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A highly detailed line of miniatures based on the weird and whimsical Low Life game by Andy Hopp (but usable anywhere).
A highly detailed line of miniatures based on the weird and whimsical Low Life game by Andy Hopp (but usable anywhere).
309 backers pledged $52,966 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Beagle 2 days ago

      I'm trying, but I'm getting very sore fingers

    2. Michael Vercoe 2 days ago

      Don't stop believing
      Hold on to the feeling
      Lowlife people
      Don't stop believing
      Hold on
      Lowlife people
      Don't stop believing
      Hold on to the feeling
      Lowlife people

    3. Beagle 4 days ago

      The level of comms isn't acceptable, after such a massive delay I expect more effort from Andy to let us know what's going on.

    4. Missing avatar

      Timothy Mullen 7 days ago

      So - any updates?

    5. Michael Vercoe on January 2

      Happy New Year True Believers

    6. Beagle on November 14

      So good news from Armorcast?

    7. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on October 24

      I think you might be right, Cash. Armorcast has promised they will have a significant number of minis ready by Con on the Cob (November 10). If they do not we will end our association with them and move on. It took a lot for them to convince me to give them another chance (another another) and wait until Con on the Cob, and I hope to be pleasantly surprised (but I'm not holding my breath). In the meantime, I am sending one green over to another local caster to see what kind of quality and timeliness we can get from him. If that doesn't work out it looks like I'll just have to eat the cost and go back to Valiant.

      In related news, I'm sorry I missed a few comment lately. One of the consequences of our recent email/website hacks is that I wasn't getting emails from kickstarter when someone posts a comment. I think I fixed it now.

    8. CashWiley on October 23

      Yeah, looks like it's time to call Valiant :)

    9. Tim The Enchanterer on October 12

      Still nothing to report?

    10. Beagle on September 30

      So, some good news?

    11. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on September 8

      There is only one Blue Hiney. It has indeed been sculpted but Armorcast hasn't gotten around to casting it yet.

    12. Darksteed on September 8

      Which Blue Hiney was sculpted and cast up? #1 or #2?

    13. Beagle on August 24

      Good Luck

    14. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on August 23

      I have a meeting coming up (probably next week) with yet another caster. While I like the terms of my deal with Armorcast, they are either not taking the project seriously or they are just too busy to get it done as promised.

    15. Beagle on August 23

      We have 3 weeks and 6 days left to get this project finished, otherwise it will have taken longer to conclude than the American Civil War

    16. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on August 9

      Thanks for the reminder Kottjorgen. I just got back from GenCon, but I will post another update very soon.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kottjorgen on August 6

      Hi Andy! I would very much appreciate an official update even if there are no big news, just as an official sign of life. Since the last update was two months ago. Cheers!

    18. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on July 29

      Most of those are in Steve's hands at Armorcast waiting to be cast. :(

    19. judgedoug on July 28

      what about the Cremefillian riding the mutant land fish we saw a year or so ago? and the Tiznt?
      Any news on sculpts for the Cornthulhu, horde of scary ass muthas & many hot dammits? Cremefillian War Party? thanks!

    20. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on July 19, 2016

      Thanks, Beagle. That means a lot to me.

    21. Beagle on July 19, 2016

      I don't blame you Andy. The worst kind of frustration is when you don't know who or what to be frustrated at

    22. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on July 19, 2016

      I completely agree with you. I am more than a little displeased with the lack of progress.

      Please remember, the offer laid out a couple of updates ago still stands (the one where people are free to choose from a variety of other products if they decide not to wait for the miniatures).

    23. Beagle on July 19, 2016

      This is disappointing, there has been very little progress in the last six months.

    24. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on July 19, 2016

      Unfortunately only Clamsack the Corpulant (and only 15 copies of him at that). We spoke with Steve from Armorcast the week before last and he assured us production will soon step up. We'll see how that goes. I'll post an update as soon as I have any news to report.

    25. Rob Short on July 15, 2016

      It's been 6 weeks since the last update, how many more minis have been added to the list of those available in your post of 4th April?

    26. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on July 5, 2016

      Steve brought me about 15 copies of the completed Clamsack the Corpulant at Origins. We had a conversation about ways to help him get things together more quickly in the future. He did mention that he is working on several more molds and on fixing some problems in the original squoork sculpt. I am overwhelmed with work this week, but next week I will try to meet with him again to see what we can do to speed things up.

    27. Beagle on July 4, 2016

      Let's hope it's not the Hubbel telescope

    28. Michael Vercoe on July 4, 2016

      Time to exchange my binoculars for a microscope perhaps :-)

    29. Rob Short on June 27, 2016

      It's been a couple of weeks, how are things progressing Andy?

    30. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on June 14, 2016

      There is. Perhaps it's time to exchange our telescopes for binoculars...

    31. judgedoug on June 14, 2016

      Awesome, so there's actually an end in sight :)

    32. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on June 14, 2016

      There are still a few left to sculpt. I am discussing them with Sandra Garrity, but I'm sure we'll have them by the time the ones we currently have are finished casting.

