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Help us to make real this project!!!
Help us to make real this project!!!
Help us to make real this project!!!
103 backers pledged €8,188 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bruce J. Eike 4 days ago

      Just checking in- looking forward to seeing the shipment begin next month!

    2. RossKWolfe on June 8

      They said that the first stretch goal was unlocked. That means anyone who ordered a full team or full bench will get the extra "Tank" mini. I don't believe they had any options for ordering any extras of any of the minis.
      That might be something for them to consider doing for their next campaign. I don't know how that would affect their production, though.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alan Mann on June 7

      Did you make the Stretch Goals available at all? I have not seen any notice but thought I would ask.

    4. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on June 3

      Hi production is proceeding well and shipments will take place in the july month

    5. Fernando on June 3

      Que tal va esa producción? las tendremos en fecha?

    6. RossKWolfe on May 18

      I'm sorry, I'm just being silly. Nobody is saying anything in the comments section so I was just trying to get a conversation going.

    7. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on May 17

      RossKWolfe why these alarms? We are producing the models and we are not experiencing any hitches so we should respect the shipment date that will be in early July

    8. RossKWolfe on May 17

      E silenzioso... Troppo silenzioso.

    9. Fernando on May 11

      Tengo ganas de tenerlos ya!!

    10. Neil Lynds on April 4

      That’s great news!!

    11. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on April 1

      Hello ! ... know very soon we start with the production of our teams and for the month of July we will send our teams to all the backers !!! Since the original masters are ready we should not encounter any problems in the production of miniatures ... we will also anticipate the pledge manager this week !!

    12. RossKWolfe on April 1

      I am a little curious. Most other Kickstarters I've backed have had expected delivery dates far out in advance often 6 months or more, but yours says July of this year. How confident are you that you'll be able to reach that deadline?

    13. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on March 29

      The pledge menager will be sent on April 16th. There will not be any add-ons for individual miniatures but for other teams.
      Dice and matriarch will not be for sale

    14. Stephan M. on March 29

      This is my first supportet KS. I have some questions:
      1. Do I have to do anything to get my miniatures? Is there a pledge-manager?
      2. Can I add add-ons linke dice of the matriarch? I know the stretch goal is not reached but can I buy them?

    15. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on March 17

      Our site is under construction and will be improved during the year based. We are already preparing a new project trying to improve ourselves after the success of this campaign

    16. RossKWolfe on March 17

      I am curious about the state of your website. It looks like it's still under construction. When will it be in a finished state? I have a feeling you're going to need a good, solid webstore for after you've shipped everything off and need to start selling more minis.

    17. Iker González de Bustos on March 15

      @RossKWolfe My bad, I'm sorry xDD

    18. Juan Carlos Sanchez Meseguer on March 15

      I want dices too, i buyed complete team. What can i do?

    19. Enrico Marmorini on March 15

      È un peccato che il resto dei componenti aggiuntivi non siano stati sbloccati. Abbiamo l'opportunità di ottenere indipendentemente gli altri oggetti mancanti?

    20. RossKWolfe on March 13

      You just had to remind me about the waiting. ;)

    21. Iker González de Bustos on March 13

      So glad to see that it has been a success!! Congratulations! Now the worst part: to wait ;-p

    22. Fernando on March 13

      Es una lástima que no se desbloqueara el resto de añadidos. ¿Tenemos oportunidad de conseguir de forma independiente los dados u otras figuras?

    23. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on March 13

      Yes !!! The First stretch Goal is unlocked !!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jesús Botello Gamo on March 13

      Extra tank unlocked?

    25. Missing avatar

      Ivan the Terrible on March 13

      Congratulations! Well done!

      I hope you will make the Matriarch too someday for your webstore or something. I would definitely buy her.

    26. Missing avatar

      reszka on March 13

      Well done! I hoped for Matriarch, even with add on, but still well done.

      Next maybe some in slanesh mode? We have khorne, nurgle....

