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Fossil Brewing Company: Unearthing Remarkable Beer for Community Enjoyment and Enrichment

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Kickstarter Page! Fossil Brewing Company was founded in April of 2013. Our plan is to open a brewery and tasting room in March 2014 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our founders have diverse backgrounds including science, construction, food service, business management and retail.

Graham, Rich, Katrina, Colleen, and Josh visiting local fossil beds.

Katrina Benson is our Office Manager/Marketing Manager. She spent many years managing education programs at a local non-profit. During her current pregnancy, she has missed pumpkin beer the most...and sushi.

Rich Benson is our Facilities Manager. His current day job is a Quality Control Manager for a General Contractor. During his wife's ongoing pregnancy, he's enjoyed drinking for two which means he's consumed an unfair share of Baltic porters. But no sushi.

Graham Clark is our Event Coordinator. He is currently in the U.S. Army, and works in the field of environmental science. His favorite beer is Hefeweizen, which goes perfectly with walking on the beach and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

Colleen Bye is our Treasurer.  She currently works as a nurse for the U.S. Army, and before moving to Colorado Springs she was the financial manager for a large running club in Germany.  Her favorite beer styles are amber lagers and fruit lambics, though she has been waiting for what seems like an eternity to enjoy one.  She and Josh recently welcomed a daughter into the world in early December, and they have been enjoying their exciting (and exhausting!) transition into parenthood.

Josh Bye is our Head Brewer. His experience with craft beer began in 2002 when he started working at a brewpub in Florida, and he started homebrewing after moving to Colorado in 2006. Josh recently resigned from his full-time job, and will now be splitting his time between raising a daughter and working at the brewery. Although there are only a handful of styles that he doesn't enjoy, a consistent favorite has always been India Pale Ales.


Owning a brewery was a dream of many of our founders for the past several years. As our friendships grew so did the idea of pursuing that dream. When all five of us agreed to partner together to start a company, Fossil Brewing Company was born. The five of us would brew together, celebrate together, and be there for each other. Now that Fossil Brewing Company has formed, we not only share a dream, but a reality. 

We chose the brewery name because fossils are a significant part of local history. The state of Colorado is known for its rich fossil beds and including that into our name reinforces our commitment to being local. The state dinosaur is the Stegosaurus, and was a natural choice for the Fossil Brewing Company logo.

Beer is engrained in the history of human culture dating back to the Egyptian pharaohs. In those days it was safer to drink beer than water since the alcohol prevented bacteria from growing in the water. Using history as an inspiration, we choose to move forward and push the boundaries of craft beer.


Our mission statement captures our philosophy best: 

Unearthing Remarkable Beer for Community Enjoyment and Enrichment.

- Remarkable Beer: We are dedicated to crafting amazing beer using the highest quality ingredients. We are passionate about the beer we make and great care goes into making each batch, ensuring quality and consistency. Whenever possible, we plan on utilizing local ingredients to create specialty batches of beer.

- Community Enjoyment: Our tasting room will be a place that has a relaxing atmosphere where people can come to unwind. Non-alcoholic beverages of our own creation will add to our family friendly environment. We will also be partnering with local restaurants and food trucks to provide a well-rounded experience.

- Community Enrichment: Our goal is to add to the growing craft beer culture in Colorado Springs. Through cooperation and participation we want to be active and responsible members of the community. We will gladly extend our hand to partner with anyone who wants to explore the craft beer world.  We are also dedicated to involving our local community in many of the aspects of our brewery.  A couple examples relate directly to this project: Our brewery equipment is being constructed by a local company, and our kickstarter video was produced by students from a local university.


We recently signed a lease for our brewery and tasting room on Ore Mill Road on the west side of the city of Colorado Springs, near Highway 24 and 31st Street.

FBC's newly acquired location.
FBC's newly acquired location.

Brewing Experience, Beers, and Awards

A common thread among us is an appreciation for great beer, and we share over 20 years of combined brewing experience. Fossil Brewing Company will have 8 taps, and we are planning on serving root beer, specialty beers, and the following year-round offerings:

Megalodon Blonde

Evolution Ale

Mammoth India Pale Ale

Stone Age Stout

Kunda Baltic Porter

Our beers are based on our home-brewed recipes, many of which have been developed over the past few years.  Here is a list of award-winning home-brews that the Fossil Brewing team has collaborated on in 2013:

Beer Style                 Place in category                 Competition

Baltic Porter              - 2nd Place                           - Liquid Poetry Slam

                                   - 1st Place                            - Arapahoe County Fair

                                   - 3rd Place                           - Denver County Fair

                                   - 3rd Place                           - Colorado State Fair

                                   - 1st Place                           - Gazette Homebrew Competition

Blackberry Stout       - 1st Place                           - El Paso County Fair

                                  - 1st Place                           - Denver County Fair

American Pale Ale     - 1st Place                           - El Paso County Fair

                                   - Best of Show                     - El Paso County Fair

Irish Stout                  - People's Choice                - Elizabeth Celtic Festival

Hefeweizen               - 3rd Place                           - El Paso County Fair

                                   - 2nd Place                          - Denver County Fair

Current Status and Financial Breakdown

We signed a lease at our current location on October 15th, and in the past 2 months we have completed the necessary demolition. We will continue the remodel of the space by adding utilities and building walls, a cooler, and a bar. We are investing in a 7 barrel brewing system which includes a hot liquor tank, mash tun, brew kettle, and 3 fermenters. 

Our initial Kickstarter goal will help to provide the funding for our 3 fermenters. Our licensing applications are pending with the state of Colorado and the federal government, and once we have been approved we will start brewing! We are currently planning on opening in March of 2014.  In addition to our initial goal of $15,000 to provide funding for the cost of our fermenters and hot liquor tank, we have included stretch goals to provide funding for the remainder of our brewing equipment.

Here is a price breakdown of our brewing equipment:

Equipment            Individual vessel cost      Total Equip cost 

Fermenter (x3)           $3,709.60                     $11,128.80 

Hot Liquor Tank         $4,514.50                     $4,514.50 

 Mash Tun                 $7,960.10                     $7,960.10 

Brew Kettle               $6,560.10                     $6,560.10 

 Overall brew system cost      $30,163.50

If you're interested in finding out more about Fossil Brewing Company, check us out on Facebook and Twitter, and take a look at the following articles:

Colorado Springs Independent:

Colorado Springs Gazette:

Thank you for visiting this page. If you have any questions about this Kickstarter project or our brewery, see below or send us an email. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you sometime in our tasting room.



Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

At this time we would like to stress that this project will not be funded if the goal is not met. We would appreciate any help in sharing this project with as many people as possible.

When it comes to fulfillment, every project has potential delays. While we hope to open by the end of March 2014, this could be pushed back. We want you to know we are doing everything within our power to open as soon as possible, while keeping safety and the quality of our product at the forefront of our minds.


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