    33. judgedoug on June 14, 2016

      That sounds pretty great then... so are there any figures that have yet to be sculpted?

    34. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on June 14, 2016

      He has those and is supposed to be working on molds. I will see him at Origins this week so we can discuss the delays in person. Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate him.

    35. judgedoug on June 14, 2016

      sounds great! But what about the Cremefillian riding the mutant land fish we saw a year or so ago? and the Tiznt?
      Any news on sculpts for the Cornthulhu, horde of scary ass muthas & many hot dammits? Cremefillian War Party? thanks!

    36. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on June 14, 2016

      They did, but most of them are things we've already seen, just farther along in the process. I will update again today with the pics he sent.

    37. Beagle on June 13, 2016

      I presume the pics didn't arrive?

    38. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on May 31, 2016

      Hi Guys,

      We just spoke with Gin Fritter from Armorcast. He promised to send pictures tonight and I will post them in an update later tonight or tomorrow depending on when he gets them to me. He is saying the Plorp Balloon should be ready for Origins, which is in two weeks.

    39. Beagle on May 29, 2016

      Thanks Thom

    40. Thom Shartle on May 28, 2016

      Just Chatted with Andy - He said to tell you he will post an update on Tuesday!.

    41. Rob Short on May 26, 2016

      He's active on Facebook, you could try there

    42. Beagle on May 26, 2016

      No progress in months. Come on Andy what's going on?

    43. Beagle on May 4, 2016

      @Andy - any progress with Armorcast?

    44. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on April 8, 2016

      Actually, please stand by for an update that will list all the available products.

    45. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on April 8, 2016

      Hi Guys,

      I am very sorry, once again to continue bringing delays and bad news. I just discussed things with Steve from Armorcast and apparently we need to work out a new agreement in order to get these next miniatures completed. We will be having a meeting very soon to figure out how to proceed.

      In the meantime, I am very happy to offer original artwork and other Low Life products in exchange to anybody who is fed up with me and the constant delays (I don't blame you) and would like to accept those items instead. If this means you, please message me privately and we'll work something out. I have a lot of original Low Life art, that generally sells for $300-$500, and I would be happy to send some to anybody who would rather have that than wait for the rest of the minis. I also have a lot of other Low Life products I'd be happy to offer (the retail value of these other items would be significantly higher than what most of you paid for the minis in the first place, especially if you choose the original artwork).

      I know you must be exhausted from my constant delays and excuses. I assure you I am doing my best to get these made and they most certainly will be made eventually. The universe (or, more likely, my incompetence) keeps conspiring to create delays and you have my sincerest apologies.

      Again, please message me privately if you would like artwork or other products. I'd like to avoid comments here for a little bit just so this particular comment can remain at the top and visible to the most people. I will also post an update very soon. Thank you.

    46. Beagle on April 7, 2016

      I have a great deal of sympathy for Andy because he took some bad advice from a guy who couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery.
      Andy wanted to bring his awesome artwork to life in the form of miniatures and was let down by the people who should have made this possible.
      That being said I think it's time to face up to some hard truths.
      I've asked a number of times what's happening with some of the big models, especially Cornthulhu, Plorp in a Balloon and the Tenemental- which are going to be expensive to produce and ship.
      After so much time I think it's time for Andy to start looking at plan B's. If there's no money to offer refunds then maybe artwork, other Low Life goods or multiples of miniatures already created.
      At the current rate of progress we're looking at 5+ years to complete.

    47. Rob Short on April 7, 2016

      So, unless my maths is wrong, that's less than half of the 62 "croach with the moach" in three and a half years. I hate being the one to say this Andy, but section 4 of Kickstarter Terms of Use includes the following:

      " If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:

      they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;
      they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers;
      they’re able to demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;
      they’ve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and
      they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form."

      Can you please review this and let me know what your plans are to bring this project to a satisfactory conclusion.

    48. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on April 4, 2016

      Hello Friends! I am back and as requested (by Rob but I am sure everyone is interested in this info) here is the list of minis we have completed and ready to ship:

      Angry Ubgunsker
      Bylunculus the Vigilant
      The Guy with the Killin' Stick
      The Mysterious One-Eyed Croach
      Occifer Gleech
      Trozzgoxx the Lobe
      Unctious Pwoof
      Pandalope the Panderer
      Walloping Krong
      The Sockstrocity
      Greeshka (Female Snell)
      Gronkle (Male Snell)
      Ubb Gubertinct
      X'Rizz'Krubb (Short Funguy)
      Tall Funguy
      Tolzox'zz (The Flew)
      Zzznz'hunz (The Flew)
      Scarier Ass Mutha
      Umber Cuke (Nipper)
      Corpulant Sludge
      Sunny Hinquarters
      Q'onn on the Cob (Short Coblin)
      Tall Coblin
      Zub Trooxle

      Plus we have several minis getting molds created and I have emailed the company to get a timeline of when they will be ready to cast.

    49. Andy Hopp 13-time creator on April 4, 2016

      Sorry, guys. I was out of the country and missed those last couple of comments. I will compile the list and post it as quickly as I can.

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