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Ever wondered if you could combine Lovecraftian horror and fine cuisine, while keeping your sanity? Then this is the cookbook for you!
Ever wondered if you could combine Lovecraftian horror and fine cuisine, while keeping your sanity? Then this is the cookbook for you!
1,896 backers pledged $80,793 to help bring this project to life.

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Army of Postmarkness

Posted by Red Duke Games (Creator)

Chosen Ones!

By now, most of you have received your precious books... Your reactions have been truly gratifying. Some few of you are still standing by whispering portals, mumbling numbly into darkness, or chanting lustily into the night sky. We stand/whisper/mumble/lust with you. I mean "chant". We chant with you. 

The current shipping status is as follows:

All backers should have received their digital copies from Backerkit - if not check your junk/spam folders. These were sent out late December. 

All Standard Books:

Australia and New Zealand - Completed 

US Backers - Completed - There are a few loose orders that we are verifying and should be sent out soon

International (the rest of the world) - ~90% complete - Many of the books are still listed as In-Transit. We are in contact with our distributor to confirm that the remaining books are being worked through diligently. 

All Deluxe Books:

·  Claatu - Verata - Necktie! - Sent - Completed

·  Claatu - Verata - Nectar! - Sent and tracking numbers issued - Completed

·  Claatu - Verata - Nickel! - Partially completed the remainder awaiting covers and shipping

·  Everything's Cool! I Said the Words! - Awaiting the covers to be completed 

International -  One of our international fulfillment partners crossed a wire somewhere, opened the wrong portal...we're not sure what. In any case, it does mean that a few backers will get their book and cover at separate times with "some assembly required" See this cool video prepared by David to understand the Ritual of Enfleshment. See the fleshy hand of the fleshy material crafter! 

Covered in EVIL!

For Canadian Backers - Our fulfillment partner for Canada cannot provide additional information on the strikes that went on recently and/or if they are responsible for the delays in some of your packages. Your books will arrive, and we will update you as any details become available.

Please contact us if you still have not gotten your digital copies. We can resend them pretty fast.

Our new website should be up soon, but for now - you can also keep your eye on the Facebook pages for news and insanity. 

The Necronomnomnom (if you haven't seen the "Maisy vs. The Necronomnomnom" video - you want to)

Red Duke Games


Mike and Tom

Happy Chthonica!

Posted by Red Duke Games (Creator)

The Books are flowing! Most of you will get them in January sometime, but some few have indeed already received them, and a few more might yet!  Pre-Orders are also going out as well!

All of you, however, are getting the Audiobook. Please check your emails for the download.They are being sent out tonight through Backerkit.

All of you are getting the plain text, plain language recipes. They are also being sent out tonight  through Backerkit as well.

Digital (and combo) backers are getting the Digital Book (Parts 1 and 2) in your inboxes imminently. If you ordered the physical book too, we totally understand if you can't wait, and have to have a peek at the digital. Part 1 is the book itself. We did our not-professional-digital-book-makers best to make it an enjoyable experience in ePub format (for which there are many free readers, and most browsers can parse it). 

Part 2 is the Notes of Nom, wherein you may find secret knowledge, terrible photographs of those things that did not reject the camera outright, and stories of how the many parts came to be a whole. 

These things are either free to you because they were stretch goals, or you backed them at a level that entitles you to them. We worked hard on them, and do intend to sell the digital and audio books, so please do not distribute them. Do point your jealous and curious friends and fellow cultists or investigators toward them if you wish. For now, the Facebook pages are the best place to make inquiries (The Necronomnomnom and Red Duke Games).

No further hardbound copies will be sold until shipping completes and backers have their books. Deluxe-cover backers from the later pledge offerings will receive their books as soon as the new covers are complete. We know it's naught more than a gesture, but none of us are getting our deluxe covers until the last backer has his or hers in hand. We'll take David's final labors (on this project, nothing ominous meant by that...).

You folks have been awesome, and we can't credit you enough for making this a fantastic project to pour ourselves into, hearts and souls (so many souls....).

Happy Holidays!

The Summoning is Complete!

Posted by Red Duke Games (Creator)

The first books arrived today! They're AWESOME! Oh, by the many Elder Powers and Names Not to Be Spoken - they came out great!

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 Even the edge-dye came out perfect. It fully looks the part! If only the cultist robe didn't add 20lbs...

Reading the Book Out Loud

We mentioned how great a job Ray Greenley did, but we want you to hear for yourselves. Why should this be a feast only for the eyes and mouth? What about the ears? What about the ears!?

The Forward

 Shaken, Not Hastur

 Signatures - What's the Plan?

We asked, you spoke, and the world seems to have conspired to make your collective will be done. Looking at the totality of the correspondence on the subject, most Deluxe book backers were more eager to have the book than to have the signatures. We had planned a road trip to go get that done - but the books will actually come in a few days earlier than expected! This disrupts that plan, as so many want the books in time for the holidays. Those few extra days early could make a difference (and it will still be very, very close for many of you).  This being the case, and since all three of us will be in one place at one time this very weekend for PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia (we didn't actually think we were going to have the book for the con...) - we're going to do a special insert. We will physically sign a separate page, ship those to our fulfillment partners, and have them put them in the books for you. It seems an elegant, efficient solution, and we hope it pleases. The insert will be neat little extra, too - not merely a plain page. 

When Are You Getting Your Book?