    27. Missing avatar

      Alan Mann on March 13

      I understand the Dice were not able to get opened up as a free Stretch Goal but will you have them as add on items to purchase for the people who want them?

    28. RossKWolfe on March 13

      Oh thank heavens. It looks like we finally broke the first stretch goal. Nobody cancel their pledge!

    29. RossKWolfe on March 13

      Oh, crap, I didn't notice that. Well, dang. I really hope we unlock the first stretch goal then.

    30. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on March 13

      The steetch goals naturally mean in euros

    31. Missing avatar

      Alan Mann on March 13

      Are the Stretch Goals in Dollars or Euro because my page shows only 7820 Euro pledged with 2 hours to go. that is a far cry from any Stretch goals. Or is my page behind because I only show 95 backers...

    32. RossKWolfe on March 13

      The dice might happen... but the Matriarch definitely won't unless you know a dozen or so game stores you can convince to pledge for two full teams.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ivan the Terrible on March 13

      Oh come on people, I REALLY want that Matriarch! (don't care about the dice)

    34. Missing avatar

      Alan Mann on March 12

      If Stretch goals are not met will the items still be available? I would like to add the Dice to my team and I can see there is a good possibility the goal will not be met.

    35. RossKWolfe on March 11

      Well, I think that all things considered, the Kickstarter did well enough. They went well past the funding goal and unlocked one stretch goal. As long as they deliver on their promises and get a decent website running, I think that word will spread about this team and GamesMiniatures and they can use that as a jumping off point for the future.

    36. Neil Lynds on March 7

      I’m not saying that I’m ungrateful or saying that it’s your fault, I’m very thankful that you are even making more models for us as everything was already unlocked. But I do think it may have taken away some of your potential thunder at the start. I am happy with the original amount of mods, so anything that gets unlocked now is a brilliant bonus.

    37. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on March 7

      We know we have added goals in the late campaign but as we announced at the beginning we have unlocked all the additional contents with an extremely favorable price

    38. Neil Lynds on March 7

      @RossKWolfe I doubt it, it depends how many people put the reminder for the last 48hours. But I think the stretch goals were added too late to the KS to make any real difference.

    39. RossKWolfe on March 5

      Looks like we made it to the first stretch goal. Cool. Anyone want to place bets on if any more will be reached?

    40. Missing avatar

      Bruce J. Eike on March 3

      I checked the Campaign to make sure I hadn't missed anything- are there other Stretch Goals in mind? I might could be convinced to expand my pledge, depending on what stretch goals were out there!

    41. Missing avatar

      Bruce J. Eike on March 3

      I was happy supporting this KS just when it was the terrific figures and the extras from the first attempt to launch the campaign. I had no idea the stretch goals were coming- and so far they are awesome!

    42. RossKWolfe on March 2

      I finally pledged after debating with myself for a while. I don't pledge much to Kickstarters anymore, but I'm willing to give this one a chance because the models just look so good. I'm hoping the minis do them justice.

    43. GamesMiniatures 2-time creator on February 26

      @Bregalad : In the day we will post some larger photos to show you the best of the details

    44. Bregalad on February 26

      Team looks nice judging from the small pics. Can you post some larger pics to see the sculpts more clearly? Thanks.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jesús Botello Gamo on February 13

      Y una cuarta corredora

    46. Juan Carlos Sanchez Meseguer on February 11

      Estaría genial añadir dados personalizados para este equipo con alguna elfa oscura guiñando un ojo en el 6 o algo así! Felicidades por el proyecto!

    47. Rev Scott
      on February 11

      And.... Funded!

    48. Missing avatar

      Bruce J. Eike on February 10

      Glad this project is back- and so quickly! I don't even play Fantasy Football yet- but the figures were so terrific I'm going to learn. Good luck, Games Miniatures!

    49. Rev Scott
      on February 9

      The full team looks great. Good luck on the KS

    50. Iker González de Bustos on February 9

      As Neil said: thanks for the relaunch and the new options for backing.
      Need that full team!

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