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Art Exhibition "East and West: The Hammered Metal Object"'s video poster

An exhibition of contemporary hammered metal art, bringing together 11 artists from Japan and 11 artists from the United States. Read more

Portland, OR Art
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This project was successfully funded on October 24, 2012.

An exhibition of contemporary hammered metal art, bringing together 11 artists from Japan and 11 artists from the United States.

Portland, OR Art
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About this project

"East and West, The Hammered Metal Object" is a traveling art exhibition scheduled to open in August, 2013 in Portland, Oregon. It will bring together the work of highly skilled makers from two unique traditions of metal art, Japan and the United States. In the video, Greg demonstrates the basic technique of creating a form out of a sheet of metal. Imagine starting with that simple process of hammer, fire and cool, and then look at the finished work of the artists in the video. You can begin to appreciate the years of knowledge, hard work and creativity these artists bring to their work.

We have two goals for this cross-cultural exhibition: to offer the general public the enjoyment of viewing the diversity of expression presented by such high-quality metal work and to educate both the viewers and the artists about the techniques and traditions of metal work. We want to share the beauty,  complexities and innovations of this craft with the public, so there will be talks at both of the gallery venues in Portland, Waterstone Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Crafts. We want the artists to have a one of a kind opportunity to learn from each other through lectures and workshops by several of the makers, both Japanese and American, so we are arranging classes and lectures at some of the local colleges and art centers.

This exhibit is a traveling exhibition. It's starting in Portland and will move to the Velvet Da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco. At this time, there are two other potential venues in the United States that we are exploring as well.

The committee organizing this show are all working artists from Portland, Oregon, and Hokkaido, Japan, with vast combined experiences in making opportunities happen for artists. We are working on this project together because we know on a personal level the power of art and want to share that with the public. We also love the idea of connecting with a different culture and sharing the intricacies of these two distinct traditions. Please see our short individual profiles under the bio section of this project. Then click on the links to our websites for more detailed information about each of us.

We intend to put on a first-class exhibition. In order to do that, we have to raise a grand total of $12,000. As Greg says in the video, raising $3,000 will be enough to allow us to do a full-color catalog. Let me break this down a little more: our full budget of $12,000 includes the costs of a photo shoot, a color catalog in English and Japanese,  publicity expenses, installation costs, a show card and mailing. Because it is a traveling show, it will also help with insurance and shipping costs. We are looking forward to hosting some of our Japanese artists during the exhibition who will be coming over not only to see the exhibit but also to share their knowledge. We would love to be able to help them with some of their travel expenses. If you help us not only MEET our goal, but EXCEED it, we will be able to do all of these things. You in turn will receive original artworks as our thank you for your support.

We are using our Kickstarter project as the BEGINNING of our fundraising. We have set our Kickstarter goal low at $3,000 because we want to make sure we reach it, but we hope to go WAY OVER our goal and raise most of our total $12,000 budget through this Kickstarter project. We believe we can do this with your help.

Remember: our goal for this program is $3,000. Our total budget is $12,000. The way Kickstarter works is that if we don't reach our goal of $3,000, we get nothing. So our first hurdle is to raise that $3,000. Please consider being one of our backers and help us to reach our goal and BEYOND!!  Is it possible to cover our full budget of $12,000? YES, DEFINITELY!! And that would be a dream come true - no more fundraising!  BUT ONLY WITH YOUR HELP!!

In the video, the list of artists is not complete. The following is a complete list of the artists participating in this exhibition. Please go to their websites to see more examples of their amazing work. You can also connect with us on facebook by following this link: East and West / The Hammered Metal Object" 金工展inポートランド.


Taro Akai                     

Candace Beardslee    

Danielle Crissman

Bill Dawson                 

Catherine Grisez               

David Hanson                      

Satoshi Hara              

David Huang                        

Kayo Kasamatsu       

Kazuo Kashima 

Akinori Matsuda

Machiko Maeda

Tadashi & Ryota Nishikata

Miel-Margarita Paredes               

Amy Ruedinger            

Momoko Okada Sanderson

Tabitha Taraya            

John WIrth                    

Greg Wilbur                  

Kumi Yabuuchi

Mizuko Yamada           

Risks and challenges

We have already tackled some of the risks and challenges of our project, but
we know there will be more. Because of our previous experiences organizing large-scale events, we are expecting that we will be able to work through anything that comes up. We are each heading up jobs that more or less correspond to our individual strengths.

It is not easy coordinating a project that involves two countries and two languages. Momoko in Japan is very conscientious about communicating with us in the United States and with her fellow artists in Japan. Thank goodness for the internet! Since she cannot come to the planning meetings we are having here, we make sure she is included in all written communication (no matter how trivial!) and we have had skype meetings with her to go over things in more detail.

We have signed contracts from each of the artists participating in the exhibition. Eileen wrote the contracts and timelines following a format that she has used for almost 20 years at Waterstone Gallery, and John has communicated with all the artists, keeping them informed about upcoming dates, progress with kickstarter and, hopefully soon, progress with the catalog. Greg is in regular contact with The Museum of Contemporary Crafts in Portland and The Velvet Da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco, and we have given Waterstone Gallery a monthly update on our progress as well. Greg is also talking to a few of the artists to work on other venues.

This kickstarter project has been a new experience for us all, so it has taken us some time to get it coordinated. We are launching it a year before the exhibition so that we will know what funds we are working with. If it is not as successful as we have hoped, then we will turn to other means of fundraising such as writing letters and making phone calls to potential donors, as well as grant writing. It will be a lot of time and energy, but we will raise the money we need. If the kickstarter is successful, then Greg, Amy and John will be busy making artwork for the rewards!

Our next phase of the project will be the catalog. It will be in Japanese and English. Amy has arranged for a translator for the Japanese and Momoko will also be doing translating. Greg has arranged for a photographer to photograph all the artwork at the same time for consistency, and John has already let the artists know the date the work is due (weeks before the photo session). As the time gets nearer, he will be in touch with the artists with reminders. Eileen will be working on the text for the catalog and will be editing the statements from the artists. The translations will take quite a bit of time, so we need to build that into our time line. Artists tend to rely on each other for favors and we are hoping to have a friend help us with the final layout of the catalog. We have already researched quotes from printers.

We will take each challenge as it comes and, as I said, we're sure there will be many. One thing we are not worried about, though, is the quality of the artwork we will be receiving from the artists and that makes these logistic challenges easier to deal with.

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    A hammered metal dipper by Greg Wilbur. Listed as major donor in the exhibition catalog.

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    Sushi knife made by Arnon Kartmazov, blacksmith.
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    A Christmas visit from Santa Greg. Listed as major donor in the exhibition catalog.

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    In honor of "Portlandia", a hammered metal object "with a bird on it". Listed as major donor in the exhibition catalog.

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