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$340 pledged of $5,000 goal
$340 pledged of $5,000 goal

May 10th, Kommienezuspadt featured w/ RAW at Fine Line!


Thursday, May 10th Kommienezuspadt Apparel will be showcased as an art featured at Fine Line Music Café, hosted by RAW Artists! 

Amidst an ocean of outgoing emails to get our Kickstarter campaign the exposure it needs, one of many was to the Minneapolis chapter of RAW Artists, a non-profit committed to showcasing artists and performers to a broader audience than they'd normally have access to. We got an email back from the regional director for the midwest who was completely intrigued by our company. We set up a time to talk and after a lengthy conversation, she was happy to offer us a space to showcase Kommienezuspadt at their next upcoming event hosted at Fine Line Music Café is downtown Minneapolis! 

This is going to be a huge event, and it's a big opportunity for us, especially in the throws of our Kickstarter campaign! The event is going to feature artists from around the Twin Cities and live music! It's four days after our project closes here on Kickstarter and nothing would make us happier to be able tell those in attendance that we were successfully funded thanks to all of you!

We went through the formalities of submitting our registration and we'll have a link to share with a future update Monday. We're having crash meetings this entire weekend to start planning our space for this huge event. In the meantime, we're going to be making preparations including models to wear the brand, iPad's and LCD TV's looping the new commercial seen below. 

We're also talking about having Lars doing some live street style art with Kommienezuspadt stencils, brushes, etc. We're going to engage people like they never imagined! 

Please consider pledging, even if it's a few dollars! As many of you know with Kickstarter, campaigns tend to hang a bit in the middle of a drive. We're already a week in and have a long way to go. Now's the time if you're on the fence! If you can't, at least consider giving us a share on Facebook or Twitter. It'll go a long way.

Thank you,

Lars, Angela and Wes


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