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Hostage Diner - Dark/Caper Comedy's video poster

This is about a small town diner. 3 robbers that have car trouble & are forced to hang out in the diner & $3 million in a knapsack! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 16, 2011.

This is about a small town diner. 3 robbers that have car trouble & are forced to hang out in the diner & $3 million in a knapsack!

About this project

Story line:

A small town diner is held siege by 3 bank robbers with 3 million dollars in stolen cash. A series of events gives the diners the upper hand and they decide to keep the money. Unfortunately police have surrounded the diner and options are running out.

What we want to do!

This fast and furious 8 day shoot will take place in Victoria and primarily in one location! Two cameras rolling and lots of dialogue! This film has a little violence, a little profanity and of course an inappropriate scene that involves a young woman and a young man!

It's about family, it's about hard luck stories and of course it is about a conundrum. We hope it will leave you wondering what you would do if you were in a similar situation.

How we'll do it!

This project is going to be shot in "Spoons" a local diner and has many of our local talent. We've spent hours filming auditions trying to find the right people for the right roles! I think we've done that! In fact, we've even done auditions using Skype so that our LA Director could listen and see each cast member as we did auditions in Victoria!. The beauty of modern day technology! We went from making this film our calling card to stepping it up and making it a union show and bringing in a couple of cast that people recognize and know. 

Alpha Select has optioned this script so it is very close to our hearts! The union show brings a more experienced crew to get this fast paced, caper comedy done.

..dark night, lonely stretch of road - what on earth could happen!!

We need your help to get this done. This is going to be the first of what we hope will be many films. How can you go wrong with a dark/caper comedy!

How do you pledge?

Click on the green button and follow the steps. Kickstarter only charges you if we get 100% of our funding! The pledges are suggestions only. You can put any dollar amount that you desire. I'll say a bit more on twitter about this.

How can you follow us?

You can follow us on Twitter:, and facebook:

and our website 

How can you help us?

We would love to have you pledge and then pass it on to everyone you know! If you are unable to pledge passing it on to everyone you know and clicking the like button on IMDB, Facebook, twitter and our website...well, that is fantastic!! Help us spread the word! Thank you to all!!!

Our Cast: thus far


Good looking all American young man. Constantly teased by his co-officers he is unable to hide his resentment over not being taken seriously. Well spoken.

Jonathon Ellis - Coultish Management


Overweight bearded grizzly bear. Always dressed like he is going on a hunting trip or an arctic adventure. Was probably good looking back in the day until the bitterness set in. Says he wants to be left alone but injects his opinion into every conversation around him. Former cop. Former husband.

 Trevor Lerner


Sexy manipulative. Recently hired at the diner she still has everything already figured out. Able to take charge of any situation despite/because of her looks. Holds a never-ending grudge against her father who abandoned her and also happens to be the Chief of Police. Every person: a stepping stone. Every mistake: an opportunity.

Stephanie Watkins - Coultish Management


Young, sweet as pie, country girl with a hidden mean streak. Gullible but no pushover. Loves her high school boyfriend but married him just to get away from her family. Can see an opportunity and will take it. Deceptively simple. Idol: Mary-Ann from Gilligans Island.

Kait Richardson - Coultish Management


Young, sweet natured, cowboy who is not too bright, but highly likable. Married to his high school sweetheart he is just out of high school and has absolutely no plans for the future. Has the ability to sweet talk his way out of anything.

Thomas Miller - Coultish Management


Ditzy overworked and naïve prostitute. Big dreams met with a harsh reality. Gum chewing, stuck in the eighties style valley girl who is waiting for Prince Charming to come sweep her off her feet just like her favorite movie Pretty Woman.

Michelle Lieffertz - Coultish Management


Typical young skater kid. Baggy clothes. Deceptively light headed. Secretly in love with his best friend Drew.

Peter Weir - Coultish Management


Older, gruff life long criminal. This was his last job. Upset that he has to work with this current batch of crooks. Thinks the class has gone out of crime.

Allen Agopsowicz - Coultish Management


Almost as dumb as Shane but not quite. Never a leader always a follower.

Dave Kmiecik - Coultish Management


Older Italian. Over weight. Owner of the diner which is named after him. Content. Nice. Would give the shirt off his back. Big voice but sweet interior. Everybody's friend. Think Al from Happy Days with a little Mel from Alice.

Vincent Wells - Coultish Management

Newscaster 1:

Serious spot on newscaster. Traditional. Bland. Non-distracting.

Thaddeus Monckton - Coultish Management

Newscaster 2:

Dry quick witted sarcastic. All done with a serious news reporters expertise. A news director's nightmare.

Patricia Bergeron - Coultish Management

Cop 3/A:

Doughnut shop fixture

Frederic Robinson - Coultish Management

Cop 2:

Doughnut shop fixture.

Kevin Pescod - Coultish Mananagement

Cop 1:

Doughnut shop fixture.

Rob Jennings - Coultish Management


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