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Change the way crime is covered. Create a reporting lab within Homicide Watch DC to cover every murder in Washington for one year.
1,110 backers pledged $47,450 to help bring this project to life.

One Week Left to Save Homicide Watch DC

Posted by Homicide Watch (Creator)

Three weeks ago we came to you with a plea: help us keep Homicide Watch alive by donating to our kickstarter campaign.

Your response has been overwhelming. More than 600 people have donated. Some as little as one dollar, others as much as 500 dollars.

Here’s why it matters: In the three weeks since we had to shutter, Antoinette Mitchell, Bidley Warren and Stephan Manuel Pool have been killed. In DC.

At Homicide Watch we believe that Mitchell’s, Warren’s, and Pool’s lives matter. That all our lives matter. And that how people live and die in DC matters to every one of us.

There are five other names you won’t find on Homicide Watch DC either: the names of suspects arrested in murder cases since we shuttered. And their stories matter, too. Because how we dispense of justice, finding defendants guilty or innocent, matters to every one of us, too. Unless we bring back Homicide Watch DC, the stories of these five suspects will not be told. We will not know how, or whether, justice is served in DC.

If we are to do this, to tell these stories, we have to raise $13,000 in one week. We’ve already raised $27,000, but here’s the tricky thing about Kickstarter: if we don’t raise all the funds, your donation is returned to you and Homicide Watch gets nothing.

So while it’s incredible that together we’ve raised $27,000, we need to make a final push to make sure we cross that $40,000 line. Otherwise the site stays closed.

If I haven’t convinced you that Homicide Watch is worth funding, consider this appeal from Clay Shirky, who calls Homicide Watch "one of the most important experiments in improving journalism in the era of the internet."

And if you’re still reading, and you’re still not convinced, consider Antoinette Mitchell. Consider Bidley Warren. Consider Stephan Manuel Pool.

Seven days. $13,000. Stand with us in saying: Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case.


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