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For Journalism Internships, Smaller is Better

Posted by Homicide Watch (Creator)

John Robinson, former editor of the News & Record in North Carolina, is studying news internships, and he has a great post on some of his early findings:

"One of the most interesting threads coming out of those interviews is what the younger journalists says about their summer internships," he writes. "I asked those who had multiple internships, which was the best. Their answers were counter-intuitive and consistent; the smallest news organization was the best."

Homicide Watch DC is one of the smallest news organizations you'll find. For two years, we've run on a staff of one full-time reporter/editor (Laura) and one part-time developer (Chris). And we split the business-side work.

That means when we get interns -- like Lindsey Anderson or Rebecca Zisser, both from American University -- they're in court from the start. They get bylines and they get edited. They get to be real reporters, because as small organizations, we can't afford to waste effort.

Read John's entire post. It matches up really well with what we hope students working on the Homicide Watch platform will learn.


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