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The Whole Hole explores and expands the lands and denizens of Mutha Oith as introduced in the popular Low Life RPG.
The Whole Hole explores and expands the lands and denizens of Mutha Oith as introduced in the popular Low Life RPG.
136 backers pledged $13,885 to help bring this project to life.


Holy Goosin' Carp!

Thirteen Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Five Clams! You guys are so amazing, generous, and good looking! Wow! Exclamation Point! Improper Capitalization! Another Exclamation Point!

Seriously, wow.


Here's an update on the project as it is:

The Whole Hole Volume 01: Just about finished. It should go to press next week and should be ready in time for Origins. If anybody is going to Origins and would like to pick up their book then, please come by my booth in the Art Show and I'll personalize it for you. Otherwise, they should ship in June.

Unnamed Low Life Adventure Book: I haven't started it yet, but I will soon. I'll keep you updated.

Holy Crap: Also not yet started, but I'll keep you updated.

Low Brawl: We didn't reach the funding goal for this project, but don't worry, once I get some books in people's hands we'll try again. Maybe with it's own dedicated kickstarter project we'll make it happen.

Which book do you want to see next? The book of adventures or Holy Crap? Please let me know in the comments...


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    1. Daniel on

      I figured, but wanted to check. Thanks for the info Andy.

    2. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on

      Absolutely! All of these products will be available on a retail level after they are finished. You'llbe able to get them through the PEG inc website (,, and hopefully your local game store.

    3. Daniel on

      A solid plan, and one I endorse.
      As an aside, is there a way for those who didn't get the Holy Crap and Big Book of Adventures to get a hold of them after they get produced?
      A pal of mine asked; he'd be interested in picking up the Holy crap in particular, but didn't have the money to up his contribution during the Kickstarter.

    4. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on

      I agree, Daniel. Thank you. I at least want to make sure you guys all have something in hand to show for your contribution before going farther.

    5. Daniel on

      I'd be happy to contribute some more for Low Brawl. Though it does seem like it'd be wise to wait a bit longer, maybe till like the 20th of May. I dunno, I'm rambling.
      I do think spacing out the kickstarters is a good idea, just how long is enough is really the question.

    6. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on

      Thanks Edward. Actually we reached the goal to make Holy Crap, which I'm currently working on. I am thinking of starting a new one for Low Brawl, since there seemed to be a lot of interest, but I'm concerned peeps might think I'm being greedy if I ask for more so soon. Thoughts?

    7. Edward Bonthron on

      Bring on the Holy Crap Kickstarter :)

    8. Daniel on

      Eh, I'll throw my hat in the ring for Holy Crap.

    9. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      I'd like to see the religions book first!

    10. Daniel Grota on

      I'm very interested in the Holy Crap book. I'm especially curious about the religion of $3000 pledge. But, yeah, I'm very excited to see new material for this awesome setting! :D

    11. Steven Taylor on

      I have already reserved the space on my coffee table!

    12. Missing avatar

      James Patterson

      it's...Adventure Time!

    13. Michael Ramsey

      So awesome. Looking forward to this.