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HuskeeCup is a durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk. It's comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer!
HuskeeCup is a durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk. It's comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer!
HuskeeCup is a durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk. It's comfortable to hold, and keeps your coffee hotter for longer!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Cilia Tel 5 days ago

      Hi Guys,

      After using it for a few days, I find myself using my old cups.
      I love the design when you look at the pictures, but using them for real I am less enthousiastic:
      * they still smell after 10 times washing in soap, lemon, baking powder etc
      * the milk sticks to the cup and doesn't follow the coffee when you drink it (leaving you with a cup full of milkfoam)
      * the cup feels very 'plastic-like'
      * after washing the cup you can't properly dry the outside because the ribs are too close together

      I wonder what you tought about all of this in the testing-fase.

      So I will stop using them for my coffee.

      Nice try and I like the idea of waste used for a new product but I think this is not really succesfull
      Sorry guys

      The Netherlands

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark D 6 days ago

      Hi Huskee,

      I was just wondering about using the cups in the microwave? I know there is a question about this in the FAQs:
      "Our current prototypes are microwave friendly, and we are confident that the final version of HuskeeCup will also have this quality!

      Last updated: Thu, June 22 2017 1:45 AM BST"

      Just wondering if it is still safe to do so?

      Thanks for a great product.

    3. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hey, backers!

      Thanks for all of your messages and comments! For any order specific questions, please contact us via where we can better manage and follow up on the conversation.

      We'll be posting soon with an update on lids :)
      - Huskee

    4. Missing avatar

      Cilia Tel on

      Got mine! Happy with it but somewhat surprised by tg 20 euro tax I had to pay. Should have been more clear in the ordering-proces. The cups had a real strong odor, but after washing with pure washing-soap that was gone.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Got mine last week and I am very impressed. Hope you create also knives, spoons etc.
      Thanks for this revolution!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark D on

      Just been to pick mine up this morning from the Post Office. Very happy with the look and feel of them, looking forward to getting the lids. My only regret is the size I ordered now, I went for the Medium, which is fine for home use, but wish I'd gone for the XL now to be able to use at Costa Coffee.

      I have just been online to order the XL, but sales are only currently open to Australia. When will world wide sales be open?

    7. Amy

      Mine came in today. They're fabulous! Looking forward to the lids. :)

    8. Josiah Jagelman on

      Hi huskee team!

      I got my order a few days ago and can say I am extremely happy with them. Can't wait for the lids! Thanks for all your hard work.


    9. Missing avatar

      Katie Smith on

      HeyHuskeeCup team!
      We got our cups today& they’re beautiful! Well done!
      We’re keen to order some lids once they’re available. Any ideas when that might be? So excited!
      Well done!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ruth on

      Hi there HuskeeCup,

      I've messaged you on Instagram but not had any response to prior messages, so hoping commenting here will be successful.

      I received my cups today after much anticipation. After washing them thoroughly, I tried a hot cup of tea in one of the cups. There had been an unpleasant aroma coming from the cup prior to making the tea, and I imagined that it would stop after the cups were washed and that it wouldn't interfere with my cup of tea, however it did, despite how thoroughly I'd washed the cups.

      Is this normal? If so, please let me know what you are advising your customers to do to get rid of it. If it's not normal and if there's no solution, please advise me of how I can obtain a refund.

      Kind regards,

    11. James Sutherland on

      Got them. When will the lids be available? Plus my wife want the me to get a could of 360ml cup...when will these be available to buy?

    12. Chang Hian Twan on

      Just got my 6oz cups and saucers. Now, if only HuskeeCup is opening up preorder outside of Australia (am in Singapore by the way) asap so that I can get more sets of huskeecups! Regret didn’t get more during the kickstarter period!! Congratulation again to HuskeeCup.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Feenstra

      Got my cups and saucers. Everything is amazing. Great job!

    14. Cheryl Scott on

      Here in Anchorage Alaska, we unboxed our new sets of HuskeeCups 2 days ago and have b been using them for coffee, tea, ice water etc ever since. They go through the dishwasher beautifully.
      I haven't checked to see about local swap locations yet, but think it is a brilliant idea and hope some of the shops here in AK will be interested.
      The saucers are great - unexpected benefit of the little point in the center - toast doesn't slide off the plate any more! Another score for HuskeeCups!

      Looking forward to getting the lids so the cups can go for rides with us in the car.

    15. Floor van Dijk on

      I do really hope that you will mention a very low amount on the package value. As mentioned before I already received a large import tax bill for the cups. I would be very dissatisfied if I would have to pay again just for the lits who should have been part of the first delivery...

      I really love the product but the additional delivery time and costs are giving my coffee a small bitter taste.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tim Hargreaves on

      Hey @James - I hit a year waiting last month. Still haven't got mine or a tracking number!

    17. James Noble on

      Would love to know when they will finally arrive, tomorrow markets a year since backing the project!

    18. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hey backers! Thanks for your comments. Please find the answers to questions regarding tracking numbers and lids in our latest campaign update!

      - Huskee

    19. Owen Xie

      Just received my pledge today, but there is no add-on (Universal Lid Pack) which I bought and paid during the final survey inside the package.
      Would u please help check and reply?


      I received my order yesterday - four 12 ounce natural color cups. I really like the look and feel. They had a slightly sweet odor (hazelnut?), which has dissipated after a thorough washing. I had my first cup of coffee in one this morning and am very pleased with my purchase.

    21. Pepper Charlie on

      I have received an email with a button to response for my order, however, the link seems not be able to get through, can you help me to look into it?

