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Plobot is a robot companion that teaches programming logic through storytelling and play - with cards instead of screens.
Plobot is a robot companion that teaches programming logic through storytelling and play - with cards instead of screens.
345 backers pledged $39,054 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      MJ Klein 3 days ago

      I never got mine. I live in Taiwan.

    2. Annette Reggio on

      Our "Do" and "Go Back" cards don't work. How do we get a replacement?

    3. Annette Reggio on

      So, how do we get a copy of the instruction booklet?

    4. Missing avatar

      Manuel on

      Today the Plobot was delivered, my daughter likes it a lot.
      However, there is a problem with the 'Go ahead' and 'Go back' cards, they don't work as they should: one of them works like the card "Play" and the other one works like the card "Purple".

      Is there any chance I could get replacement for those 2 cards (Go ahead and Go back)?

      Thanks a lot!


    5. Missing avatar

      David Skrabal on

      Plobot Team, my set is missing the Play and Go Ahead cards so I haven't been able to use mine yet. I know that the Color cards more at least since the LED will change to that color. Do you know when the replacement cards are going to be ready yet? Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Wayne Chng on


      I received my Plobot yesterday and my daughter is fascinated with it! However, I think some of the RFID cards are not working, like Go Back (Go Ahead works phew!).

      How can this be resolved?

    7. Plobot Team Creator on

      Thank you for the words of encouragement and sharing stories of your excited kids - it means a lot to the team as we keep this project going. We are now preparing to send replacement cards to those who received faulty cards, especially for those with Go Ahead/Back/Play not working. For the instructions, it is a work in progress here at but we are finalizing the design of the instruction booklet and teaching guide to send out to everyone.

    8. Andrew Lau on

      Firstly I want to say well done to you for taking this project this far. However what the amount I've pledge to your project, I expect the return you've promised. I'm missing the Base and password to instruction and teaching guide.
      Please let me know what the Stations are? are they just cards I can print at home to satisfy the function? if so please send me the artwork.
      Also the password to access teaching and instruction guide.
      Please assist us in delivering what we have pledge, I have come to accept the loss and moving forward to enjoy the product.


    9. Missing avatar


      It finally arrived today. Was very excited to open it. Plobot looks awesome and the finish is pretty good. However, no instructions and the requested servos for the arms weren’t in the box either. Did anyone get those?
      Does anyone have a full copy of the instructions as I can’t find them on the Plobot blog site and the content we can get to with the password isn’t the instruction!
      Also, some cards don’t work such as the critical Play card, as well as go ahead and go back. I made it turn a couple of times and the colour changing cards work really well.

      So, if I can get instructions and fix the faulty cards then overall I’m pretty happy.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ng Kwok Fung on

      Finally got it today. No stations (3) inside no quick guide too, white one instead of red/ orange (wait too long that I forgot) I ordered. Other that these, the finishing seems Ok. I haven't switched it on yet. Hope it work! Not a great experience overall!

    11. Susan Melton on

      I would edit my comment but don't see that option. I just realized the color was asked and it has to do with the color of the arms, so please disregard that. I also realized that they did respond to my Kickstarter message from a few weeks ago, but Kickstarter was not sending me emails because of some issue which I now resolved. They did reply with the instruction manual so I will now see if I can get it running and if I'm missing things other than the face stickers, and maybe the base as I'm still not sure what that is but don't recall seeing it.

    12. Susan Melton on

      I received a white plobot. My reward was for a colored one, but as I don't ever recall being asked for a color, you'd think I'd at least have got a random one (I actually just assumed they didn't make colored ones since things sounded like they barely even made them as is). Also didn't even know it was being shipped, it just showed up. I have no idea how to use it as the "Guide" was not included. There are no face stickers, and probably missing other things based on the comments here. I'm not even sure what a Base is, but I don't think I have it. I didn't actually count my cards so don't know what may be missing. Since there were no instructions I simply charged it and put it back in the box, with the assumption I would be getting a reply to my message, but as I didn't, it still is sitting in the box.

    13. Missing avatar


      Is there any news on shipping to the U.K.? Not heard anything about tracking!

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrey Vityuk on

      I haven’t received a tracking number or any other notification about the shipment. As other backers mentioned, the Plobot team is suggesting contacting them via email, but they haven’t shared it. Tried contacting them directly via Kickstarter messages, nothing...

    15. Pete

      On May 19th the Plobot team said, "In any case, please send me a message by email about what happened and we will work out details.".

      I don't have an email address for them, and they have not responded the message I sent via Kickstarter - my main concern is getting "Go Ahead" and "Go Back" cards that work because at least then the kids can start having fun with Plobot.

      Does anyone have an email address I can contact please, or know where I can find an appropriate email address?

    16. Missing avatar

      Olalekan Otubu

      Same issue here as Jordi Valls mentioned. I received just the bot and some cards. Please, correct this.

