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HuskeeCup is a durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk. It's comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer!
HuskeeCup is a durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk. It's comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer!
HuskeeCup is a durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk. It's comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer!
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    1. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator 6 days ago

      Hi David and Hayley!

      We just posted a campaign update with all the latest details about your reward status. We have begun production and will start shipping soon.

      Thanks for your patience!

    2. Missing avatar

      Hayley Lambourn on May 13

      Any update on shipping??

    3. David Britt
      on May 12

      Isn’t it time for an update?

    4. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on April 22

      Thanks, Chris! We can't wait to get them to you.

      Jon, you can change your address through the original survey link you received. If you have any troubles finding it just click here:


    5. Chris Elliott
      on April 22

      Thanks for the April update. Nice to hear that the functioning of the saucer has been improved. Here in the UK a major coffee chain (mentioning no names) has started trialling a charge for its non-recyclable paper cups. It's a step in the right direction, but personally I'm looking forward to going in with my Huskee. Bring it on, guys.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jon on April 17

      How do I change my address?

    7. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on April 17

      Hey backers! We've just posted an update for the month of April. Surveys are locked and you will be unable to change your responses (with the exception of your address). Thanks for all your support, and we'll stay in touch!
      - Huskee

    8. Fhun Patcharamon Wongyuen Aeksarun on April 16


      Is it too late to change color from black to natural? I'd like to change mine. Could you please confirm?

      Thank you.

    9. Floor van Dijk on April 15

      Hi guys, can we get a update on the delivery this month as I am hoping to still receive the cups in April? Looking forward to sip from them! Bests, Floor

    10. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on April 8

      Hey there AM! Thanks for commenting.

      We have been undergoing thermal tests and will publish the results in the not-too-distant future. We're excited to share them with you.

      Our April update will go into detail about the status of the project, including distribution. Thanks for your support!
      - Huskee

    11. AM on April 7

      Hi Team Huskee, you planned shipping by April and just wondering what the new date may be. Also, have you done any testing on thermal insulation with lid relative to a standard coffee mug or a more robust travel mug. Assuming it's somewhere between the two but wondering which it leave towards.

    12. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on March 19

      Hey Chris!

      Thanks for your support and insight! We appreciate hearing that as a 'Superbacker' you 'back' the decisions we are making regarding these final details!

      Looking forward to shipping your reward soon,
      - Huskee

    13. Chris Elliott
      on March 18

      Really impressed by the testing that you carried out during the enforced Chinese New Year break, and the changes that have resulted. I'm always happy for changes to be made after real world testing, as that is where the cups, lids, and saucers will eventually be used. A more positive lid seal is definitely good, as is retooling to get the fins as you intended. Although I'm sure everyone is keen to get their rewards, a few more weeks is worth waiting to fine tune something which will be in daily use for a long time to come. Looking forward to further updates and photos as things move forward.

    14. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on March 9

      Hi there Mrs_pricklepants,
      Our Kickstarter backers will be receiving the very first HuskeeCups that we make, and we will ensure that they are on their way to you before we send our first shipment to Australia!
      - Huskee

    15. Mrs_pricklepants on March 8

      Hi, just reread your Feb update. It says you are launching in Australia in April, but what your backers. When do we receive our rewards? Hoping it is before April 2018

    16. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on February 23

      Hey Floor - trust you've seen our latest update!

      Peter, we have just responded to your comment on our February update. If you would still like to change the colour of your order, send us a message as soon as possible and we will make that happen for you.

      - The Huskee Team

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Forsman on February 22

      Can I change my mind and select natural color cups instead of the colored cups? I thought the color would be black, but they seem to be gray.

    18. Floor van Dijk on February 19

      Is there any news following the last update? I am wondering if I can still expect delivery in March? I am looking forward in using your great product!!

    19. Celest Robinson on January 18

      Wow...finally found the answer....can't believe it was in response to me already asking it. Sigh...I blame it on baby brain. Sorry guys :)

    20. Celest Robinson on January 18

      Hi. Was trying to search to see if my question has already been answered.

      I live in Canada and a 16oz cup is quite common here. Are there any future plans to make a 16oz cup?

    21. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on December 11

      Hey Lynn! Great to hear that you like the latest design! We just added those lids to your order and followed up with an email.
      - The Huskee Team

    22. Missing avatar

      Lynn Johnson on December 8

      The new improved lid looks great. I need to complete the survey, but before I do this I'd like to add 48 lids to my distributor pack before I can pay for freight, how do I do this? You're doing a great job Huskee Team.

    23. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on December 3

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for your comment! We appreciate that you can appreciate some of the 'logistical nightmares' that we're seeking to avoid by taking a single colour approach to backers' orders.

      We'll be in touch with an update soon... and we'll give the chapter and verse a miss for now ;)

      - The Huskee team

    24. Chris Elliott
      on December 3

      Hi Guys
      Looking forward to a December update on production with more photos. Tough choice on the colours. The natural husk looked really good, but I eventually stuck with the charcoal. I would happily have mixed them, but appreciate that keeping all the orders single colour probably avoids logistical nightmares, which can only be a good thing. In my experience, any delay in shipping brings out the worst in too many backers, who suddenly become experts in packaging, shipping, and customs. I can provide chapter and verse on specific projects if you want to see how nasty it can get. ;-) Keep up the good work.

