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This is a simple project with a simple goal. I want to send you postcards.

Update: Completely sold out within ten days! If you like this project but found out about it too late, send me a message. I'll give you a heads-up on any future projects.

If you want to follow the progress of this project, updates are here. Or, if you prefer, here's the RSS feed for my updates.

Greetings from the Back of My Van is a Kickstarter project with a simple premise: I want to send you postcards. All summer long, I'll be traveling around in my van, starting with a trip through the Upper Midwest. Along the way, I'll write and send postcards to project backers. My favorite postcards to send are custom, one-of-a-kind works of art.

When you back this project, you cover the time, materials, and postage that it takes to get the postcards into your hands. My travel expenses -- gas, food, and campground fees -- are completely self-funded.

Funding levels are pretty simple:

  • $3 gets you a postcard with a fun-to-read brick of text on the back of it.
  • $6 gets you an ordinary postcard that's been customized with artwork or a collage.
  • $12 gets you an oversized, completely homemade postcard covered in drawings, a collage, or both.
  • $20 gets you an elaborate, two-page letter.
  • $40 gets you an elaborate, two-page letter, a postcard with custom art, and something kitschy that I found while traveling.

And there's one more special level that's not listed in the video:

  • For $30 you can give a friend or significant other the gift of neat stuff in their mailbox with a custom postcard gift subscription. The recipient will get five postcards (each a six-dollar value), preceded by an extra postcard announcing that you've signed them up to receive one-of-a-kind artwork.

The end goal of the project is the rewards that you get. I'll be archiving the postcards online so that everyone who backs the project can see what other backers received. Keep in mind that other backers will see your first name on the postcard, but your full name and address will remain private -- I'll scan the postcard before addressing it.

Postcards (and letters and kitsch) will start going out in June, and will be delivered to all project backers before the end of September. The postcard gift subscriptions will begin this summer and be delivered on a roughly monthly basis through the beginning of next year.

One more important thing: A note for international backers. If you get a postcard, please add an extra dollar for postage. If you get a letter, add two dollars to cover international postage. And if you get the letter and something kitschy, add five dollars.

And that's all there is to it. I really love writing and sending postcards, and I hope you'll back this project.


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  • Pledge $3 or more
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    Vicarious summer travels await with a postcard from the road. It's jam-packed with a fun-to-read, postcard-length story.

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  • Pledge $6 or more
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    30 backers All gone!

    Give your postal carrier a newfound appreciation for the caliber of your incoming mail. I begin with an ordinary, store-bought postcard, and lovingly customize it with a collage or other artwork.

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  • Pledge $12 or more
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    20 backers All gone!

    Visitors from a heretofore unknown postcard universe will colonize your mailbox with this oversized, completely custom, one-of-a-kind handcrafted postcard. A unique work of art that you may well find suitable for framing.

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  • Pledge $20 or more
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    10 backers All gone!

    The epistolary life is alive and well on the roads of twenty-first century America. These letters are the kitchen sink: Drawings, collage, and stories. They're the letter-length version of a postcard-length interpretation of a second-tier attempt at a great American novel.

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  • Pledge $30 or more
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    15 backers All gone!

    Give the gift of neat stuff in a mailbox with a postcard gift subscription. The lucky recipient will get five postcards (each a six-dollar value), preceded by an extra postcard announcing that you've signed him or her up to receive this unique gift.

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  • Pledge $40 or more
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    5 backers All gone!

    This is the option of choice for postcard enthusiasts in the robber baron set. You get a two-page letter, a six-dollar postcard, and something kitschy I found while traveling.

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