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A highly detailed line of miniatures based on the weird and whimsical Low Life game by Andy Hopp (but usable anywhere).
Created by

Andy Hopp

309 backers pledged $52,966 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Beagle on May 19

      OK thanks. Think I'll wait for a few more to be done before asking you to send them. Sounds like Chad is making excellent progress

    2. Creator Andy Hopp on May 19

      Being cast this week are Zubb Troozle, the lichenthrope, the squoork, both coblins, the hamster, and a couple of top secret extras I'm throwing in for you guys because you are awesome and have been so supportive and patient despite the crazy delays we've endured. Chad has finished the Boss of Lunch and should have images of Glutenous Maximus and Smrt Happytree this week. We also have the funguys, flews, snells, corpulent sludge, umber cuke, sunny hindquarters, and the f'reek in hand for anybody who wants to pick them up at Origins or wants to pay the shipping to have them sent over now.

    3. Creator Beagle on May 18

      Andy, what miniatures does the latest batch consist of?

    4. Creator Andy Hopp on May 14

      Anyone who backed the kickstarter can nab the existing minis before they are all done simply by paying the shipping costs ($6 domestic, $30 international; PayPal to or by picking them up in person at Origins, Gen Con, or Con on the Cob.

    5. Creator Katie Neff-Warren on May 14

      So if someone wanted to get the minis that are already ready what could they do

    6. Creator Andy Hopp on May 13


    7. Creator judgedoug on May 13

      Awesome! Andy, if we do the couple-bucks-for-shipping thing again, can we get the next wave shipped when it's ready?

    8. Creator Andy Hopp on April 29

      Coincidentally enough I am currently in the process of writing an update. Please standby.

    9. Creator judgedoug on April 29

      Any news since the April 1 update? Are the blor-porple, both coblins, lichenthrope, werm of the danged, plorp balloon, mutant land fish, hot dammits, squoork, Zub Trooxle, cute little ducky ready to ship?

    10. Creator Nelson Rosenberg on April 6

      Great to see everything going so smoothly =) Can't wait to get my hands on my Stench-Wrangling Smelf second batch of 7 minis.

    11. Creator Greg on April 3

      Thanks for the update Andy. I updated my spreadsheet here: ... and would appreciate any backers input/corrections, or yours Andy if you have the time. If I have the right of it, your $50 backers have long since been fulfilled? And after this latest batch is back from the foundry, the $75 backers will just be waiting on "Blue Hiney and Glub", "Glutenous Maximus", and "The Boss of Lunch"? And do you have any pictures of the sculpts headed to the foundry that you could share?
      I think we were all hoping this would go smoother and faster, but I give you credit for sticking with it. Thanks.

    12. Creator Andy Hopp on March 27

      Just a quick update: The next batch of miniatures, which includes the mutant land fish, the blor-porple, the squork, and a few more will be going to the foundry next week. Jason has completed his involvement in the project and Chad will be beginning his sculpts next week as well.

    13. Creator Beagle on March 26

      Fulfilment of this project has now taken longer than the Crimean War. I'm expecting ultimately for it to match the American Civil War. Here's hoping it doesn't go the distance of the 100 Years War

    14. Creator Tim The Enchanterer on March 26

      Good work! Thanks for sharing!

    15. Creator CashWiley on March 24

      Hopefully this link works. Low Life mini painted up by Michael Proctor!…

    16. Creator CashWiley on March 19

      Two thumbs up for Jason!

    17. Creator Beagle on February 27

      Yep, good news it seems. Here's hoping

    18. Creator Andy Hopp on February 27

      Did everyone read the most recent update? Big news...

    19. Creator Andy Hopp on February 25

      The very one, Doug!

    20. Creator Vinsssounet on February 25

      Hey great news !

      Now it can only move forward. Good things ahead, well done =)

    21. Creator judgedoug on February 25

      Chad Hoverter - the sculptor for Mice & Mystics?! he's pretty great! I'm excited again :)

    22. Creator Andy Hopp on February 25

      I'll be posting a major update later today.

