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We turn our organic produce into farm fresh salsa and pickles. Made only from our fresh produce and herbs with on artifical additives .

About three years ago we started taking our canned salsa and pickles to the local farmers market between growing seasons. It did not take long for our salas and pickles to become a hit. Our farm is an organic farm and we only can the veggies we grow. This allows us to control what is put into the products from ground to table. We only use the fresh veggies and herbs from our garden. But to be able to sell our products in other Markets such as grocery stores and such we have to upgrade our kitchen and obtain a food manufractuirng permit. The Texas food cottage law allows us to make and sell certain things from our farm stand direct to the public, But to be able to make and sell to other retailers and mail order we have to have a certified commercial kitchen. After we get the certified kitchen we can produce and sell our products to a larger market.

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The biggest Challenege to a project like this is to be able to obtain enought Fresh Ingrediants to produce the customer needs. We have been working with USDA, NRCS and the Farm Assistance Strategic Analysis at Texas A&M University to develop a action plain to maintain the health of our field and conserve water to insure we have a good watersupply during droughts.


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    besides the other rewards you get in invite to our grand opening of the Farm kitchen for 2 people to attend a farm dinner.

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