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THE CLOCK IS TICKING—program the robot, save the hostages, deactivate the bombs. In only 30 minutes, 2-6 players can become heroes.
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          Congratulations, BACKERS and BOMB SQUAD TEAM!

Everyone gets a FREE GAME!

Each copy of Bomb Squad now comes with Bomb Squad Academy. Kickstarter backers will get everything they need for a great night of gaming with family and friends devoted to disarming bombs. 

Bomb Squad is a cooperative real-time game loaded with time pressure intensity and interaction. Read the reviews, watch all the videos, try out the print-and-play. We detail the game in great depth on this page.  

Bomb Squad Academy is a fully competitive press-your-luck game (see Update #4 or download a prototype of the rules:

That's an amazing night of themed entertainment that will create lasting memories for everyone involved. And it's a great value too—for US backers, that's two great TMG games delivered to you for only $35.

Bomb Squad is a real-time cooperative game in which 2-6 players are members of a team operating a robot trying to disarm bombs and save hostages. The players work together, racing against the clock to provide the appropriate instructions for the robot to achieve their mission objectives.

  • Real-time play: Players each take turns in clockwise order and are free to take as long as they want on their turn. However, there is a timer counting down in real time so players will want to be as efficient—or as fast—as possible. (pressure)
  • Cooperative game play: The players all work together, winning or losing collectively as a team. Scoring rules enable teams to assess how successful their performance was and work to do better. (friendship)
  • Hidden Card Information: Players hold their cards away from them so that the fronts are facing the other players. Players give each other Intel to figure out which cards they have in hand. (wits)
  • Limited Communication: Players may only communicate via the Intel they give each other. Table talk about which cards are needed, or where the robot should go, gives implied hints about which cards to play and is prohibited. (difficulty)

The game as designed is a complete experience with room for considerable replayability—and for trying to improve your best scores! However, if our funding over-achieves we will gladly channel some of that energy and the leverage from being able to do a larger print run into making the game even better:

In this video below pulled together by talented gaming journalist Tiffany Ralph (TheOneTAR), our lead developer Seth Jaffee provides a thoughtful overview of Bomb Squad. As an added bonus, you can see actual footage of games in progress from the demos we ran at Gen Con 2014 using prototype components. 

Designer Dan Keltner has also created this very helpful and extensive training video if you're interested in exploring the gameplay in much more detail. The training video below covers the board, the cards, your actions, game scoring, set-up and missions, and the types of character roles players may assume during the full missions.  

The Bomb Squad Training video should really answer most of your questions—it's a very helpful video. 

The most recent Rulebook is available HERE

And if you're extra excited to investigate the game directly, you may download the Print-and-Play files so that you can experience Bomb Squad for yourself.

Because real-time games create a very unique experience, we thought it was essential to capture the reactions from players who had just actually played Bomb Squad. Therefore we brought several prototype copies with us to Gen Con last month and filmed the reactions of people who visited our Demo Room and got a taste of what it's like. 

In most cases, these gamers have only played the shorter 16-minute training missions, but the response to the game experience was very consistent. Full missions can run up to 30 minutes for even more heart-racing action.

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As you can see, the word intense came up quite a few times. That is the unique nature of real-time games. Since Bomb Squad is also cooperative and has such a strong, compelling theme—we believe this game is certain to create lasting memories with your play group.

Word is starting to spread about the game. Everywhere we take it people enjoy the experience and see that there is something special about playing a game of Bomb Squad. It feels good when several people tell you they see the game has the potential to become a big hit. 

We already knew people of all ages love cooperative games. For TMG it was worth waiting for Bomb Squad to jump into that arena. Real-time games aren't for everyone, but here's some additional 'advanced intel' below to help you make your decision on whether or not Bomb Squad is right for you and your friends. 

Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

  • Question asked on on BoardGameGeek: "What game was most memorable [from GenCon 2014]? Biggest surprise/game that came out of left field?"
  •  Richard: "...I think I'm going to give it to Bomb Squad!"
  • "Clues are a dime a dozen. Just give'em as fast as you can. That creates an overall frantic, in-your-face, very exciting, very kinetic experience."
  • Watch as he discusses asking his wife if she'd rather play this or Hanabi. She says Bomb Squad and "That's a big, big deal."
  • "I love that it makes sense. That you really can get into the role." 
  • "There is so much more eye contact in this game than any other board game ... It creates a sense of connection."
  • "Bomb Squad is a super hit."
  • "There's so much room for new cool stuff. I hope this is an evergreen game for Tasty Minstrel and they keep supporting it for years to come. I know Jen and I will always enjoy playing this game."

Joel Eddy, Drive Thru Reviews

  • Direct quote: "One of the best games I've played all year."
  • "The time element, the timer of this, really sets this apart." 
  • "You can really get into a nice sympatico, especially with two players."
  • "Hanabi is like one of my top games of all time ... This kind of makes me rethink Hanabi a little bit. Wow! This has really added a lot to it."
  • "Interesting theme. I like that it does feel kind of thematic with the different roles ... So the theme does actually pull you in."

ScottnotSteve, comment on

  • "The real-time aspect of the game creates a stress and excitement level I have not found elsewhere. Other co-op games can bog down but this one cannot by design." 
  • "My kids loved it."

