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A fantasy card-and-cup castle defense game that mixes casual party fun and adaptive strategy.
A fantasy card-and-cup castle defense game that mixes casual party fun and adaptive strategy.
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SIEGE PONG: The Party Game for Gamers



The countryside is ablaze.

Its once blue skies now grayed by cinders and smoke.
Two kingdoms long resigned to peace now prepare for war.

Bolstering their towers for the coming siege, the engineer-commanders call council from their soothsayers and survey the terrain, seeking to gain advantage over their foes. 

Summoning the bravest and most skilled to aid them in their hour of need, they gather new munitions, enlist knights of valor and assemble great engines of war.

In such times of desperation, fearsome beasts and dark magics may even be brought to bear...

But the Deck of Fate is always stacked in favor of the cunning and the bold!

And at whatever cost, this siege will leave one side raised to glory and the other razed to dust.

The Backer Reward package pictured above has everything needed to play right out of the bag (along with several surprise Bonus Goodies) and ships FOR FREE to the United States.

 The Deck of Fate contains 72 over-sized waterproof cards featuring iconic illustrations by artist Samuel Chen.

 “What I liked most about this game is that there is a very good balance between the throwing of the ping-pong balls and the strategy of building and protecting your castle, as well as playing all of those cards. That was really well done.

-Benjamin David, Game Reviewer, The Board Game Vault

Siege Pong captures the skill and entertainment of the college-brewed party game Beer Pong and builds upon it a whole new level of strategy.”  

- Jeff Provine, Game Reviewer, Blogcritics 

 Learn to Play Siege Pong in 10 Minutes.

Risks and challenges

Siege Pong exists somewhere in a no-man's-land between the meticulous tabletop realm and the party game wilderness and this can be conceptually difficult for many. But for a precious few, there is ripe potential for unconventional and adventuresome game-play.

Those who can boldly walk in both worlds will get a lot of enjoyment from this game.

I'm a one-man operation possessing limited skills and brainpower, but I have determination and good friends helping me through this process and am committed to delivering the best experience I can for my backers.

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    The Full Siege Pong Kit

    • "Deck of Fate" Box with 72 Waterproof Plastic Cards + Ruleset
    • 30 Cups
    • 4 Ping Pong Balls
    • Black Velvet Silver Satin-Lined Game Bag
    • 20 Tower Weight Bags
    • Added Surprises :)
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