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Legions is a fast paced card game for 2 to 7 players and has won best new card game at 4 major conventions around the country since 99.

First of let me say thank you to all the men and women of the armed forces since 1776 to the present day for your service.

As mentioned in the video this game was inspired by a US Marines Commercial which aired in March of 1991. About two months ago a good friend told me of Kickstarter and now we are ready… Art is ready, Printers are picked and the only thing we are waiting on is you. You will make the difference between success and failure.

So just remember…

The High-King is dead.

With no heirs to the Crown it lays unclaimed waiting for one bold enough...strong enough to take it.

Already the other lords and ladies of the land marshal troops and gather generals to their banners. You must do the same your majesty. Raise your bloody banner,Lead your legions into battle and claim the High Crown as your own. Save our people.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Obstacles before?
Primary printers for boxes…Check.
Secondary printers for boxes…On standby
Primary printers for Cards…Check.
Secondary printers for Cards…On standby
Source of dice…Confirmed

None Found.

Problems after printing?

Game sells out so fast it does not show at all of major gaming events. What are your plans for dealing for this?
We are reserving 25 copies for this purpose and 5 for Demo units.

What if one of the big companies wants to buy you out?
We will sell, depending on the offer and royalties we a have minimum offer we would accept from parentage to complete buyouts. We have even prepared a buyout offer for the US Marines and VA.

What if people just don’t get the game?
With a thousand playtests (Well over5000 players) under its belt we find that to be highly unlikely but we would absorb the new data and move on. Improve the game and try again.

What if 25 people take you up on the $1000.oo reward package and all want the same weekend?
It is first come first served.


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