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$24,181 pledged of $65,000 goal
By Ben Bertoli
$24,181 pledged of $65,000 goal

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Despite all the press and kind words the ClassRealm team has been getting, we have also been scrutinized by those who say we will fail or shouldn't have tried in the first place. It's hard for an idea such a ClassRealm to take off because it involve two worlds which don't always see eye to eye. There will always be those who put it down and those who don't understand it.

Let me just say that even if this Kickstarter fails, which it may, we do not plan on giving up on this idea. We will find a way to get ClassRealm off the ground. Whether that be by government funding, an educational grant, or stealing Black Beard's gold - I promise you we will find a way. ClassRealm will exist in some form in the future. With 19 days remaining we still have to raise over 50K. That is a lot of money, but it's still an attainable goal.

To those people who say we're going to fail or shouldn't have tried: So what if we fail? We'll be back before you know it! Do you know how many times this Kickstarter has made me happy and proud in the last two weeks? 330 times. Every time someone thought, "I should back this project. I believe in this idea." and clicked that green button. Things can only get better. Every time a teacher, parent, student, or every day person takes the time to write me a message or comment on the project I see the future of ClassRealm growing brighter. 

Don't take this post as a white flag. I haven't given up on this Kickstarter and I will never give up on ClassRealm. Go forth and spread the word! We have much to do.


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    1. Tim Pittman on

      If I may, I think the lack of pledges comes from people not seeing a value to them in your upper tier rewards. They probably see the ClassRealm+ reward and not see any use for them (as I do - I don't have any teacher friends that this will help). So they go for the lower teir reward, which is a lower pledge amount. Perhaps they don't know that they can select any teir below their pledge amount? Support the project, just don't take a reward you don't want / can't use! That's my thoughts. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Magnus Lund on

      Fantastic project! I'm a third grade teacher in Norway, and already using Minecraft as a teaching tool. Been thinking of implementing some kind of xp system, so this will be so cool if finished. Will it be flexible regarding language? English is no barrier for me, but will be for the kids.

    3. Ben Bertoli Creator on

      Thanks for the support everyone! You guys rock. :D

    4. t. on

      Count me in, too :)

    5. Mike Arlington on

      I'm also with Julia and Tom. You'll get my money at the end of this regardless of how the kickstarter pans out.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Ward on

      I'm with Julia, even if the Kickstarter fails I'm more than willing to donate. I teach in England (I emailed a while back about resources!) and I really think this idea could go somewhere. You also have my promise to keep spreading the word on this side of the Atlantic!

    7. Missing avatar

      Julia on

      If the kickstarter thing doesn't work out, I'd be happy to make a straight donation to the cause. Let everyone know how to do that later on. Best of luck, and my mom is a schoolteacher. She thinks it's a great idea!

    8. Casey Mygrant on

      I had an interview this morning for a 5th grade class and the principal asked me how I handled classroom management. I told him that when students get to that age the red, yellow, and green cards don't work and most of the early childhood behavior plans don't work. Instead I told him I try to get them to have achievements, goals, and levels they can obtain and work towards and he actually said, "Like a video game. I'm familiar with that kind of system." and it made me have a little spark of hope. He was very hard to read if he was a critic or supporter but just to know that people know about gamification of education made me excited =)