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The Day's Weight creates their first studio full length!! Join us in creating something special!
The Day's Weight creates their first studio full length!! Join us in creating something special!
30 backers pledged $7,560 to help bring this project to life.

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Record Release, Los Angeles & Beyond

Dear Friends, 

Let me again start this update by thanking you all again for supporting our band and making this whole process a reality. 

Our record, "Anchor Home" came out February 1st, and we couldn't be happier. The Boston release show was a total blast. We shared the stage with some of our favourite local bands, to a sold out audience at the bar I have worked at since September. We toured regionally afterwards up through Vermont and Maine in support of the record. 

Today, I am packing up my room and am about to head west to Los Angeles for about six weeks. We are thrilled to be playing a residency at Hotel Cafe, in Hollywood. It's my first time truly playing out west, and in many ways marks the true release of our record. 

Below is the poster for the event, which I am printing and sending to all donors, along with all three of our discs, including the record you folks helped us make. These packages should go out shortly. I apologize for the delay on shipping the record, and sincerely hope you all dig it. 

Here is a bit of press via Boston's biggest name in the blogosphere. 

The record can be heard in a variety of places, below is a free link to the record as well as other spots if you are linking other folks to our music. 




Again on behalf of everyone who played and worked on this record I want to thank you all again. Expect packages soon, and hopefully even more goodies down the line if the record does well!

Much Love,

Patrick McDermott + The Days Weight

The Home Stretch...


First let me say, I apologize for the lack of updates of late! It has been a whirlwind of sorts dealing with all the aspects of releasing a record! That said, things are really starting to come together and we would love to share as much as we can with all of you! 

News flash #1: The album has arrived! The discs are here! I will be mailing the record to all of you over the next week or so. We are thrilled with the final product form all angles. We mixed the record with our producer at his studio in Jamacia Plain, outside of Boston and master the record with legendary Boston engineer Jeff Lipton, who has worked with just about everyone ( The album art also looks amazing, via San Fransico based artist Nicholas Bohac ( In short, we are very proud of the final product and couldn't be more thankful for all you're help. 

Now to the band itself! It's funny how at times the actual music and band get lost in the fray of the release. Thankfully after a lot of work on the record we were able to hit the road and play a bit of a mini tour up in Vermont. We played 5 shows in a week from boston to VT, and it was a blast. Below are some pictures from the tour!

Also, we cut our first two teaser videos which can be viewed here, that feature two songs off the new record:

Finally we are in the process of booking our true Record Release Tour. WE hope to make it to as many of the towns and cities across this country as we can by next summer! I hope you enjoy some of the music. We are so excited for you all to hear it!

Much love,

Patrick + The Days Weight 

the past month... mixing... and beyond!

Hey Folks, 

Pat here checking in after a truly amazing six or so weeks. I will touch on all the goings on, but let me first say again, thank you all so much for you're support. We never would have gotten this far without you all! 

To jump back a bit, at the end of June we headed to the studio to track our debut full length. We had a truly amazing session. At the helm was Dan Cardinal, who has worked with some of our favorite artists, namely Josh Ritter and The Low Anthem. The studio, (great north sound society) is basically a extremely remote country/farm style home. The barn area has been professionally retrofitted into the perfect 'live room'/tracking space. The whole vibe is quintessential rural New England, and that manages to find its way into the music quickly. 

 Very quickly we fell into a comfort zone that was a foundation for the entire session. A basic day consisted of getting up around 9, a communal breakfast, and working by about 10. Most days were filled with group tracking, a few folks at time, in some form of isolation. I spent most of my time in an attic like space, void of light, but in its own way perfect. The days went far into the night, with great home cooked meals, BB guns and whiskey to boot. It was a truly amazing experience and in the end I think we created some pretty special music. 

The session came and went pretty fast. I sped off to Ireland with my family literally hours after leaving the studio. We all took a step back for a few weeks as we prepped for the next step, Mixing. Once I returned we got back to business, tracked some additional parts, worked on two more songs that will be added during the next stage, and played our first show post session, which was a total blast. 

Today I am sitting in Jamaica Plain, a very cool part of Boston mixing with Dan, the engineer of producer of the prior session at his newly opened studio, a space that has been here for about 60 years and was the home to countless records including the George Thurogood records. Again a very vibey place, black and while tiled floors and all. 

Below are a few pictures from the show and of the studio session in Maine. Much more to come over the coming week as I get back into update mode here! 

I hope all is well with everyone and look forward to continue to share our progress with you all!

Much Love,


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Almost there....


We are $60 away from our true goal of $3,500.00. I just personally want to thank all of you who donated. I look forward to getting back to each of you individually as the dust settles. 

We are so excited to have this project on the very of reality. More to come!



Three Days Left

First and foremost we want to thank everyone again for truly generous donations. We are thrilled to be entering the studio just six days from now!

There are three days of fundraising left. Our true goal is roughly $3,500.00 and we are almost there! Again thanks so much for you're help! Forward this on to friends and music enthusiasts alike as we race towards our deadline. 

All the best,