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NIMBY is a giant industrial art and DIY space that supports thousands of artists each year. NIMBY needs funds to pay city permit and inspection fees.
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Michael Snook

314 backers pledged $17,897 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You to everyone, we are over 100% !

Yes, we are over 100% !. A huge Thank You to all who have made pledges on Kickstarter and those who have donated directly to NIMBY. We understand how important this support is and wish to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support. NIMBY is working diligently towards compliance and your support is what is making this arduous journey possible. The new year will start with more trips to City Hall where we are finally seeing progress. We will keep posting progress reports to our website, as well as sending out updates to our mailing list. If you have not signed up for the NIMBY mailing list please take a couple of minutes and do so on our website.

Again, Thank You for your support, you are helping ensure the future of NIMBY,


The entire NIMBY Team.

Your support is greatly appreciated, and needed, tell your friends!

Now that we have overcome a large set of major roadblocks and hurdles, we are staring down a huge pile of bills from the City of Oakland. While NIMBY is financially sound as an art space - we need the greater community to once again step up and help us through this crunch. NIMBY is setting many precedents for art spaces, not just in Oakland but everywhere. We are dotting every i and crossing every t, creating a solid foundation for future art spaces to build upon. While this is costing many thousands of dollars it will pave a road that others may follow: it truly is a community effort. Your continued support is needed as this battle is not over yet.


Rockin' Start For Day One

This is the first project we have posted to Kickstarter - and it is a BIG ONE. So far we are really excited about the response. Thanks for all of your support. We are twittering, facebooking, and pinging away in the office here at NIMBY letting our friends know what we are up to - please pass the word along.