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'Stripling Warrior' is an exciting, fun new comic book about the world's first Gay Mormon Superhero.
'Stripling Warrior' is an exciting, fun new comic book about the world's first Gay Mormon Superhero.
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Posted by Brian Andersen (Creator)
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Welp, guys, looks like I'm a failure.

Ok, maybe not me directly, but my Kickstarter sure is. Or at least it appears it will be. 5 days to go and it's not even to the half way mark.

It's my fault, ultimately. I misjudged my "fan base." I assumed my campaign was filled with fun and exciting rewards worthy of a pledge. I thought I had an audience for my comic book "Stripling Warrior." Perhaps I set my goal too high?

Whatever the reason, it's about to be a huge failure.

Failure. Man, is it tough. It sucks. But I suppose there is always something to learn from it. And sometimes learning stuff can be really hard.

Especially when you put your creative endeavors out into the world, hope people will enjoy them, only to realize you were wrong.

To everyone who hopped on the "Stripling Warrior" bandwagon, I thank you. Though the campaign is crashing and burning magnificently it was all worth it.

Failure does not mean you give up on your dreams, it just means it's time to retool your dream. Because, maybe, someday, some why, you'll make that elusive dream come true, as long as you still believe.


Hope Carranza likes this update.


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    1. Brian Andersen 3-time creator on

      Eric G! You're awesome! Thank you so much for the support and for taking the time to give me your insights! They mean a lot!

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric G

      Maybe it'd be helpful if I shared why I didn't back until yesterday.

      When the 2nd kickstarter launched, I quickly read the reward levels and saw that I'd have to back at 45$ for a collection of issues 1-3 that I already had from this kickstarter. I didn't have time to dig more so I just starred the project to look at it some more later. When I came back yesterday, I saw that there was also quite a bit of new content included. So I think that emphasizing the new content rather than the already existing issues would be much more of a draw; at least to people like me who already had them. (Maybe dividing the annual issue into issues 4-6?)

      And maybe simplify things by only kickstarting the book. The paper dolls and magnets are nice and all, but I'm here for the story. ;) If dropping them or giving them only to higher tiers would lower the price of getting the book, that might get more takers. Just some quick thoughts.

      Don't give up!

    3. Noel Schornhorst

      Don't be too discouraged! Sometimes, it seems kickstarters depend on when they're put up and who all is able to contribute at the time. Perhaps try a different crowdfunding site that lets you keep what you get regardless of meeting a goal. Or maybe it might be better to break up the project into parts to reach smaller goals that will add to the larger one.