    23. Creator judgedoug on February 25

      anything yet from Jason? :(

    24. Creator Andy Hopp on February 18

      Thank you Jacob. I'll have a big update as soon as Jason sends me the next pictures, along with some good news regarding the project.

    25. Creator Jacob Trewe on February 18

      *Disclaimer: I'm just some guy who pledged for croach-with-even-more-of-the-most, Andy is the true authority on what's what!*

      So, I’ve gone through the updates and re-consolidated things based on the updates from the last few months.
      The casted and ready-to-go list is:
      Byunculus the vigilant/Walloping Krong/Occifer Gleech
      Pandalope the Panderer/Unctious Pwoof/Trozzgoxx the Lobe
      Angry Ubgunsker/The Guy with the Killin' stick/Mysterious one-eyed Croach
      The Sockstrocity/Male Snell/Female Snell
      Ubb Gubertinct/Male Funguy/Female Funguy
      Male Flew/Female Flew/Scarier Ass Mutha
      Umbercuke/F'freek/Sunny Hindquarters,
      Corpulent Sludge,
      Male coblin
      Female coblin
      the mosstrich hunter oofo (Zub Trooxle)
      the plorp balloon,

      Sculpted, but not cast:
      the queen mutha (which ANDY sculpted) [not me, lol]
      Andy Hopp Werm (extra bonus mini!)
      C.L.D. – Cute Little Duckie, and
      Land-bound Plorp

      These dudes in-progress:
      the squoork, (needed touchup in September),
      the werm in two parts (needed redoing in September),
      Kamasutrist Tizn’t (sculpting in progress in November),
      Tenemental (couple of Mods to make as of November),
      Cornthulu (3d model issues, but working around it in November)
      Smyrt Happytree (Jason working on it in December),
      Werm ...of the danged (Jason re-do in December)
      Mutant Land Fish (Jason working on it in December),

      Status unknown:
      Glutenous Maximus,
      The boss of lunch & Hot Dammit tagalong,
      Blue Hiney & Glub,
      Uuulon Crepulos,
      Oily Nad,
      Rhed’boq q’ol,
      Another (3) blor-porples,
      Cremefillian war party,
      Squiggins Neverlost,
      Garden of Smelemental Glee,
      Allopecia & Bollz, and

    26. Creator Andy Hopp on February 17

      From Jason this morning:

      Just got back to town. Will have good news and pics once everything is set up again.

    27. Creator Beagle on February 13

      Happy Birthday Andy.

    28. Creator Andy Hopp on February 13

      Thank you, Tim!

      Just to clue you guys in, things have been very busy around here lately and I have taken steps that will get the rest of the miniatures in our hands in a much more timely fashion. Sorry to be cryptic, but I'll clue you in at the beginning of March,

    29. Creator Tim The Enchanterer on February 13

      Happy Birthday Andy!

    30. Creator judgedoug on February 2

      cool, look forward to hearing it!

    31. Creator Andy Hopp on February 2

      You have indeed. I have some news, actually, that should speed things up significantly, but I'm not able to discuss it until the details are finalized, which should be very soon. Sorry to be cryptic.

    32. Creator judgedoug on February 2

      any updates with the actual minis (pics, sculpts, etc)? I know things are all over the place with sculptors and whatnot but I think a lot of us have showed a ton of patience already. I've got $515 in this project and I'm really hoping to see this finished up this year.

    33. Creator Vinsssounet on January 27

      I am very sorry to hear that.

      Also for readers, Andy actually sent me a message already, and I'm quite confident that he's doing everything he can.

    34. Creator Andy Hopp on January 27

      Those are all very good questions. Jason had a death in the family a week or so ago and my father in law died unexpectedly yesterday. Please give me a few days to get you a reasonable answer to these questions.

    35. Creator Vinsssounet on January 27

      I would really like a better idea of what has happened during the past few months in term of progress ?