    25. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on November 7, 2017

      Hey Tim, thanks for reaching out with your considerations!
      We have decided to keep each backer's order subject to one colour selection in order to minimise logistical challenges or errors that may impact the shipment of your rewards.
      Thanks for your understanding here - we appreciate it!
      - The Huskee Team

    26. Dorine on November 7, 2017

      Thank you for your answer!

    27. Tim Hillman
      on November 7, 2017

      I really like both colours....with my complete pack order of ,6oz,8oz,12oz....8x saucers and 8x lids. I wish i could order black...with maybe some natural like ( 8oz, 4 pack saucers,4 pack lids of natural ). I'd love to really show off theses amazing cups. I know theses come in packs of 4...and I'm NOT asking to break up packs. please consider

    28. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on November 5, 2017

      Hi Dorine,

      Thanks for your question! We love that you are thinking about this, as making the most viable sustainable choices regarding colouring is something that we have also considered.

      The natural husk colour prototype featured in our update is just that – ‘natural’, with no bleach added! Additionally, the colour agents in the charcoal HuskeeCup prototypes are food safe and do not affect the cup’s recyclability. We have a dedicated R&D team who are seeking to continually improve our cup towards maximal sustainability.

      Thanks once again for partnering with us, and we trust this assures you that you can’t really go wrong with your colour choice!

      – The Huskee Team

    29. Dorine on October 27, 2017

      Question about colors: Is the “natural husk” how the husks appear naturally... or bleached? Is the darker color dyed? Is one a better environmental choice over the other?

    30. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on October 18, 2017

      Hey backers! Thanks for writing in. We value your questions and just posted an update with our response! Speak soon,
      - The Huskee Team

    31. Missing avatar

      Philip Kwong
      on October 18, 2017

      Yes, I want to see photos of different colours too.

    32. Amy
      on October 18, 2017

      I'm with Adam, I'd love to see the natural color.

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam on October 18, 2017

      Any pictures of the natural husk colour?

    34. Mikkel Chr Mikkelsen
      on October 18, 2017

      The extra shipping was already announced in the campaign, i find it fairly reasonable.
      Now just waiting on those beautiful cups. Wish that in the future there will be espresso shot cups :-)

    35. David Hunter on October 18, 2017

      Uuugh, I am trying to update my pledge to get the lids. I can't find the update my pledge section anywhere. Thank you.

    36. Frank Chun Yat Li on October 17, 2017

      Are there any real pictures of Charcoal vs natural husk colour?

    37. Missing avatar

      Codafoo on October 17, 2017

      I am also surprised (and disappointed) at being charged extra for shipping on both Saucers and Lids especially given the cost of the addons is fairly high to begin with. Can we get the addons refunded?

    38. Caroline Marie
      on October 17, 2017

      +1 at David's question.

      Surprised, too, about the extra shipping (AU $6) for the lids.

    39. David Britt
      on October 17, 2017

      Are we meant to be charged additional shipping beyond the extra $20 for the lids??? Wouldn’t it have been smarter to add in the shipping BEFORE the survey?

    40. Matthew Cathell on October 17, 2017

      I like the most recent update about with the surveys. As mentioned a new color is available, could you please provide photos with both color options?

    41. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on October 13, 2017

      Hey Ben!

      Thanks for reaching out. We have plans to send out our next update (which includes the survey) early next week.

      We've been making good progress on numerous fronts. Our production team have been hitting their benchmarks, and have some exciting updates about the lid, which we'll write about in more detail next week!

      Thanks for your support,
      - The Huskee Team

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben on October 11, 2017

      Hey Guys,

      Update on the the backer survey and when you are hoping the cups will be ready?

      Looking forward to getting them soon.

    43. Chris Elliott
      on September 1, 2017

      Hi Guys
      Thanks for the update, and great to hear that things are on track. Keep posting the photos, looking forward to them. The one with the update underlines the size of the waste problem, and reminds us that Huskee isn't just a pretty face.

    44. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on August 16, 2017

      Hi Piet!

      Thanks for writing in. We will be confirming your order (and Universal Lid bolt-on) in our backer survey, which will be sent out in the next few weeks.

      Stay tuned!
      - The Huskee Team

    45. Missing avatar

      Piet on August 16, 2017

      Hi, I paid the extra $20 for the lids, how do I find out if they will be shipped?

    46. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on August 15, 2017

      Hey Ben,

      The backer surveys will be ready in the next few weeks, and you'll be sure to be notified as soon as they are :)

      Thanks your patience!

      – The Huskee Team

    47. Missing avatar

      on August 13, 2017

      Hey Huskee Cup
      Any update with pledges? I haven't received mine yet and wanting to upgrade to get the lids.

    48. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on August 2, 2017

      Hey @Ben
      HuskeeCup is packaged in boxes of 4 units, which means you can order them in multiples of 4 only!
      Perhaps the best solution is to order 8 :)
      - The Huskee Team

    49. Missing avatar

      Ben on August 2, 2017

      Is there any way to order 6 cups instead of 4?

    50. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on July 31, 2017

      Hi @Monica
      Feel free to reach out to us at
      Talk soon,
      - The Huskee Team

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