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An interpersonal, transcontinental life exploration project.

People often take trips or pilgrimages or journeys in an effort to go "find" themselves or figure out who they are. But I already know pretty well who I am; I know what I believe in and don't believe in, I know who and what I like and don't like, I know where I've been, how I think, and what I want out of life. What I don't know is why; what makes me this way? What things in my environment, my head, my family, my friends, my culture, my life made me this way?

Next semester, I will begin my last semester as a college student. As I am majoring in the field of art, I don’t have a traditional capstone or thesis, I have a senior project that is to employ all that I have learned. My senior project will explore the question of what makes me who I am, by spending lots of time with other people, and lots of time by myself.

This winter break, I will embark on a transcontinental road trip that will take me to Ontario, Nashville, Saint Louis, and Iowa City to visit a handful of my friends who, in some way or another, are involved in art. These friends are designers and illustrators and videographers and printmakers and musicians and painters and photographers. I plan to spend a few days with each of these friends of mine, communicating, learning, teaching, and getting to know them as individuals and as artists.

All this will be in an effort to learn more about the way the human life works, learn how individual artists live and work, and learn about myself as an individual and an artist, to better understand what I stand for as a person, and why.

Throughout this trip, I will have two objects with me at all times: my sketchbook and my camera. I will write, sketch, and photograph constantly in an effort not only to catalog this incredible experience, but also to explore my thoughts, feelings, and observations throughout. After I return, I will spend the upcoming spring semester finalizing my written thoughts, editing photographs, and (most importantly) completing a series of high-quality ink illustrations that will be inspired by this experience. These thoughts, photos, and illustrations will all be compiled into a book, completely designed and put together by me, titled 'OUTSIDE'.

As you might imagine, this experience will require some financial support. This is where you, and this wonderful website called Kickstarter, come in. If you would like to know more about the idea and process behind Kickstater, they have a nice little FAQ page right here.

Take a peek at the rewards I'm offering and the required donation amount over on the right side of the page. If you donate a certain amount, that's what you'll get, as long as $800 total is donated by the end of the 40 day period. If not, your card isn't charged anything, and you get nothing. 

$800 is kind of a lot of money, right? Here are the specifics of what your money is going towards:

Gas: $400 (roughly 2,301 miles of driving)

Art supplies: $150 (ink and paper cost more than you'd think)

Traveling supplies: $150

Printing: $200 (books cost a lot of money to print, but they'll look pretty)

Food: $200

TOTAL: $1100

$1100 is even more money than $800. As much as I know you all love me, I wouldn't expect to be able to raise that much money. $800 is the bare minimum I need to actually make this trip happen. If I'm able to raise more than that, it will be an even better experience for me, and the product will be even cooler as a result.

This project is very important to me. Not only do I need to accomplish it for my educational career, but also as an artist, and as a person. This project means a great deal to me, and will be the most ambitious project I have ever attempted to accomplish; and as a result, one of the most significant experiences of my life so far, if I can accomplish it. And I can't do that without your help.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at all throughout this whole process. I'm awake pretty much all the time, so email ( call or text (260-466-7393), tweet, or facebook me at any time.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This will be a rather daunting and time-consuming project. A majority of this coming winter break will be spent on the road, and will be when this experience is taking place. And luckily, next semester, I have an entire class devoted to finishing this project before the end of the semester and making it as refined and complete as possible.


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