflys Ryan Vinton
by JayDeMeritStory
Just saw @JayDeMeritStory. @d6merit you have a truly inspirational story man. All soccer fans and people that like people it is a must see.

bethanyvinton Bethany Vinton
by JayDeMeritStory
Amazing film, the @JayDeMeritStory is truly an inspirational story that gave me chills. A must see for anyone that dreams big. @D6MERIT

pabony Pabony Rivera
by JayDeMeritStory
@jaydemeritstory never under estimate the heart of an american .... Great movie

marijkecm marijke matthes
by JayDeMeritStory
A movie like the @JayDeMeritStory is why I love soccer.
3 Nov

cirbeylandon cirbey derrick
by JayDeMeritStory
Just got home from seeing @JayDeMeritStory! I had chills and a huge smile on my face the whole time! @D6MERIT -- What a guy, what a story!


    1. Creator Daren Woolstenhulme on November 7, 2011

      Took my sons who both play soccer at the Premier level in our state to the movie last night. I swear they walked out without any feet touching the ground. My oldest kept asking me when we get our Blu_Ray disc.. fantastic show we all loved it! I think Jay is my sons new hero!