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a beautiful premium design watch crafted from lightweight concrete. Designed to be different.
a beautiful premium design watch crafted from lightweight concrete. Designed to be different.
a beautiful premium design watch crafted from lightweight concrete. Designed to be different.
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    1. aggregate watches Creator 1 day ago

      Hi Guys,
      We really apologize for the frustratingly long delays on getting the replacement bezels and the stretch goal colorway(if you ordered it). Just to give you an update on what has been going on.
      Since being featured in GQ, our original supplier has tried to raise prices on us, which forced us to look for a different one. The bad news part of that, is that the Bay Brown colorway was delayed, as well as the bezels(since we were manufacturing them at the same factory). However, the good news is that we found a new partner to produce the watches, and have since started manufacturing. Both the bezels and the Bay Brown watches are due to arrive in October. We really appreciate you all backing our bootstrapped effort, and hope that you understand that with any new types of products, most people do not understand how to inherently make them(i.e. a concrete watch), and we have to do due dilligence that it is properly made, before delivering to you. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and hope to get you the remaining watches and bezels soon.



    2. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    3. nick.does.bags
      3 days ago

      When are the steel bezels being made? I asked on your update in June and you still didn't even answer then.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mukund Vijay on

      Hey Guys,

      Patiently waiting and super excited to receive/wear the watch. Hope the Aug shipments are on track with Aug-Sep delivery. Thanks.


    5. Ben Gollow on

      Hi I still haven't recieved my replacement bezel. Do you have any updates on it? Thanks

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      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      Chondra Dougherty on

      Have the new metal bezels been produced the watch chips with normal wear and no hits .....

    10. Missing avatar

      Ted on

      I have not received my watch. Can you give me an estimate on when I should expect this?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      How are the updated concrete rings coming along? Mine's been all chipped up since the first week I've received it. Cheers.

    12. Missing avatar

      Beatriz Álvarez de Buergo on

      Watch received!!!
      Thank you, guys.
      Kind regards.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jibalo Bassene on

      Hello. I’m backer 317 and I’ve yet to receive my watch. I read through the comments and am confused as to whether I should have already received my watch or whether I’ll be receiving it in the coming months. Could you provide me with the status please? Thanks.

    14. aggregate watches Creator on

      Hi Beatriz,

      We just checked, and it seems you just recently filled out the survey. We are happy to send your Pacific Navy order this week. We will send tracking info when it is shipped.

    15. Missing avatar

      Beatriz Álvarez de Buergo on

      I live in Canary Islands, an spanish (and, of course, european) outermost region, near Africa, and have not received my watch yet.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Ulmann

      My bezel also seems to appear to chip very easily. Definitely interested in the bezel upgrade. Thanks. Otherwise love the watch.

    17. aggregate watches Creator on

      Hi Shauna,

      Yes, we will be getting grey concrete bezels soon. Can you email with your shipping address?

    18. Missing avatar

      Shauna butchereit on

      Hi, received my watch and wore it a few times (love the look), however it appears that the bezel is chipping very easily and that the concrete underneath is white not grey... I saw an email regarding this and noticed that the white was an error and was wondering when the grey concrete will be available for replacement? thanks

    19. Alasdair Young on

      Just got my watch this morning, such a cool watch :O) it's definitely going to get a lot of wrist time.

      I'm going to appeal the charge. They charged me VAT for a $300 watch, that's $50 dollars more than the final retail price and $150 more than I paid. I'd love to know where Customs & Excise get their values from?!

      Anyway, thanks for my watch, Can't wait to show it off to some of my watch fanatic friends.

    20. Ben Gollow on

      Alasdair. I think it's just Europe. Another kickstarter has been having problems with customs too. People were getting charged high fees. In Australia I have recieved both kickstarters, this one and another one without any extra fees to be paid.

    21. Alasdair Young on

      Anyone else in the UK been hit with import tax on their watch? I was expecting it, but I wasn't expecting it as high as £53! I reckon they've messed up their calculations. I was looking at £22 + the clearance fee, HM Revenue want £42 VAT and £11 clearance fee.

    22. Ben Gollow on

      Just recieved mine today. Thanks I will look at it soon and share photos with you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jackie Yu on

      I ordered the bay brown but would like to change to oat brown color.

    24. aggregate watches Creator on


      That's a great idea. A bit on the pricier side, but we definitely can research into it. We'd love to see pictures of your nato strap with our watch. Send us a DM on IG.



    25. Missing avatar


      Hey guys a titanium bezel will be super strong and great...also Nato straps look great with the watch...I am using an orange one for my silver one...looks cool and very appropriate if you do a lot of swimming...

    26. aggregate watches Creator on

      Hi @Rick,

      First off, thank you for backing us. We would not be where we are, without all of you backers. We are very sorry to hear about this. Please email with a picture, so we can look into this for you. As stated, we are in the process of creating multiple sets of replacement bezels, but want to get it right. We thank you for your patience as we get the new ones made.



    27. aggregate watches Creator on

      Hi @Robert Snodgrass,
      We are looking into this for you. Please correspond with us via

      -The Aggregate Team

    28. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      I got my watch about2/3 weeks ago, it looks great!!
      After one week the outer ring was scratched/the 'paint' was of the ring. I wore about 3 times. This cannot be quality you guys want te sell.
      Can you send me a new outer ring?
      Thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert Snodgrass on

      Greetings Aggregate,

      I was looking for an update on my shipment? I haven't received an email from Backerkit or anything else to indicate my order is on the way. No worries - just wanted to check in to see when my watches might be en route.

