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A Dictionary Story - Art book's video poster

Playing with language, poetry and type this illustrated story is about a dictionary that brings her words to life. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 13, 2009.

Playing with language, poetry and type this illustrated story is about a dictionary that brings her words to life.

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About this project

Dictionary Story was originally a handmade artist book in an edition of 100 (see above). Because of the time they took to create and its limited availability they became rather expensive collectors itmes.

With your support I hope to produce a new and cheaper edition that everyone can afford. You can see & read the book here

The original work is in many special collections including -
Museum of Modern Art, NY
Getty Research Institute, LA
Tate Galleries, London
Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris
The British Library, London
Victoria & Albert museum, London

Images from the work inspired a New York Times commision which can be read & seen here:

Other projects can be seen here

"Initially a Dictionary Story started as a short narrative in which certain words from the dictionary became living characters that met each other –

'Spring's next victim was Lawless who was rejoicing in being knocked away from such a boring neighbour as Lawful. Lawless landed straight on top of Lawn which suddenly became very unruly. After some time Lawn was no longer and in its place sat Jungle, happily spreading its creepers across the page.'

From exploring the meaning in writing it was then applied it to its design. As I came to set the type I realised, by creating two columns, you could have the story running in one whilst the definitions of the words made images in the other."


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