Goblins Animated (Canceled)

by Matt King

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    1. Missing avatar

      Cristi Neagu on

      Jennifer Hale!? You got Commander Shepard on the team!? Awesome!

    2. Paul-Gabriel Wiener on

      Fumbles! You fumbled! You used it's instead of its! How can I ever...? Wait a sec. Miss Keane?? You found Miss Keane?? Okay, fine, she's done a ton of stuff ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0354937/ ) and there's Phantom 2040 and Baldur's Gate and holy crow she's also Black Cat from the 1995 Spider-Man cartoon that I loved so much. But come on!

      "Teacher, may we please be excused ta save da world?"

    3. Paul-Gabriel Wiener on

      No, I think I need to elaborate. I can still hear it in my head. Though I know I've got the audio clip somewhere, saved from one computer to the next for nearly two decades.

      Ms. Keane: "Now you girls know better than that! What do you say?"
      PPG: "Teacher, may we please be excused ta save da world?"
      Ms. Keane: "Yes, you may. ... /But not through the/ ..." *CRASH* "*sigh* roof."
      Kid: "Teacher, I have to save the world, too."

      I love the writing, but the read on those lines is what really makes it.