Pat Lane,  comment on 

  • "Liked it a lot. My kids liked it. I'm retired AF EOD so they thought it was cool to play a game of what dad used to do, sort of anyway."

City without Men, comment on

  • "Using a timer and not limiting hints make this a unique take on the face-out cards concept. Hints being given out rapid fire, you're trying desperately to remember what's been hinted, what's been played. It's immense, frantic fun."

Dan King, Game Boy Geek, The Dice Tower reviewer

  • "I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the bomb squad Kickstarter!"

Hunter Shelburne, Weaponsgrade Tabletop

  • "Mixes the best elements from Hanabi and RoboRally."
  • "This is definitely one to back."
  • "Easily one of the coolest Kickstarter games I've played in a very long time. One of my favorite games at the con, even out of published games that I played. This is a top contender for that spot. I wish I could have had a copy at Gen Con."
  • "I can't recommend it enough."

Jesse Smith, comment on

  • "Of all the games I played at GenCon 2014, this was most likely my favorite. The time limit certainly adds to the pressure and I love the mechanic of needing to help each other play cards. Both of my children played with me and it made the top 3 GenCon games for each of us."

Forrest Bower, Bower's Game Corner

  • "It is a TENSE game ... and I love it."
  • "So far—granted this is day one of the show—this is the game that I have enjoyed the most from the show ...  I REALLY enjoyed Bomb Squad."
  • "For me it was difficult, but it was a good kind of difficult."
  • "The most important thing is the theme really fits here. I really enjoyed the theme."

Manny Duran, comments on

  • "Cooperative? Check! Hanabi-like? Check! Roborally-like? Check! Infinite Scenario/mission possibilities? Check! 10-12 minute mission playtime, fast, fast, fast? Check! Infused with theme that matches mechanics? Check! Fun?...........................Ohhhh, yeahhhhh." 
  • "Bomb Squad, what a great game! I played the prototype at RinCon and I had a great time! This is the first prototype I've played that I felt is ready to go and hope that it gets a fast track to publishing. Congratulations to the designers Dan and David, great job, can't wait."

Lance Myxter, Undead Viking Videos

  • "Frankly, this is probably one of the best co-op games I've ever played. And I have played many, many, many, cooperative games."
  • "I love the theme. I love the tension of the game. There's nothing worse than looking over at the timer and seeing the time tick down."
  • Classic Lance: "Why would a madman put a timer on a bomb?" 
  • "...innately exciting... and you feel a rush of adrenaline when you win."
  • "If you are a fan of cooperative games, I think this is a must-buy."
We're still looking into timer options, but an app has been developed and we're still trying to figure out what platforms are possible.
We're still looking into timer options, but an app has been developed and we're still trying to figure out what platforms are possible.

Illustrations: George Patsouras (Flash Point: Fire Rescue, Police Precinct)

Map Features: Rob Lundy (Dungeon Roll, Harbour)

Graphic Design: Luis Francisco (The Resistance, Flash Point, Coup) 

A secretive organization known as BURN has claimed responsibility for this rash of recent terrorist activity. Almost nothing is known about them—we don't even know if BURN stands for something specific ... or where they might be based. 

They communicate no clear national or political interest, there's no apparent theological agenda, and the investigations after each mission have yielded no discernible patterns in methods or materials. Beyond the hostages and bombs, it is as if they are trying to deliberately create an inconsistent pattern of behavior.

They remain a frustrating, very dangerous mystery.  

Ryan Sanders of the Inquistive Meeple recently did an in-depth interview with Dan Keltner, one of the designers of Bomb Squad. The interview covers the inspirations and intent behind the game and captures a designer's perspective on what makes Bomb Squad tick.

Please view the full interview here:

One of the most interesting details from the interview is how the design of the game simulates real-life problem solving in crisis situations. The idea is that each agent has partial information about circumstances in the building that is being held hostage by terrorists. This concept of 'situational awareness' is central to the core of the game. 

Michael Mindes founded Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) and has been making games since 2009. In 2010, he and Seth Jaffee brought Eminent Domain to Kickstarter and launched what was the start of a successful and noteworthy relationship with crowd-funding on the platform.

This campaign marks the first time that TMG has created a project not connected with either Seth or Michael's personal Kickstarter accounts, but it should be noted that the team behind Bomb Squad has been responsible for more than 17 successful Kickstarter projects ... and even more great and award-winning games.

Michael and Seth are still there driving things, but a team of people are now involved to help make everything possible and to stay on top of communication. You will also hear from and see comments and updates made by either Chris Schreiber (Community Manager) or Daniel Hadlock (Game Development and Support). 

Risks and challenges

Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) has delivered numerous games throughout the world. Some that were funded on Kickstarter and some that were not. As an established small games company, the real question is making sure we manage potential sources of delay and communicating clear expectations throughout the campaign and after the funding ends.

Two primary sources of delay are staying on top of production and completing art in a timely fashion. These two things are closely related, of course. To address any concerns related to production, TMG hired an operations manager to escort everything through the checkpoints and hurdles with our manufacturers.

Thankfully we have worked with Panda Game Manufacturing for several years now and have a good working relationship with them.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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