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Darkmatter is the world's first Xbox laptop that you can buy as a fully assembled product or in kit form. Now Xbox ONE compatible!
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Darkmatter Xbox One Laptop - Ready to Go!


Hi Guys,

     Some exciting news - we're done with the prototype Xbox One laptop and it's working beautifully! But don't just take our word for it; check out this quick video we captured of the laptop in action (sorry for the out of focus parts, better quality clips coming up):

More info and videos coming your way soon. The next couple of weeks we'll be shipping these out to our Xbox One level kickstarter backers. Once we're done with this we'll be ready to accept pre-orders for the first batch. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or feedback that you may have.


Team Techjango

Darkmatter Xbox One Laptop - First Build


Just a quick heads up to all Xbox One level backers that the first build of the Xbox laptop is nearing completion and we'll begin shipping these out ASAP after the testing/QA phase. Here are some pictures of the first unit being put together:

Backers have a choice of choosing colors for the anodized aluminum edges of the laptop. Color options are:

  • Clear (silver)
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

We'll reach out soon to ask you your color preference.

Gameplay video coming up next!


Team Techjango

Progress on the XBox One Prototype

Hey everybody!  

        It's been a while since we posted an update on the Xbox One but that's cause we were working heads down on getting the prototype production ready. A lot has been happening on the Xbox One front and we're happy to announce that after months of tireless effort we're finally at a stage where all the issues have been worked out, the guts of the unit are all working and production is good to go.

Guts of the Xbox One laptop laid out - ready to go in the casing
Guts of the Xbox One laptop laid out - ready to go in the casing

The display of the laptop was the hardest issue to resolve and took quite some time to work out. We started off with a 17" screen but had compatibility issues with the HDMI output on the new console. We've now adapted a 18.4" Full HD (1920X1080) widescreen LED laptop screen for use with the Xbox One console and it is working perfectly. 

18.4" Full HD Display
18.4" Full HD Display

Our original Xduino 360 control board has also been adapted for use in the new laptop and is running the touch interface and the speakers through its onboard amp without any issues. The cooling system has also been implemented on the prototype and just needs to tested for a longer period of use to confirm that no overheating occurs. Three 17 CFM blower fans are being used instead of only two that were used in the original 360 laptop design to ensure better cooling.  

The touch interface surface has been moved to the front surface of the laptop body for seamless integration and unobtrusive design. The 500GB HDD that comes with the standard Xbox One console has also been integrated within the laptop while the slot mounted Blue Ray Drive can be accessed from the right of the casing.  

Rugged Laptop Casing
Rugged Laptop Casing

The all aluminum, matte black casing has been built up and just needs the console + electronics to be installed within it. It's solid as a rock, we've even subjected it to a ~4ft drop test and not a scratch appeared on the casing.

All Aluminum, Matte Black Casing
All Aluminum, Matte Black Casing

Improvements over the original Xbox 360 laptop design:  

- Full aluminum metal casing in matte black finish  

- Powder coated scratch resistant body coating  

- Touch interface integrated within the front of the laptop casing  

- Minimal soldering required for the DIY kit  

- Larger display panel ~ 19 inches  

- 1920x1080 Full HD display  

- Rugged construction.

- Better cooling. Three 17CFM fans for negative air pressure cooling.    

What's left and what's next:  

The next step is to place all the electronics within the casing, add LED accent lighting and seal it up. Then we'll be testing the prototype over an extended period of time for QA purposes. Once it is confirmed that the prototype is good to go, we'll send it out to one lucky Xbox One level backer (chosen randomly) for beta testing and then production for 10-20 more will begin. Since this is an entirely new design and production processes are somewhat different from the older design, we can't give a definite date when the units will be available but a rough estimate is 4-6 weeks. We thank you for being patient with us all this while and hope you are as excited about the launch of the Xbox One DM as we are. We hope to have the Xbox One DM out in your hands in a matter of weeks. Alright, till next time, back to work now!  


Team Techjango

Darkmatter Source Files


Hi everyone. Since we've been getting questions about the source files for the Darkmatter, we thought we'd made a decisive post about it and bring everything together. This would also mark the release of the files fully into the public (since up till now we've only been sharing them with our backers). So here's the info:

The design files are available in two places:

Laser-cut parts & 3D-Printed parts
Laser-cut parts & 3D-Printed parts

The casing for the Darkmatter uses a combination of laser-cut acrylic and 3D-printed parts - their designs are available in Coreldraw (v12) CDR and printing-ready STL formats inside the github/Thingiverse repositories.

Xduino360 Board layout
Xduino360 Board layout

 The Arduino-compatible Xduino360 board has its board & schematic designs available as Eagle's BRD and SCH formats. Code for programming the ATmega328 is provided as an Arduino .INO file, along with a C header file for inclusion.

And finally the manual for Darkmatter assembly from scratch can be found at:

Hope that helps! Currently we're moving to our new website where we'll be hosting Darkmatter (and all its upcoming editions) and various other projects. Give it a visit! And do join our mailing list at - we'll be giving all the exciting updates regarding Darkmatter and other Techjango products on it.


Star Wars Darkmatter XBox 360 Laptop Build!


Hi fellas,  

      We recently completed a custom build that we're really proud of; thought we'd show it off to you guys. It's a 1080p Darkmatter Xbox 360 laptop built with a... wait for it... STAR WARS theme! That's right, George Lucas' magnum opus has a new tribute in the form of a Laser-cut, 3D-Printed Xbox 360 Laptop. Check it out:

This one was based on R2-D2. Should C-3PO be next? Let us know!


Team Techjango