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This course (ebook, exercises, videos) teaches Python Web Programming in a practical, hands-on manner. Learning by doing.

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Remember Real Python? Well, this project, Real Python for Web Development, is the next step. With the support of Fletcher Heisler (the creator of the original Real Python course), I am developing a course that will be perfect for those who are ready to take Python to the next level in learning Web Development in a practical, hands-on manner.

Stretch Goals!

Well, thanks to you, we hit our initial funding goal (within the first 24 hours!!) - but we're not finished yet! We still want to go for some stretch goals. The first goal is at $10,000.

First Stretch Goal ($10,000): Flask. Many of you have been contacting me about adding Flask to this project. So this will be the first stretch goal. In the meantime, check out my recent Youtube videos for a brief tutorial on how to setup a Task Manager in Flask.

Second Stretch Goal ($15,000): video tutorials (including bonus material not in the original course) for the original Real Python course. I am thinking somewhere between 15 and 20 videos. These videos will be available on the Real Python website via a secure login. Regardless of which course you purchase you will have access to the videos for both courses.

Third Stretch Goal ($20,000): Django. This is the big one. I'd love to go over Django: (1) Detail the basics, (2) Move on to a basic app, similar to the Django Tutorial, (3) Then add a more advanced and practical application. This will probably add an additional 100 to 150 pages, plus videos.

Thank you again!

What's planned?

I am developing an ebook, complete with exercises and code samples, as well as a video series for people new to Python Web Development. The main goal is for beginners to gain the basic knowledge on how to setup a development environment quickly so you can start building web applications. You will learn through a series of exercises, which are challenging enough that you will have to write code on your own. You will screw up. But you will learn from your mistakes. And you will get better. 

Why Python?

Python is easy to learn and fun, and its syntax is clear and concise – so programs written in Python take up far less code than other languages. 

Why Web2py?

web2py is an open-source web framework for rapid development. You can get up and running in less than 10 minutes and build a full-featured application in under an hour. Much like the Python language itself, web2py is designed for beginners to quickly get up to speed as well as advanced users. 

Who should take this course?

The ideal reader has some background in a programming language, but beginners are welcome. If you are completely new to Python, you should consider the $25 pledge to get the introductory Real Python course as well as the new web development course; this will give you all the resources you need to go from complete beginner to web development guru!

How is this course structured?

The book has three sections. Each section has a series of chapters that build on one another, and each chapter has conceptual information, a hands-on activity meant to reinforce the theory and concepts, as well as homework problems. Answers to each of the homework activities can be found in a zip file, which accompanies this book.

A video series will also be developed for each chapter, providing even more information and examples.

Each section has a larger project tied to it as well.

Check out the updated course summary here


Section 1: Web Fundamentals

* Goal: In the first section you will learn Python web development from the ground up. I will cover all the things you need to know to build a web app without a web framework, so that you will better understand how web frameworks work. Topics - database programming, web services, REST, web scraping and crawling (w/ Scrapy), CGI Programming ...
* Development Project: We will be creating a dynamic database-driven blog.

Section 2: Flask

* Goal: In the next section you will learn the basics of modern web development and I will introduce you to the Flask framework.
* Development Project: We will be developing the same application from the first section, in less than half the time using Flask. Additionally, we will work on a much larger application - a task manager.

Section 3: web2py Essential

* Goal: Here we will learning the modern web development fundamentals through the web2py framework.
* Development Project: There are several small projects, including a blog.

Section 4: web2py Advanced

* Goal: In the final section you will learn advanced web development with web2py - creating, modifying, and deploying your own web application.
* Development Project: I detail how to create a task manager, much like in section 2, with even more functions.

I'm always open to feedback. Is there something you'd like to see that I'm missing? Email me. Please.

What will I use the money for?

  • Hire an editor
  • Focus even more time and energy on this project. The more money I get, the more time I can focus on this. I would love to easily double the size of the book to develop even more use cases, sample code, and perhaps add a whole section on a micro-framework such as Flask.  
  • Converting the finalized course into various other formats to extend its reach in order to help others learn web development.
  • Food. I like to eat at least two meals a day. Right now I’m freelancing, so I need funds in order to devote 110% of my day on this project. 


I appreciate any help you can provide. I’ll include a project timeline, so you know exactly when each chapter is written and when the course will launch. And there will even be more practice exercises and completed scripts for you to modify. Further, if you back this project through Kickstarter, you will get free updates for life! As both Python and web2py change so will this course—you will receive all updates to the course, exercise, and videos.

Please check out these brief tutorials on web2pyDjango, and Flask to see some of my past work. Although, the quality of this project will be much, much higher. :)

Thank you so much for your time and contributions!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I enjoy tech writing and recording how-to tutorials. Check out my blog or youtube site for more info. That said, this is a much bigger project. My only concern is the logical organization. Thus, it is vital for me to address this issue by hiring an editor who is well-versed in Python and web development. Rest assured, the creator of web2py, Massimo Di Pierro, as well as the creator of Real Python, Fletcher Heisler, will be co-editors!

Other than that, I see no obstacles. If something should arise, you will be the first to know.


  • Immediately after the campaign ends. I will be sending out emails that day with your login credentials. You will have plenty of time to learn the basic Python building blocks before starting my course.

    Last updated:
  • So there's two courses -

    - Real Python -
    - Real Python for the Web

    In the first course, which has already been released, you will learn the basic Python language/syntax through real world, practical example. Ideally, you would learn the language through the first course, then move on to the second course. They are meant to complement each other.

    The $15 reward is for just the second course, Real Python for the Web, while the $25 reward is for both courses. If you have no experience with Python, you should take both courses.

    As soon as the Kickstarter is over you will have access to the first course, giving you a month to learn the language before the course is released.

    Last updated:
  • 1) The ebook will be released in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.
    2) Videos will be available through a secure login @
    3) Exercise files, answers to homework, and all code will be available to download as well

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