    17. Patrick W. on

      Wow, what a journey, just came across this:
      Kudos & huge thanks to the whole team!

      Thank you for being so perseverant and pragmatic and getting these robots shipped.
      It's not perfect (yet) but at least the kids are already having fun with plobot :)

      And thank you for continuing to push forward even after shipping!
      Looking forward to a full card description for the kids, an updated teacher's guide and some way to fix unresponsive cards.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrey Vityuk on

      I haven’t receiving a tracking number. What is a good way to contact you about that?

    19. Missing avatar

      Tobias on

      Hi Plobot Team, Hi Rudi, My Plobot arrived today. Unfortunately some of the cards do not work. Especially the "go ahead" card functions as a "play" card, so my kids cannot make the Plobot move forward, only turn right (left and back do not function either). Can you please send me replacementcards? Of course the plobot looks fine and i think it will be much fun to use it. Regards. Tobias

    20. Plobot Team Creator on

      During the updates I mentioned many of the manufacturing issues we faced and the decision was to give more cards than what promised. In any case, please send me a message by email about what happened and we will work out details. It will take some time but we will sort out problems.

    21. Jordi Valls

      Very disapointed: missing cards, at least: BOOST, REPEAT, DANCE, RAINBOW, TEACH, LIFT, STORE, RANDOM, but i m not sure, i don t find a cards list, many others don t work. No paper, start guide or station. Can you send me a complete cards kit again please?

    22. Missing avatar

      Joris Vanhove on

      Same here. Missing cards, cards that doesn't work at all, 2 reset cards, ...
      I hope that the guide on how-to-reprogram the cards will be available soon.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sriram Narayanan

      Received mine yesterday. The left wheel is not working so it goes round and round. Also some of the cards (go back, repeat, and few others) are not working. No stations in the package. Have 2 very disappointed kids. I am very disappointed too.

    24. Plobot Team Creator on

      Hey guys, I am finishing delivery today. Contact me if you didn't get your tracking number. Right now customs / package redirection / wrong addresses have my attention.

      I want to thank all the ones that have been sending me videos of your kids or lovely comments about how you used the prototypes in a classroom setup. Also all the useful feedback I have received.

      In order of priorities, I will be publishing a teacher guide by the end of the month. Among other things, it includes a guide that some of you generously helped me to prepare. It also explains how to reprogram Plobot and cards (what is not easy but hopefully someone in the community can help me to explain it better). If you want to collaborate or if you want early access, drop me a line.

      I would like to share that we found out with two cases till now that there were no problems with the cards themselves. But as there is no published manual, it` was confusing, to say the least.

      Once that is done, I will finish the edit of a guide about how to hack the servos to the arms. It's of course, in the TODO list to deal with any missing parts.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ivo Delmis on

      I have also received my Plobot. As what many others have reported - not all cards are working, missing cards (rainbow, dance), no stations. :-(

    26. Missing avatar

      Ronald Zeleznjak on

      Finally, I received my Plobot. And while happy to receive anything, #metoo a lot of stuff is missing. While sensor cards are being read, it seems that they are not working at all. Stations are missing, and no manual. Is there any way to reprogram the cards and hack the Plobot?

    27. Missing avatar

      Simon Matter on

      Petr: Plobot cards are NFC - easy to reprogram them with your phone (if NFC enabled).

      I've received my Plobot today, ~30% of cards are not working. Some are missing alltogether (all modifier cards, rainbow + dance cards). Stations are missing as well.

    28. Pete

      I received mine yesterday, and have similar issues to those described below. Here is my message I sent to the project creators:

      I received my Plobot today (thanks!) but there are a few small issues, I pledged for the expansion set, but I received a green (instead of the asked magma orange) plobot and I seem to be missing quite a few components.

      I don't have some of the command cards as listed in the project, including "Rainbow", "Dance", "Boost", and "Random". As I don't have a full list of what cards to expect I'm not sure if I'm missing others.

      I don't have any of the stations (I'm supposed to have the original stations and the expansion stations), I don't have any face stickers, and I don't have the promised extra building blocks.

      There is also no guide of any kind included, and I cannot find a guide on the website.

      I have tried introducing cards to the Plobot, but they don't seem to be working correctly. My "Go Ahead" card seems to function as the "Play" Card, my "Go Back" card does nothing (so I can only turn left and turn right, not move forward or back). The colour cards and sound cards seem to work correctly, and I haven't tried the sensor or modifier cards yet.

      If you could help it would be appreciated. I don't want to introduce the bot to the kids until I can at least move backwards and forwards!

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniela on

      I reserved my yesterday. My son was very excited to play with it , but I didn’t found any manual for learning about it.

