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A short film about our relationships. We have $20.000 donated in work and equipment. We need your help to push us over the edge.

This story is about Sam who is not happy and his search for happiness. he comes home drunk on a Tuesday night at 3am and wants to make out with his sleeping girlfriend. She has other ideas, like sleeping and going to work in the morning. Sam, a bit flustered, goes for milk and cookies in the kitchen and opens his laptop to watch some porn. Ends up buying something online with her credit card.

Next thing is that she moves out when the fleshlight is delivered to the owner of the card. They exchange words and she leaves him with the fleshlight. Sam sticks his finger into the hole on the toy and then there is no turning back. 

From there on its the roller-coaster of his relationship with the fleshlight, Gloria. Its about the ups and downs and the ins and outs of experimenting with her and how other people judge him for finally being happy. 

Something about the cast and crew.

Sam - Jeff Pope 
Chloe - Natalie Hultman
Paul - Rion Fish
Swinger - Sean Hillis


Director - JonGunnar Gylfason
Producer - KD Amond
Producer - Megan Edwards

1st AD - Alison J. Forest
DP - David White
Cam op - Dawn "kiddo" Spatz
1st AC - Will Bezubic
Script Super/Art&Propps - Vaughn Greve

Gaffer - Sherwin Akbarzadeh
Grip/2nd AC - Clarke Howell

Sound - Jonathan de la Berguño

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe  - Lexie Delaney

Craft services - Lisa Gardner

Editing - John H. Beyer
Graphics - Darren Floyd


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    We think you are cool! And you get a signed copy of the script and we will name a water bottle after you. And you get a special thanks in the credits.

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    Thanks. You just became the official sponsor of one of the crew members. That crew member will now have water and fruits to eat during the shoot. The crew member will have your name tag during the shoot.

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    A copy of the DVD Fleshlight. Look at this as you prepaying for the DVD.

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    A copy of the DVD Fleshlight and my thesis film Fingers. Fingers has been screened at the New Orleans film Festival, The Rome International Film Festival and the Mississippi international Film festival among others. Fingers Facebook page.

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    3 DVD's. Fleshlight, Fingers and the Killersheep Film Collective compilation volume 1. This is a DVD with some great films like Tugboat, End of Sweet, Touch, Gut Feeling and Shame by directors JonGunnar Gylfason and Trent Davis.

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    4 DVD's. Yeah its the lot of them. Fleshlight, Fingers, Killer Sheep Film Cillective vol. 1 and volume 2. Volume 2 has films like Moonpie, Extra Meat, You. Me. Lavender and Peroxide and North Shore Cougars. Directors KD Amond, Lulu Marcil, JA Patton and Russell Blancard. This combo is only available in limited supply.

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    Everything above + YES, a fleshlight signed by the cast and director.

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