      Thank you!

    30. aggregate watches Creator on

      @Chondra- So glad you like it! Spread the word! =)

    31. aggregate watches Creator on

      @Ben Gollow,

      Check your direct message. We are looking into this.

    32. Ben Gollow on

      Hi, I'm just wondering when mine is getting shipped out. It says shipped on Backerkit but I have no tracking code. Thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Chondra Dougherty on

      Awesome watch :)
      Thank You

    34. aggregate watches Creator on


      Thanks for letting @Nicholas in on the information.

      @NIcholas, exactly what Juan mentioned, just turn the bezel counter clockwise. Just be sure to tighten it well on the clockwise turn, so that you dont have a missing bezel later =) . Yes the bezel replacements will work within this system, and it is precisely why we did not "glue" the bezel in place. We had this planned all along, to have interchangeable bands, and interchangeable bezels.

      It'll just take us some time to raise the capital to get the whole system filled out. But, we have enough to get the bezels started.

      We would love to see pictures of you guys in your watches! Please do share via instagram/facebook.

      Looking forward to seeing all of you in your watches!


      Mike and Jon

    35. nick.does.bags

      @Juan - Ah that's good to know I didn't try to be honest.

    36. Missing avatar


      @ Nicholas. As simple as turning bezel to the left to remove it or to the right to screw it back.

      Very cool that we are getting bezel packs.

    37. nick.does.bags

      Cool will replacements of the bezel be straightforward? The watches are put together so nicely I wouldn't want to ruin any of that.

    38. aggregate watches Creator on

      @Muhammed, @Ken, @Nicholas,

      Guys- Thanks so much! Sorry for the delayed response, we are actually still mailing out backer orders as we speak!

      @Nicholas- We will be making replacement bezels. They are in the works, and we will be offering bezel packs, and strap packs for sale coming soon! Stay tuned, and make sure you are on our facebook/email/instagram for the most up to date news.


      Jon and Mike

    39. nick.does.bags

      Got my two watches today in the mail. Have to say I'm impressed! They really look the business. These will be great dress watches. Also interested in knowing if replacement concrete bezels will be made available hopefully they won't cost much either? Looking forward to your next projects especially now you've done a great job on this one :)

    40. Missing avatar


      P.S I forgot thanks also for setting the time for me. Many thanks.

    41. Missing avatar


      Hey Aggregate Watches,

      Just received my watch, you should have seen the grin on my face. Thanks all so much for a unique watch.

    42. Missing avatar

      Muhamad Radzi on

      Finally the unique watches perfectly wrap on my wrist!! Thanks so much! Just arrived today and I’m so happy.

    43. aggregate watches Creator on

      @Francis Jeffrey,

      Thank you so much for the kind words and support. It definitely is not easy starting something from scratch, nonetheless, delivering in a timely manner, when manufacturing is overseas. Please do sign up for our online newsletter, as we will be offering exclusive discounts in the future, as we build out our product line. Some exciting things coming! Thank you for making our company possible!

    44. Missing avatar

      Francis Jeffrey on

      Amazing watch guys. This is truly what kickstarter is all about. You guys made one hell of a product and I wish you all the best in the future. Ill be keeping tabs on you guys. You've gained a customer here. So happy with my bay brown and its already received a ton of compliments. Thank-you!

    45. aggregate watches Creator on


      Thank you so much for backing us! You and the rest of these backers made it possible. So glad you like it.

    46. Missing avatar


      Everything is just beautiful! Packaging, box, materials...just a great guys rock!

    47. aggregate watches Creator on

      @Daniel Ha

      Thanks for backing us, Daniel. Glad to hear you like our watches!
      Bay Brown and Gravel Gray are some of our favorites, as well!

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Ha on

      Just got my watches and absolutely love them! I've been wearing the bay/brown daily and it goes very well with all my outfits. The concrete design gives the watch a very original and attractive appeal than most other watches on the market.

      My favorites are definitely the Bay Brown and the Graphite (shown above)

    49. aggregate watches Creator on

      Hi @Joel,

      Thank you for supporting our Kickstarter campaign. We are very sorry to hear about you breaking your watch. It must have been frustrating to be excited to unbox your timepiece, only to bump it into your dining room table. As stated in our FAQ during our campaign, Aggregate watches are designed for daily wear and as such we use corrosion and magnetic resistant grade 316 stainless steel, top grain leather, and sapphire crystal on all of our watches. Our concrete bezel, the main design piece is durable, but not indestructible(nor would we expect it to be, being concrete). That being said, we are a startup, and will continue to make improvements based on your valuable feedback, over time. Currently, we have metal bezels in our development pipeline, that were meant to be a swappable design element, and will include you as one of the first to know, when these are completed. Again, we appreciate your feedback, and will constantly work to improve as we go.

      Thank you,

      The Aggregate Team

    50. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Just got my watch tonight. Loved the look of the grey on grey. Unfortunately, I'd worn it for maybe 30 minutes before the concrete broke. There's now a massive chunk missing between 12 and 2. I barely bumped it into my dining table during dinner. I cannot believe how fragile this watch is. I'm extremely disappointed.

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