Goblins Animated (Canceled)

by Matt King

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    1. Jacob Cordero on

      Missing a link to the Facebook page to like?

    2. DukeBG on

      > Roll for initiative, what are you doing?

      attack the gazebo

    3. Elizabeth Connelly on

      Lucky for me, my sibling left their facebook logged into this computer. Now they like Goblins animated too

    4. Madam Atom on

      Jacob Cordero, the link is the text "Investigate the MAGICAL BOOK OF FACES..."

    5. Matt King Creator on

      Duke, you attack the Gazebo, you hammer at the struts. As you cut through the final strut, you have time for a single, "Oh no..." Before the roof falls in on you. Roll a strength check.

    6. Andy Johnson on

      Oh sure the link shows right after I post it.

    7. Timothy Ecklund on

      : Rolls for initiative :
      I attack the kobold village to get to the poorly locked treasure chest!

    8. Missing avatar

      David on

      -Rolls Initiative:
      I distract the Kobolds for Tim! I will likely die on the end of one of their spears...

    9. Andy Johnson on

      :Rolls initiative:
      I prepare healing magic to save David from the spear wounds.

    10. Thunt Collaborator on

      The kobolds swarm around Timothy, screaming high pitched battle cries as they swing and stab at him with rusty, unkempt blades, looted from the corpses of past adventurers. Timothy involuntarily calls out as a blade slices through him. Then another and another. His vision blurs as his life comes to its end.

      Suddenly, David's voice is heard from the other side of the warcamp. The kobolds all turn toward the distraction and run screaming at the new enemy, spears and blades ready to fall yet another foe. One kobold stays with Timothy, it grins yellow teeth and rises its short sword to kill Timothy, once and for all.

      Andy, safe in the bushes, has prepared healing magic.

    11. Thunt Collaborator on

      Apparently, I can't edit my posts. so...

      * His vision blurs as his life BEGINS to come CLOSE to ending.

    12. Timothy Ecklund on

      I kick out the kobold's legs, sending him crashing to the ground next to me. A reddish glow surrounds my arm as I summon a golden ball of flame into my hand. I desperately smash the tiny sun into the kobold's face, turning its yellow teeth to ash. It burbles on the ground as I scrabble to my feet. I stumble off towards Davids voice, crunching through the dry leaves. David has been practicing nightly with his fathers sword, but has he ever really used it? My gods there were so many...