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Plobot is a robot companion that teaches programming logic through storytelling and play - with cards instead of screens.
Plobot is a robot companion that teaches programming logic through storytelling and play - with cards instead of screens.
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    1. Wiebke Walbaum
      7 days ago

      I'm glad you're at least honest with us. Plobot did not result in what you wanted it to be but you are transparent. Technical projects are alaways complex. I'm still so disappointed about that Ulo desaster... We'll see how Plobot turns out when it arrives here.

    2. Plobot Team Creator on April 14

      Hey guys.. I'm sorry about anyone getting anxious but no, the project is not dead. The rewards are ready and yes, we are shipping. But also, yes, super super slow.

      I acknowledge that is bad being unresponsive with the comments and updates. But it happens that the marketing guy, the delivery guy, the engineer and the guy at the assembly line are all the same guy. So bare with me.

      I spent some days answering your messages and preparing the pictures and videos for an update. It's coming out today.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joe Mariano on April 3

      This seem futile but what is going on with this project at this point? If its dead we have a right to know that.

      Also to all backers if you go tot the main campaign page and scroll waaaay to the bottom their is a "Report to Kickstarter" button where a formal complaint about lack of communication can be made. While it won't get us our money back it does help to ensure that they can pull this over on another set of people.

    4. Jonathan Julius Svensson on April 3

      Delayed by more than a year.
      Two months and counting since last update.
      This is far from acceptable. Tell us what is going on.

    5. Mario van der Niet on March 29

      time for an update?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jarrod Craft on March 28

      Wow, thought I'd check in because I relocated for work and never heard back after sending a message. Will there be an update soon? I noticed it's been months since an official message and I actually thought these had shipped already and I missed mine.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Nurse on March 18

      To say I’m disappointed with this project is an understatement. I paid $170 CDN to back this project that is OVER a year late. It will not have moving arms and cannot connect blocks to it. I wish I would have saved my money and bought one of the many coding robots that is currently on the market that appears to be more capable at a lower price point.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joe Mariano on March 15

      We have not got a significant update in a month an a half, what is going on?

    9. Missing avatar

      Alejo Santos on March 7

      Do you know when are you sending new plobots? I never got mine.

    10. Plobot Team Creator on March 1

      We have some news about both blocks and arms. I don't have any great solution but I agree with @Stephen. There might be a solution we can crowd-source. I will post detail pictures and explanations both from the factory and my own technical opinion.

    11. Missing avatar

      on February 23

      Moving arms make a robot! There has to be an easy fix to this one as it’s part of the initial design. Maybe you could invite ideas for a crowd sourced solution. We backed the Plobot as it has much potential for teaching coding and consequences of actions. Keep up the good work, you’ll get there in the end.
      Could you also post a new official update please with all details? 😊

    12. Missing avatar

      MJ Klein on February 4

      DIY kit is ok for me. But the arm issue can't be that complex. I'm sure a solid week spent on that issue will lead to a fix.

    13. Missing avatar

      fermin martin vega baray on February 2

      How can I change my shipping address?

    14. Diana Yousef on February 1

      Hi--you might consider for the ones that aren't fitting with duplos to have an adaptor piece? that's what littlebits have--a brick adaptor that gets littlebits to fit with legos.

    15. Plobot Team Creator on February 1

      Thanks for all the ones by emails expressed your support and also to the ones that are expressing discomfort here. We faced some problems as we have been sharing and we are trying to find solutions.

      We offered more cards when fixing the arms and the clay instead of the bricks because we wanted to keep it "fair". But we understand that not everyone will be happy with these unwanted changes.

      I am working right now to put some options to the ones that are not happy. Hopefully we will have an answer in the following days about arms. One creative idea suggested by a backer was to make a small DIY kit. Of course that it will be only for the ones that are comfortable with wires and screws.

      Another lead is for the ones that really want the lego-compatible bricks. It would consist in a hand-made modified bricks that fit well. Right now it is technically possible to mount bricks onto the current Plobot. But it's just feeling how it's supposed to. A 4 year old kid needs help for sure. That is where the idea of replacing the bricks came from. And because the magic clay we know that pedagogically works very well.

      So what I will do is to explore the two or three options I see available for Plobot right now and we will discuss in a case by case basis. Thanks for understanding!

    16. Wiebke Walbaum
      on January 31

      So Plobot will not have moving arms and you don't want to fix that.
      Now you say that lego bricks won't fit on Plobot and you won't fix that too - instead we receive some clay? Wow.

      Not okay!

    17. Missing avatar

      MJ Klein on January 31

      No word in this update about the arms. You know, if you made these in Taiwan instead of China, they'd be in the stores already.

    18. Paul CHENG on January 29

      @ Creator, you mentioned that " In November we have shipped about a dozen units to the backers in closer proximity to our production facility near Shanghai...", I am in Hong Kong but have received nothing up to-date.
      It has been more than a half-year delay, please fix the shipping time or I'd like to have my money back.

    19. Jonathan Julius Svensson on January 28

      At this point you should really start keeping a journal and publish key things at least once a month.

      It does not have to be this long a** update,

      Keep it simple,

      "Jan 10th - Decided upon carrier for US backers."
      "Jan 20th - Received offers from EU carries"

      The silence that we have to deal with right now is the worst.

    20. Missing avatar

      MJ Klein on January 25

      How is the fix for the moving arms coming along?

    21. Missing avatar

      Amy Long on January 25

      You said you were going to start shipping in January. There are 6 days left in January. Have you started shipping? Should we expect a notification in the next 6 days?

      What is going on!?!

