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From an artist behind Myst, C&C, and 25 other games: An adventurous puzzle journey into beautiful and unpredictable dreamworlds.
Expected Spring 2019
From an artist behind Myst, C&C, and 25 other games: An adventurous puzzle journey into beautiful and unpredictable dreamworlds. Expected Spring 2019
1,826 backers pledged $57,180 to help bring this project to life.

Update #36: New Trailer, and more!

Posted by Eagre Games (Creator)

Hello backers,

We've just released a brand new trailer for ZED. This will be the last full-length trailer before we release in Spring 2019, so have a look and tell us what you think!

On top of this, we want to announce some our upcoming plans, and we've got some very exciting news for you.

Our founder Chuck Carter is going to be doing a special panel talk with Rand Miller from Cyan (Myst, Riven, Obduction), Tim Cain from Obsidian (Fallout, Pillars of Eternity, The Outer Worlds) and Karthik Bala from Vicarious Visions (Skylanders, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk) about their experiences in the gaming industry and what the future holds for video games. This will be the first time Chuck and Rand have been in the same room to give a public talk since Myst and should prove to be a fun talk.

If folks are able and would like to attend, the talk will be on Sunday, March 31st at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts in the Dragonfly Theater at 10:30AM. Sunday tickets are still available and can ship up until March 3rd. It will also be streamed on Twitch for those who can't make it. We'd love to meet a few of you in person!

The best thing you can do to help us now is to share our trailer, Wishlist ZED on Steam if you haven't yet, and help spread the word! Wishlists help us get noticed and once we do release it will give us higher visibility on Steam while we're competing to be seen among tens of thousands of other titles, so every Wishlist count!

As always, if you're inclined to keep in touch with us via social media, we're also active on our Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

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    1. Eagre Games Creator on

      Hi Matt and others: We apologize for the confusion. Our intention is to fulfill the goals we outlined in our initial Kickstarter campaign! Sometimes messaging mistakes can happen when we have many people involved, but I assure you everyone has had nothing but the best of intentions. We are working diligently on PC, Linux, and Mac builds. There is, of course, plenty of time for things to go wrong but if any platform does get delayed you'll be hearing directly from us.

      You're welcome to chat with any of us in realtime on our Discord server and ask us anything on your mind - we have developers online most hours of the day who are happy to discuss.


    2. Matt Combes on

      Now I'm doubly confused. According to Cyan (over in the comments section of the ZED update on the Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter), they're stating that only VR and Windows PC will be available "at launch." And that they're looking forward to working with you guys to fulfill the other platforms sometime *after* launch. So, in effect, Mac and Linux are delayed and will not be available in Spring 2019. Can you confirm that's the case? If it is, those of us without Windows or VR machines might like a better idea of when we'll be able to finally enjoy ZED.

    3. Matt Combes on

      @Eagre Games - The last update on Cyan's Obduction Kickstarter page, which promoted ZED, stated the following: "ZED will be available for VR (Vive and Rift) and also on Windows PC." Granted, the trailer and the latest update on the Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter only say "PC" and not "Windows PC," but I don't think you'll find many Mac or Linux users who ever refer to their respective platforms as "PC". You had to specify when this Kickstarter was live that it would be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so I'm not sure why you decided to just shorten it to "PC" when marketing the game. I can promise you many Mac/Linux users would look at that trailer and go "Damn, I was interested, but it says it's only on VR and PC". Just sayin'.

    4. Eric on

      This is a huge milestone. Well done. This game may make me venture into VR.

    5. Eagre Games Creator on

      Not sure where this "Windows PC" was noted. You can see Cyan's full press release here: If "Windows PC" was noted rather than "PC" it was done in error.


    6. Blake Senseman on

      Just watched the new trailer. It has only heightened my anticipation for your new work. Eagerly await it's release. Also...Galleria Gallactica, Dayton Ohio? lol love that. I live there.

    7. me on

      Is this still releasing on macOS Windows and Linux like was originally planned? Cyan Ventures has posted a misleading update and comment/response indicating that it is Windows only and is not currently planned to be available on macOS.

    8. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      I assume "PC" means Linux, macOS, and Windows. If it means Windows, then I hope there are refunds planned...

    9. bdo7 ☆ SoSR 3.93 ☆ Mighty 1100 on

      The trailer is amazing. While I agree the tone is very different from the original pitch (mostly because there are many more "real world" elements and images in it now, which makes it seem less surreal), it looks like much more of a GAME and less of a concept sketch. I am genuinely more excited now, not to mention impressed by your work. Kudos! Oh, and yay for hearing Stephen Russell's voice again. So good.

    10. Matt Combes on

      Came here to echo what Bill Britton said. I backed this as a Mac user because it indicated that it would be released on that platform. But now I only see talk of VR and Windows, neither of which I own. Are we Mac backers getting the shaft?

    11. Bill Britton on

      The original plan included a release for macOS, but today’s announcement says “ZED will be available for VR (Vive and Rift) and also on Windows PC.” Has macOS been dropped, or delayed?

    12. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Hays on

      I love it! Can't wait to see the completed game!

    13. Eagre Games Creator on

      Why is that, Porcupine?

    14. Porcupine on

      I find the original far, far more appealing.

    15. Bob Sawyer on

      This trailer looks amazing. This story looks like its going to be a real tear-jerker.

    16. Ryan-Misty Vennell on

      Exciting! Been a long time coming, and I can't wait to try it!

    17. Jacob Gunness

      Congratulations, Chuck - it looks amazing :D I must admit that I have been close to giving up on the game ever arriving, but I'm sure that it has been worth the wait. Glad that you've pulled through.