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"So Super Duper" & "Reignbow & Dee-Va" Trade Collections!'s video poster

Care to help me print my super massive, near 300 page trade collection of "So Super Duper" and a 112 page"Reignbow & Dee-Va" trade? Read more

San Francisco, CA Comics
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This project was successfully funded on May 30, 2012.

Care to help me print my super massive, near 300 page trade collection of "So Super Duper" and a 112 page"Reignbow & Dee-Va" trade?

San Francisco, CA Comics
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"I know what it’s like to enjoy a good comic book. 'So Super Duper' happens to be one." - Mr. Pasty, Ain't It Cool News

Hi Comic Book Friends and Lovers!

My name is Brian Andersen and I've been creating a line of super gay, all-age-ish, way fun comics for the past five or so years! My most well known work would have to be "SO SUPER DUPER," but I've got a few other queer positive titles I've released over the years, like "REIGNBOW & DEE-VA" and "FRIEND OF DOROTHY."

"SO SUPER DUPER" is a giggle-filled, action-packed, superheroic soap opera with tons of heart about a gay superhero named Psyche who at first doesn't realize his own gayness but slowly accepts himself and becomes a better hero because of it.

"To put it bluntly, So Super Duper is a surprise. It’s friggin’ fantastic. I’m hooked." Dave Baxter, Broken Frontier

I'm recently at the end of the 12 issue run on "SO SUPER DUPER" (with issue 12 arriving shortly) and I would love nothing more than to collect all 12 full-color issues - with loads of extras - into 2 beauteous brightly colored trade collections. One that readers can proudly adorn their book shelves with, that I can donate to libraries, hawk at Comic Conventions, maybe try to get into the Diamond Comics Catalog and, probably, use as a box spring in my tiny studio apartment in San Francisco. 

In order for me to print these awesome collections I need your help. 'Cause, like, printing is kinda expensive! Also, I'm working with my artist, inker, colorist, letterer and all around amazing person Celina Hernandez to RE-DO my original "SO SUPER DUPER" pages so that they look prettier and more polished! Celina is going to re-color, re-letter all my original art! And I'd love to pay her for all her stunning skills. And trust me, she has a lot of work ahead of her!

So I'm hoping for enough money to print both "SO SUPER DUPER" trades, each containing 6 issues of the series. Any extra funds I might secure I will put towards collecting the 3 issues of my fabulous miniseries "REIGNBOW & DEE-VA."

"'Reignbow and Dee-Va' is...a fun, absurdist take on the secret agent genre, through the eyes of a gay agent and his straight female partner/best friend." Brian Cronin, Comic Book Resources

"REIGNBOW & DEE-VA" is a cheeky comic book series about two BFF secret agent partners who battle vampires, werewolves, and evil mermaids all the while looking fit and fabulous. It's like an action-filled "Will & Grace" only with more kung-fu.

"Andersen infuses 'Reignbow and Dee-Va' with plenty of those bawdy, spit-out-your-Diet-Coke moments, and Hernandez is perfect for the assignment." Erika Peterman, Girls Gone Geek.

So anyhoot, if you have a few extra bucks and would like to support a comic book loving, comic book creating, raging homo with a heart of gold, then I'll be just so crazy thankful. No joke. 

Thanks so much, peeps!

Brian William Andersen

Here below is my how my old pages looked:

Here is show AWESOME the new pages will look after Celina gets her fab hands on them:

Here is the increds cover to the "Reignbow & Dee-Va" trade:


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    My eternal gratitude and a huge hug when, and if, I ever see you face-to-face. I'll most likely toss in a kindly pat on the back as well. Oh, and I'll be happy to send you the first original issues of "So Super Duper" and "Reignbow & Dee-Va."

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    A copy of either the full-color trade collection of "So Super Duper" or "Reignbow & Dee-Va." A nice email, a warm fuzzy in your heart for helping me out and a kiss on the cheek if, and when, I ever see you.

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    A copy of both full-color trade collections of "So Super Duper" and "Reignbow &Dee-Va." A happy dance in your honor which I'll surely post on YouTube. My forever adoration.

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    Copies of both trade collections AND my artist Celina Hernandez and I will create a PERSONALIZED ART PIECE of you as a superhero AND we'll include the art piece in the trade of "So Super Duper" with your name on it! Hot damn! How freakin' cool is that? For reals? How cool!?

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    Is anyone really willing to give me this much? I mean, for reals? I just don't know what I'd do. My head might explode. I'll totes joyfully send you my entire line of So Super Duper Comics, the two new trades, the increds art piece I mention above and, well, make a suggestion and I'll consider it to see what I can do in gratitude. :)

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