      1) How many sculpts Jason still has left to do ?
      2) How many did he produced during the past 6 months ? Or past year ?
      3) How many times did he said he would send pictures next week and didn't ?
      4) Have you, Andy, since last time Jason popped by here, provided him with the required information he said you never gave him (such as scaling and who is of what race) ?

      Finally, if answer 2) is a small number and answer 3) is a big number, what's the plan ?

    36. Creator Beagle on January 22

      Sorry Andy, not visible on my screen, too small

    37. Creator Andy Hopp on January 22

      You are correct, Beagle. I did, however, post pictures of the plorp balloon being cast in that last update.

    38. Creator Beagle on January 22

      This is extremely frustrating but I'm not sure that there's an easy answer, otherwise I'm sure Andy would have pursued it.
      The sculpting is taking a ridiculous amount of time, but the only person who can explain that one is Mr Weibe.
      I do at times think that Andy sidelines this project in favour of other things (understandable, as he has to keep a roof over his head), but we were promised a number of times that we'd get a photo of the assembled Plorp balloon and pics of the Cornthulhu sculpt being progressed.

      Let's face it, if things continue at the current rate we're looking at 2016 before everything's done. So World War One length in terms of timescale

    39. Creator Andy Hopp on January 22

      Chris. I'm sorry I missed your message. I will send you a private response today.

    40. Creator Chris S on January 22

      I didn't want to make this public but I have received no response from Andy to a private message yet he has posted here. What I sent:
      "Andy, once again I'm going to have to propose we do something. 1 shipment after 2 years of having spent $700? That can't possible seem fair to any reasonable person. To be honest your updates upset me because they only further serve to remind me that I'm still not receiving anything more than a single shipment in 2013! Please get back to me."

    41. Creator Kottjorgen on January 21

      Thanks for the update. Personally I have no problem with it being part of a general update about other Andy related things. As for advertising: I think Andy is well aware that a lot of us wont put money in to other stuff before we get our minis (hence his and our frustration about delays).

      I sincerely hope that Jason eventually gets going on this and I hope that this is reflecting on his reputation as well.

    42. Creator Andy Hopp on January 20

      I don't mean for it to be an ad disguised as an update (although I can see how it might appear that way). It's just that I have a lot of news to deliver to a lot of different people and it's much faster and easier to put it all in one post. I'm sorry the miniatures info isn't at the top, but I just posted things as they occurred to me and I didn't think anybody would mind learning about the other things I have going on.

      People keep telling me they want to hear from me about this project even if the news is just that there has been little progress. I am trying to honor those wishes. I am just as frustrated (probably more so) about the delays as you are. My business is suffering and you awesome people are continually being made to wait. You are amazing, supportive people and I know we're letting you down. I can only beg your continued patience and understanding.

      It is taking forever, but YOU WILL get what you are owed. Next time I'll post a dedicated update about the miniatures instead of mixing it in with everything else, if that's what you guys want. Sorry for the frustration.

      As always, if you don't mind covering the shipping costs ($6 domestic, $30 international) I am happy to send you the next batch.

      As you can see, the molds are underway for the plorp balloon and several others.

    43. Creator Andy Hopp on January 20

      Guys, I'm sorry I don't have more to report. I have been on Jason repeatedly over the past few weeks and he keeps promising pictures. Jason, if you are reading this may we please have some pictures?

    44. Creator Sascha Schewe on January 20

      Ah. Fascinating. Yet another ad, instead of any news related to getting our (by now 2 YEAR DELAYED) stuff that we paid for.

    45. Creator Andy Hopp on January 5

      As do I. I will send an update tomorrow.

    46. Creator Beagle on January 5

      I like what you did there Tim

    47. Creator Tim The Enchanterer on January 4

      Happy New Year!
      And happy news year too?

    48. Creator Andy Hopp on December 9

      Just to clarify, the list Jacob posted appears to be mostly cut and pasted from an older list I posted. Jacob did not sculpt the Queen Mutha. I did. It's one that will be sent to press soon along with the next batch.

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