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Actor/Singer/Songwriter Chris Salvatore is shooting his first ever professional music video for his original song What You Do To Me.


LOVE, heartbreakBUTTERFLIES, first kisses, rejection are all things that ALL humans go through whether they are GAY, straight, BISEXUAL, or transgender, we ALL have these SAME experiences (and the EMOTIONS that follow) IN COMMON, no matter how different our LIVES may seem, WE ALL are striving to LOVE and BE LOVED, ALWAYS stay vulnerable.

What You Do To Me

I have been wanting to make a music video for my song "What You Do To Me" ever since I wrote it last year! It has been one of my most downloaded songs on iTunes so I know that people are as passionate about the song as me! Here is my HYPE Reel so you can get to know a little bit more about me and my career.

I am very excited to have the very talented, Mustafa Mahdi will be directing the music video. You can check out his work and learn more about him here

About The Music Video

The theme of the music video is "Love Is Universal". We are going to have a handful of couples that are all different races, shapes, and sizes, including all different sexual orientations. The idea is to showcase that Love can happen to anyone whether it be between two gay men, two gay women, a transgender female and a straight male, or an African American man and a Chinese woman and etc.

Music video costs: $5,000

  • Shooting w/ RED Digital Camera
  • Studio/Location Rental
  • Crew
  • Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup
  • Equipment Rental
  • Editor

All or nothing!

Kickstarter's rules are we either raise our full goal of $5,000 or we get none of it! So let's make this happen! :)

If we raise more than $5,000 the remaining funds will go directly towards making this music video bigger and better than we've expected!

Play the song below!

 AND THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for donating!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

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Director, Mustafa Mahdi and I are 100% committed to completing this project to have for you viewing pleasure before Christmas 2013! Thank You times a million for all your support!!! Let's help spread the word that all love is UNIVERSAL no matter what gender or race you fall in love with!


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