    22. Missing avatar

      HOIK CHANG on January 23

      I want a refund.
      Please, tell me how to do it.

    23. Wiebke Walbaum
      on January 21

      I want moving arms! x[

    24. Missing avatar

      MJ Klein on December 10

      Please fix the arm servo issue. The original representation of the Plobot featured movable arms. I always assumed that the arm movements were programmable too. Programmable or not, we want moving arms.

    25. Plobot Team Creator on December 8

      Hello, we have posted an update. In November we have shipped about a dozen units to the backers in closer proximity to our production facility near Shanghai, but to ship to other regions we had to work on a more robust packaging and resolve the arm issue by physically locking the Plobot arms in place instead of the servo-motors. This has pushed back the shipping time to the rest of the world to January... Yes challenges keep cropping up but we’re so close and I’m determined to follow through. To make up for it we will be including one of our supposed stretch goals in every box at every reward tier starting from the Base set. We wrote more details (and order of shipping) in the update.

    26. Ryo Matsuo on December 8

      Please rest assured us.
      For example, I want to see a movie in which the product actually operates.
      Or, I would like to see photos created in large quantities.

      Always showed is a single item, it is also a static image.
      I can not be relieved with this.

      Please show me a movie that works in large quantities.
      This will be done soon, is not it?

    27. Wiebke Walbaum
      on December 8

      What does that mean that the arm will be locked into the body instead of servo motors? No more arm movement?
      I would have taken another delay for proper working arms :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Nurse on December 6

      "will begin shipping units to backers in mid November." That was from your update in OCTOBER. It is now December. This project is approaching the 1 year mark of being delayed. Will we be getting it before Christmas? Maybe next Christmas? MORE UPDATES.

    29. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Martos on December 6

      Dear Plobot team,

      When will you send my early bird kit? It was supposed to be sent around March 2017 and I don't have any clue about how much time I need to wait for my kit.

      A bit more feedback about precise details will be appreaciated.

      Kind regards,
      Eduardo Martos.

    30. Novalore on December 3

      Any news on shipping?
      It would be great to have our plobots in time for christmas.

      Do you think this is possible?

    31. Missing avatar

      Tim Schneuwly on November 29

      Dear Plobot team. Can we expect the plobot for christmas? Im located in switzerland so please count in the long shipping distance and that the shipping company has a lot of work with christmas time. It would be super when a can give it this year to my children. Best regards

    32. Missing avatar

      Amy Long on November 21

      It’s almost thanksgiving and I haven’t received any kind of shipping notification. I have tried to be very patient. I understand that production can get delayed. But I feel like this is getting a little ridiculous.
      Please provide an update with a realistic date of when this will actually ship.
      I bought this for my niece and I would really like to be able to give it to her for Christmas.

    33. Martin Eichelmann
      on November 19

      Does the shipping start already this week? In which order will they be shipped?

    34. Plobot Team Creator on November 1

      Hola Andrea, Dong, and Mario, October was quite packed for us with the manufacturing pre-runs, but we were finally able to hurdle through the full production run, and will begin shipping units to backers in mid November. More details on the update we posted :) Thanks so much!

    35. Missing avatar

      Andrea Sorbara on October 31

      Hello guys. Any news?
      I think you should keep us updated with more than one update per month since you're pretty late on the initial schedule.
      Also the facebook and twitter profiles seem to be abandoned.

      Hope to hear something from you very soon!

    36. Missing avatar

      Dong on October 19, 2017

      I am hoping that this project will not become pearshaped, waited almost a year now and there are so many alike products on the market now too

    37. Mario van der Niet on October 11, 2017

      Hi, update on planning please :)

    38. Bryan Vine on October 10, 2017

      What's going on? I filled out the survey a while ago....

    39. The Evolutionary on September 21, 2017

      It doesn't look like I have mine either. Eager to get mine to try with a friend's child.

    40. Andrea Glorioso on September 10, 2017

      Hello, it looks like I never received the survey. I am one of the early backers, when am I going to receive my Plobot?

    41. Plobot Team Creator on August 25, 2017

      Hi Tim, yes we've now produced the first 30 robots (see our latest update), and gearing up for the bigger production batch in Sept. We've already noted your address in the backer survey :)

    42. Wiebke Walbaum
      on August 25, 2017

      Super cool update! I'm excited! :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Tim Schneuwly on August 16, 2017

      Dear plobot team. I didnt get my plobot till now. I just wondering is it still on the way? I am lokatet in switzerland maybe it takes so long or are you still in production?
      Best regards

    44. Missing avatar

      Joris Vanhove on July 7, 2017

      Oops, I found the survey on the site.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joris Vanhove on July 7, 2017

      it seems I didn't receive the survey yet. How can I submit my address please ?

    46. Missing avatar

      Yunkan Qian on July 7, 2017

      Hi since I haven't received the bot yet, may I change the address after submission? Thanks

    47. Plobot Team Creator on June 17, 2017

      Hi Michele, the Plobots during the last shipment were prototypes sent to the winners of our pre-Kickstarter influencer program.

      Kickstarter backers will receive the batch of robots we're currently producing with our manufacturing partner.

      For the study guide, we're also iterating on the lessons, but you may find the password in the April 29 update for the work-in-progress version.

      Thanks a lot for supporting our project. We're very excited as well!

    48. Kathryn Torcasio on June 10, 2017

      Any updates please?

    49. Missing avatar

      Michele Kelleen McIntyre Greene on June 1, 2017

      Who will receive their Plobots you mentioned in the May shipment?

      I never received any downloads or codes?

      Confused, but excited!

      Look forward to hearing from you!

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