    30. Petr Matyáš on

      Received mine yesterday, works almost flawlessly with the exception of Go Back as others mentioned (it appears to have functionality of Purple card and also breaks the Plobot down so it has to be turned off and on again), Repeat is also behaving weird as well as Sound cards.
      It would be great to get some sort of manual and also would be nice to get ability to change the source code of Plobot so we can hack around it and extend Plobots functionality, maybe also some program to edit card codes as the Plobot appears to have RFID reader and writer.

    31. Missing avatar

      Florian Mauer

      Also received mine today and my son was super excited. Like other people already noted, a few cards don't work and the instruction manual is missing. Would be great to get some more information about using the robot properly

    32. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Nurse on

      I just received mine. I didn't receive the boost, rainbow, dance, backward, or random cards. I haven't used it yet but I'm interested to see it work.

    33. Missing avatar

      Lynette Chua on

      Arrived GREEN instead of BLUE. Missing Items: Face Sticker, Base & Expansion Set, Cards (Boost, Random, Rainbow, Dance), Instructions Manual. The Go Back & Re cards are not working. Can I get some help with the prior mentioned? Thanks.

    34. Paul CHENG on

      Just received today (14/5, Hong Kong), yet to unbox.
      Planned to be my son's birthday present last year but still catch for his birthday tomorrow :P

    35. Aaron Comollatti on

      Just arrived in Brisbane Australia. Looks great and can't wait to start using it with students. However I seem to be having the same issue as others listed below with the cards.
      Go Forward = Play
      Go Back = Do nothing
      Most of the others (that I have tested so far) work ok, but forward and back are essential to the device.

      Can they be reprogrammed? The box seems to suggest so, is this something we can do easily at home?

    36. Jonathan Julius Svensson on

      Got it. After reading the comments I guess I'll have to open it to try it out before daughters birthday in late June.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Fransioli on

      Ugh, painful Kickstarter lesson learned: I wasn’t buying a $109 USD product, I was taking a $109 USD gamble. Instead of getting a fun robot to teach coding to my six-year-old daughter, we got a piece of junk that simply does not work as advertised.

    38. Missing avatar

      julesgf on

      Got the plobot. 6 year old was so excited to receive it and fell in love straight away. However the love is being sorely tested as most cards don't work.
      Go Forward = Play function
      Go back = No function
      2 Reset cards, one glossy and one matt have different functions, one does seem to reset.

      Really hoping we can make this work! If it did I have no doubt it would be used a LOT.


    39. Adam Fenerty

      Oh, and the Sol card does not make a noise

    40. Adam Fenerty

      Plobot arrived, Orange instead of Blue, but not worried. not sure what each of the cards do and the link to the manual goes to your blog and we need a password to get it.

    41. Mario van der Niet on

      got the plobot. Some cards do not work and missing a simple instructions card in the box. Had to go to the campaign page of kickstarter to see the meaning of some cards.

      Cards which are not working properly are for example:
      - go backwards
      - sound (dance???)
      - See (drive untill obstacle?)

    42. Wiebke Walbaum

      Germany - shipping notice here (without content, mail is empty)

    43. Wiebke Walbaum

      I'm glad you're at least honest with us. Plobot did not result in what you wanted it to be but you are transparent. Technical projects are alaways complex. I'm still so disappointed about that Ulo desaster... We'll see how Plobot turns out when it arrives here.

    44. Plobot Team Creator on

      Hey guys.. I'm sorry about anyone getting anxious but no, the project is not dead. The rewards are ready and yes, we are shipping. But also, yes, super super slow.

      I acknowledge that is bad being unresponsive with the comments and updates. But it happens that the marketing guy, the delivery guy, the engineer and the guy at the assembly line are all the same guy. So bare with me.

      I spent some days answering your messages and preparing the pictures and videos for an update. It's coming out today.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joe Mariano on

      This seem futile but what is going on with this project at this point? If its dead we have a right to know that.

      Also to all backers if you go tot the main campaign page and scroll waaaay to the bottom their is a "Report to Kickstarter" button where a formal complaint about lack of communication can be made. While it won't get us our money back it does help to ensure that they can pull this over on another set of people.

    46. Jonathan Julius Svensson on

      Delayed by more than a year.
      Two months and counting since last update.
      This is far from acceptable. Tell us what is going on.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Craft on

      Wow, thought I'd check in because I relocated for work and never heard back after sending a message. Will there be an update soon? I noticed it's been months since an official message and I actually thought these had shipped already and I missed mine.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Nurse on

      To say I’m disappointed with this project is an understatement. I paid $170 CDN to back this project that is OVER a year late. It will not have moving arms and cannot connect blocks to it. I wish I would have saved my money and bought one of the many coding robots that is currently on the market that appears to be more capable at a lower price point.

    49. Missing avatar

      Joe Mariano on

      We have not got a significant update in a month an a half, what is going on?

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