    22. Missing avatar

      Hrayr Boghossian on

      I have received the cups today however there is a cup missing - can someone from the HuskeeCup team please let me know who to contact?

    23. Dorine on

      Received the cups today. :) When can I expect the add on lids I ordered ?

    24. Floor van Dijk on

      Received mine today as well. Love the design and feel. The heat insulation while holding a hot cup works well. My compliments!

      I did notice a very strong odor, after running it true the dishwasher it was still present as strong as before. Will this disappear, and if yes, after how many washes?

      Customs had me pay a big amount of €38 euro, that's a very unpleasant bummer..

    25. Caroline Marie

      I received mine; thanks, I love them! :) Can't wait for the lids! :)

    26. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hey @ConnieAU ! Great to hear your cups have arrived - that was fast! As discussed in our previous updates, we are still working on finalising the Universal Lids. These will be shipped separately at a later date, hopefully not too far in the future.

    27. Chris Elliott

      Forget the World Cup, this is the one I want. Well done, guys!

    28. Connie Au on

      Hi Huskee,

      We received the HuskeeCup. However, there is a missing the Lids x 4.
      Please send us the Lids x 4 asap. Thanks.

    29. Dorine on

      Yay!!!! They’re on the way!!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Doyle on

      Hi there, just wondering if it’s possible to change my saucers for the universal lids?

    31. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hi @TimHargreaves - no, it won't! But good question!
      We will be fulfilling Australian Kickstarter orders along with all other Kickstarter orders (not with the Australian pre-orders tied to our AU launch).

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Hargreaves on

      I hope delaying the Australian shipment won't affect us Australian backers though?

    33. Chris Elliott

      Hi @Huskee!
      Appreciated the last update. The packaging issue sounds like a real nightmare. Every backer wants loads of options, but at some point it all comes down to things like making up different sets for different orders, and getting the right sized boxes for packing and postage costs.
      Revised delivery should now be around the end of July, if I read the update right.
      Great to hear about the positive feedback from prototype testing, and when my package arrives I'll make sure to put everything through the dishwasher before drinking my first coffee. (I'm sure people will work out that hand washing is also an option. ;-)
      Finally, I'm impressed that you are committed to making sure that your Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive finished products, even to the extent of delaying Australian shipments if necessary. It might seem like a small thing, but it sends out an important message.
      Feel free to celebrate with your beverage of choice in Huskee cups when the shipping takes place.

    34. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hey @ChrisElliot

      Thanks for your comment! And for your continued support through the process of reaching fulfillment. It's been refreshing to receive encouragement from the perspective of a seasoned backer!

      We, likewise, cannot wait for you to get to enjoy your first sip from a HuskeeCup!

      We'll be posting another update shortly, so will save the details for then!

      Thanks, Chris!
      - Huskee

    35. Chris Elliott

      Hi @Huskee!
      Thanks for the last few updates, and congratulations on the design award. Well deserved, IMHO.
      Really good to see photos of the production process, and even better that you are still making sure to get the details right. I'm impressed that you have your own gasket engineer. I didn't even know they existed.
      Looking forward to hearing that the cups have left Hong Kong, and even more to taking the first sip from one.

    36. Floor van Dijk on

      Do you have any info on the new estimated delivery times? Looking forward to sip!

    37. AM on

      When do you think the US ones will be delivered?

    38. Hope Lewellen on

      Backer kit survey link isn’t working

    39. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hi David and Hayley!

      We just posted a campaign update with all the latest details about your reward status. We have begun production and will start shipping soon.

      Thanks for your patience!

    40. Missing avatar

      Hayley Lambourn on

      Any update on shipping??

    41. David Britt

      Isn’t it time for an update?

    42. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Thanks, Chris! We can't wait to get them to you.

      Jon, you can change your address through the original survey link you received. If you have any troubles finding it just click here:


    43. Chris Elliott

      Thanks for the April update. Nice to hear that the functioning of the saucer has been improved. Here in the UK a major coffee chain (mentioning no names) has started trialling a charge for its non-recyclable paper cups. It's a step in the right direction, but personally I'm looking forward to going in with my Huskee. Bring it on, guys.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      How do I change my address?

    45. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hey backers! We've just posted an update for the month of April. Surveys are locked and you will be unable to change your responses (with the exception of your address). Thanks for all your support, and we'll stay in touch!
      - Huskee

    46. Fhun Patcharamon Wongyuen Aeksarun on


      Is it too late to change color from black to natural? I'd like to change mine. Could you please confirm?

      Thank you.

    47. Floor van Dijk on

      Hi guys, can we get a update on the delivery this month as I am hoping to still receive the cups in April? Looking forward to sip from them! Bests, Floor

    48. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hey there AM! Thanks for commenting.

      We have been undergoing thermal tests and will publish the results in the not-too-distant future. We're excited to share them with you.

      Our April update will go into detail about the status of the project, including distribution. Thanks for your support!
      - Huskee

    49. AM on

      Hi Team Huskee, you planned shipping by April and just wondering what the new date may be. Also, have you done any testing on thermal insulation with lid relative to a standard coffee mug or a more robust travel mug. Assuming it's somewhere between the two but wondering which it leave towards.

    50. Huskee Pty Ltd Creator on

      Hey Chris!

      Thanks for your support and insight! We appreciate hearing that as a 'Superbacker' you 'back' the decisions we are making regarding these final details!

      Looking forward to shipping your reward soon,
      - Huskee

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