Printing finishes for all books finishes over the next few days. Standard and complete Deluxe editions go out immediately thereafter (remember, we still have Deluxe covers in production, so those will not be ready to ship just yet). Digital books with all their extras are expected to be finished in about two weeks, so you should have those before/around the third week of December. Audiobooks will be made available at about the same time (so much fun to listen to!).

No one can promise us delivery on the physical books for the holidays, but we might make it! Tendrils crossed, it's possible for many of you. IF they don't make it - we are glad to help dispel the post-holiday blahs, because you, our faithful backers - have something still to look forward to! See how I spun that?
Pay no attention to the shadowy, vaguely Egyptian figure behind me....

At long last (we know - we've bitten our fingernails down to the ichor with you the whole way!) it's here. And soon, it'll be everywhere.

Tom, Mike, Kurt, Ray, & David

Binding Rituals in Progress!

Posted by Red Duke Games (Creator)

We've been a little quiet, but very industrious. The pages are completed and the books are being ritually bound - and thence are bound to you! The end of November and beginning of December will see the books on their way. Be ready. 

The digital version and add-ons are being finished and readied at the same time; and once books are shipping, those will be distributed as well.

At about the same time, the audio book should be available. It's a real treat! Kind of a lark idea at first, it refused to be anything less than impressive. Ray has outdone himself.

For Deluxe edition backers - we will need your additional patience. There are two delays to contend with, the little one affects all of you, and more serious one affects approximately half of you. The first is simple - we promised you signatures. We...didn't think that all the way through - because it means getting three adults into the same place at the same time as 200ish Deluxe editions -  hundreds of miles away. That either means hideous additional shipping costs no one has the stomach for, or a road trip. We're thinking road trip. This one is not a big delay, but it's there, so we're telling you about it. 

The second delay affects the later Deluxe-level backers - the "extra" production runs we offered due to demand. We (collectively with our artisan) had to reject a sizable batch of covers. Something went wrong with the formulation, and we can not distribute them in good faith. We are working to minimize what this means to you - but David remains mortal (despite our efforts), and can work only at his best speed. This was a significant and regrettable setback in timeline. We are brainstorming how we make it up to you, as it isn't fair, and not what we wanted for some of our most enthusiastic backers. We're going to work through the list in order of backing, and will advise you if you will be affected by this delay.

We're open to ideas and suggestions, but will say that we've thought of and discussed foregoing signatures, and shipping everyone the Standard edition ASAP, with covers to follow as they finish. The first feels like a broken promise, so we rejected it. If *everyone* said - "No hard feelings, send the books ASAP and skip the sigs!" That'd be a thing for us to consider. If enough dissented to make the road trip needful, then it makes no sense and saves no time not to do things as promised and sign for all of you. 

The second idea has costs, and frankly - you've already paid a premium for the Deluxe. We'd hate to hit you up for few more bucks to get the cover (they're light, but...more money is more money). We can't absorb that cost. We've learned a great deal through this project, and one major lesson was that "costs expand to meet available cash flow".  Yes, the project funded very well, but we're still not going to make anything off our backers. We're running at the very edge of break-even. Ploughing all the extra cash into the quality of the product was absolutely the right move. We don't regret it. This was never about making us money, it was about establishing ourselves as makers of unique and awesome things - and putting our first offering proudly in your hands. 

One more thing, for anyone local or planning to attend - we will again be attending the PAX UNPLUGGED game convention at the Convention Center in Philadelphia, November 30th till December 2nd. We will be at booth #2506 with the Philadelphia Game Makers Guild. It would be madness to not stop by for a chat and to play a game with us, or give us your feedback, and have a look at our nefarious plans now that we're official. We hope to have some sneak peaks and demo materials for planned products for you to peruse - but we'd love to just hang out with you in any case. 

Sincerely, insanely, yours,

Mike & Tom

Red Duke Games

The Survey Closes as the Eye Opens!

Posted by Red Duke Games (Creator)
Hi everyone,  

Tom, the disembodied voice here...

Just a friendly reminder that the Pledge Manager and Survey closes in less than 2 days on the 29th of September - (OH NO! THAT IS THIS SATURDAY!!) 

Most Importantly, Everyone Please Note: We will not be able to send you your books and goodies if we do not have your correct address, email or your billing information for the estimated shipping fees. We have updated our shipping fees in Backerkit and you can see them in the pledge manager. So Please, if you have not done so, fill out your survey and pledge manager now.

Additional Books and Add-ons: Time is running out for Backers if you want to purchase add-ons and additional books. The price of books goes up to pre-order levels as of September 30th. Pre-Order books cost $40 US.

Everyone else who has already finished the pledge manager and survey, a big THANK YOU!  You can still access the pledge manager and confirm we have all your correct information. 

When will I be billed for the shipping? - The shipping fees, additional books and add-ons will be billed on October 1st so please be aware so there are no surprises.

The Book.. 

The tome of infinite wonder, frighteningly tasty treats and maddening morsels.. The Necronomnomnom is complete and it is going through final review for manufacturing. We expect roughly late November for Shipping. It hurts my brain knowing that this adventure will soon be fulfilled and your madness can truly begin. Mike and I are still working on all the extras as promised so we are reveling in our madness. The eye that sprouted on my hand a few months back is whispering that it will be worth it! No, I don't know how an eye whispers - Get your Own!!

Tom (and Mike)