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NIMBY is a giant industrial art and DIY space that supports thousands of artists each year. NIMBY needs funds to pay city permit and inspection fees.

NIMBY is a do-it-yourself (DIY) and industrial art space that provides artists and craftspeople a place to create and innovate. Within the 64,000 square foot space can be found metal workers, jewelers, glass blowers, hobbyists, engineers, plumbers, electricians, computer programmers, and tinkerers creating projects both large and small. Steel shipping containers are the building blocks of the NIMBY shop space, and are centered around shared common work areas.

Founded in 2004, the mission of NIMBY has always been to support the DIY community. NIMBY is a volunteer run organization. Each year, thousands of artists and craftspeople utilize NIMBY for workspace, storage of art pieces, sourcing of re-purposed materials, and networking. At NIMBY you can create anything from the smallest electronic device to some of the largest sculptures seen in the world. As NIMBY has grown, programs have been developed to provide discounted trucking rates for artists, coordinate paid opportunities for artists to show their artwork, and assistance in seeking grant funding for projects.

In January of 2009, NIMBY re-located to a bigger and better location. Since this time we have been working tirelessly with city officials to obtain all necessary permits and follow all applicable civil codes. For a space that thrives on innovation, creativity, and fresh ideas – fitting within existing code can often feel like putting a square peg in a round hole. After a full year of full time effort NIMBY has met every challenge and completed every form. However, we have a big tab of inspection fees and permit fees outstanding with the city. We need to raise $17,225.00 to pay the outstanding fees so NIMBY can continue serving the artist community.

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    We will send you a 4" NIMBY Sticker and a thank you note.

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    You will receive a handwritten post-card with a NIMBY photo inviting you to attend our celebratory "we reached our funding goal" NIMBY family BBQ. Yes, you still get your NIMBY sticker too.

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    You get a NIMBY T-Shirt. Shirts are black, with the NIMBY logo on the back and "It Was On Fire When I Got Here" written across the front. The girls version has a hood and a pouch.

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    Be in the cool kids club with a 10" embroidered NIMBY logo patch. Put it on your jacket, your favorite vest, or the wall above your desk. (You also get everything the lower levels do.)

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    We will send you a hand-made, one of a kind, welded metal sculpture or candle holder made by a NIMBY artist. (You also get everything the lower levels do.)

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