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A special edition of Spellbound and a companion adult anthology featuring fairy tales retold to include the entire human spectrum.
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3 Days to Go and an Added Backer Reward!

Posted by Eggplant Literary Productions (Creator)

Pictured are samples of My Pretty Dice Bags.  You can see more pictures here.

These dice bags have four interior pockets, a reinforced bottom so they stand upright, and a drawstring closure. They are fully lined. They are approximately 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" wide and tall.

I made the first dice bag because I needed a larger one and I wanted it to have pockets to keep things neat and organized. I decided if I was going to make a bag, it was going to be pretty. This is how the name came about.

I took some to a convention to sell at my booth. From the first day I had guys coming up to me saying, "We hear you have dice bags with pockets on the inside."

"Yes, here they are." The guys would look at the bags, look at me and then ask, "Why are they all so girly?"

Hands on my hips I would tell them, "Because I'm a horrible sexist and I only make gaming supplies for girls. What?"

The guys would give me quizzical, sometimes shame-faced looks while their wives and girlfriends would shove them aside to pick up ones for themselves.

I've been making these bags for about five years now. I have sold them at steampunk, anime and general science fiction conventions as well as craft fairs. Although I call them dice bags they have been used for jewelry, crystals and runes, as reticules and as purses. At LARPs they've been used to hold character sheets, phones, make up and other items for hands-free gaming.

I am adding these to the backer rewards for the Spellbound & Spindles Kickstarter. Everyone who backs us at the $35 level or more will also get a bag.

When I reopened Eggplant Literary Productions I was looking forward to retiring my sewing machine for a while. As much as I enjoyed the costuming, it wasn't my passion. Publishing is, and if I need to return to the sewing mines for just a little while longer to entice people to support us, then I'll do it. Because I believe in this project so very much.

If you have already backed us at $35 or more, we'll be adding the bag automatically.  If you backed us at a lower level, you can always increase your backing to get a bag as well.

Thank you all for your continued support!

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    1. Eggplant Literary Productions 2-time creator on

      Thank you! Yes that works or you can choose one of the $35 backer rewards, instead and get a bag that way.

    2. Josh Webb on

      Increasing my pledge to $35, but leaving the reward at the $15 level works to get a bag added to my reward, right?