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W-Fi HotSpot Creator for Windows 8, mobile devices with tons of more features and awesomeness.

W-Fi HotSpot Creator for Windows 8, mobile devices with tons of more features and awesomeness.

W-Fi HotSpot Creator for Windows 8, mobile devices with tons of more features and awesomeness. Read More
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Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator is currently the leading free software for Windows systems that allows people to turn their Windows PC into a wireless router with the click of the button. It allows people to configure their PC with settings that normally would be only available on a regular consumer Wi-Fi router, for example WPA security (the pass phrase you use to connect to your home's internet router), SSID (the wireless name) and MAC filtering (for added security).

This free software is available at:

Why would any body use this?

The most used case scenarios include:

  • Sharing your phone's internet connection without having to root it.
  • Sharing a wired connection with an unlimited amount of users, for example at a hotel where your pay for a single cable connection.
  • Starting a wireless LAN party (gamers love this since you don't have to bring your wireless router around with you if your want to play with your friends).
  • Sharing your computer's internet connection with wireless devices including gaming consoles, video consoles, etc...
  • Businesses wanting to share their internet with their guests.

Growing Global Users!

In less than a year we have achieved an astonishing amount of downloads around the globe, over 1,000,000 users enjoy using this free software as of the end of 2012. My goal is to broaden the features currently provided by the software and expand to other platforms including Windows 8, Android and iOS.

More Awesomeness...

The platform will forever be free, regardless of the features we add. Some of the new features that are in the plans for development include:

  • A guest portal/billing system for people who want to "rent" their internet connection to their Wi-Fi guests. This system will allow for people to connect to their Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, Paypal account, etc. An open API will also be available to connect the authentication system with any open billing system. Note that this billing process does not involve us and we will not be involved in any commissions or anything related to payment!
  • An app for both Android and iOS that will allow for you to share your internet connection without having to root your phone.
  • More security features including alerting whenever someone connects to your Wi-Fi HotSpot.
  • Adding network card support - currently we are limited to a few brands, we need to expand this support by testing with as many network cards as possible.

Risks and challenges

Time, energy, brain power and of course technology is the biggest challenge. New computers with new wireless drivers are being released every month in the market - In some of these cases, our users are reporting inability to connect using their wireless cards and unfortunately we can't troubleshoot unless we purchase and test these cards. Resources are being used to troubleshoot driver incompatibility issues, rather than developing new features and technology.

The only way we can keep this project up and running is through ads during the installation process, which by the way are all from trusted sources. However, we would like to minimize the amount of ads being displayed (if not eliminate them altogether) as long as the further development of the software can be supported.

Also, porting the software to Windows 8 is going to be a huge challenge since it involves re-coding the entire platform and testing with multiple systems. The other challenge will be to incorporate driver support for Android phones and the iPhone.

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