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A hapless wizard meets bizarre monsters as he gathers ingredients for a mysterious potion in this exciting book for kids and adults. Read more

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A hapless wizard meets bizarre monsters as he gathers ingredients for a mysterious potion in this exciting book for kids and adults.

About this project

     In the midst of the mess, on a throne worn and crummy
     His Majesty writhed and clutched at his tummy.
     Sweat dripped from his forehead and dampened his pits.
     His cheeks were all ruddy and peppered with zits.
     A pitiful whimper crawled up from his gizzard.
     He coughed as he muttered, "Get over here, wizard..."

This fast-paced and lavishly illustrated book by celebrated scribbler Andy Hopp follows the adventures and misadventures of a hapless court wizard and his minions as they gather components for a mystical stew. It seems the king ate a bunch of disgusting crud he shouldn't have and it's up to the wizard to fix him. Along the way they encounter a panoply of weird and unusual monsters, from whom they must nab their ingredients. It's good, clean, wholesome fun.

Well, fun anyway.

Hi there. Nice to meet you. I'm Andy Hopp, an award-winning illustrator and writer who has been working mostly in the game industry for over a decade. I'm the creator of the popular Low Life RPG, the Dementalism card game, and the illustrator of dozens of other products. My publishing company, Mutha Oith Creations, is delving into the children's book neck of the woods and Alphabeast Soup is my first solo foray into such depths (although I've illustrated several children's books, such as Cliffourd the Big Red God and Where the Deep Ones Are).

As the dad of two amazing little girls, I have a deep respect and a huge soft spot in my heart for children's literature. I enjoy helping kids and adults expand their imaginations and follow their dreams. To that end, I offer Alphabeast Soup as a book for everyone. It's colorful and whimsical enough for tiny little chillunz, but engaging and detailed enough to entertain and engage even the most curmudgeony adult.

I did a print on-demand version of Alphabeast Soup a couple of years ago. It sold rather well (I sold out) and was very well received by everyone I showed it to, but I was never very happy with the quality of that book. The goal here is to make a very high quality, hardbound book. Producing such a thing can be a bit pricey, so being a person of limited means, I decided to call upon the wonderful community reachable through Kickstarter and implore you to help me fund Alphabeast Soup. Pretty please. I'll be your best friend.

In appreciation of you wonderful backers, I promise to hand sign and personalize each and every book before I send it to you. That's a big deal, apparently.

Library Support Program
Additionally, to promote children's literacy and spread the lunacy around the country, for every two books given out through this kickstarter I will donate a copy of Alphabeast Soup to a school or library! I'm Andy Hopp and I approve this message.

The initial goal of $5000 is enough to cover the cost of printing a good quality, hardbound, book. The kind you can take home to mother, or whoever you take things home to. It'll be awesome and I'd be very proud to have you own a copy or three. There are, however, some snazzy embellishments I'd love to add and a few extra goodies I'd like to offer you for being so generous.

Stretch Goal #1 ($7000): Cushion Cover. If we reach $7000 I'll add a soft cushion to the front cover. This will give it a touch of class and make it hurt less when your kids clobber each other with it.

Stretch Goal #2 ($8000): Spot Gloss. This is enough for a snazzy splot gloss on parts of the cover. It's a subtle difference, but it's a noticeable change that adds a bit of what the French call "I don't know what." Very classy.

Stretch Goal #3 ($10,000): Flounce Statuette. If we reach this level I will hire a professional sculptor to create and cast a limited edition 4" sculpture of the flounce perched atop a tree branch. It'll be super cute and available to any backer for an extra $50 (just add $50 to your pledge and select the same reward you had before).

Stretch Goal #4 ($15,000): Plush Flounce. This time the flounce will be a stuffed animal. This will be a high quality, limited edition, plushie that looks like the flounce. It'll be free to any backer who pledges $100 or more or available as an add-on for $30.

Stretch Goal #5 ($20,000): The Sequel. If we get here I'll have enough to produce Alphabeast Soup and its forthcoming sequel, Alphabeast Soup Bites Back. That book will be offered as a $30 add-on to all backers. Estimated delivery June 2014.

The flounce, for the edification of the inquisitive, is that cute little guy with the big eyes and the long toenails in the picture up there. Here's what the book says about it:

     In a flowery jungle, way up in the twigs
     a beast called the flounce dines on nuts, bugs, and twigs.
     The thing about flounces that makes people wary
     is they're awfully cute but their toenails are scary.
     They're long, curved, and wicked with venomous drippings
     so Bonzo wore gloves while collecting the clippings.

Perhaps the listings over there on the right are confusing? No? Anyway, I'll reprint them here with a bit more explanation.

Pledge       Reward

$1+             Nurdle: The people's ovation and fame forever.

$10+           Runcid: A downloadble PDF version of  Alphabeast Soup.

$20+            Igg: The PDF and a set of 10 4"x6" Alphabeast Soup art cards.

$35+            Flounce: The PDF and the hard copy Alphabeast Soup book.

$45+            Gump-wump: The PDF, the actual book, and the art cards.

$50+            Grunkle: The PDF and two copies of the book.

$100+           Yopp: You nab six copies of the book and the PDF.

$145+           Proto-HOOPH: You get everything the Hooph gets, you just save five dollars for being first.

$150+           HOOPH: You get the PDF, the book, the art cards, the statuette, the plush flounce, and the sequel! BEST VALUE!!!

$300+           Agonkus: The hard copy book, the PDF, and the original drawing of your choice (message me for availability) from Alphabeast Soup.

$450+           Quoop: For you I present the PDF, the book, and I will work with you to create a new Alphabeast Soup style monster. It will be featured in the sequel and you get to keep the drawing.

$500+           Joffle: It's exactly like the Quoop, but the Quoop gets to save $50 for being first.

$800+           The King: You get the book, the PDF, the art cards, and the original 16x20 drawing of the King slouching in his chair.

$10,000+       Mysterious Benefactor: This is an amazing deal. You get the book, the PDF, and the art cards. Not only that, I will work with you to create a children's book or art book of your design. I'll illustrate it. You and/or I will write it (up to you) and I'll publish it. You get the first 30 copies, signed and personalized, and you can buy as many more copies as you want at cost.

These things can be added to any pledge, assuming the requisite funding level is reached. To do so, simply add the listed amount to your pledge, select whatever reward you want, and send me a message letting me know what the extra money is for.

Art Cards (+$20): This set of 10 fancy-schmancy cards measure 4"x6" and features 10 creatures from Alphabeast Soup. Suitable for framing. No prerequisite.

Additional Books (+$20): You may add as many additional Alphabeast Soup books to your selected reward as you wish. They probably make good presents or something.

Flounce Statuette (+$50): A 4" tall resin stature of a flounce sitting on a tree branch waiting to get his toenails snipped. Limited to 500. Each statue comes with a signed and numbered print of the flounce. Prerequisite: $10,000 reached.

Flounce Plushie (+$30): This life-sized plush flounce is cuddly and adorable. Limited to 1000. Prerequisite: $15,000 reached.

The Sequel (+$30): Alphabeast Soup Bites Back, the sequel to Alphabeast Soup. Prerequisite: $20,000 reached.

Risks and challenges

Since the bulk of the writing and artwork is already completed my next challenge is to secure a sculptor and caster for the flounce statuettes and to find a manufacturer for the flounce plushies. I have several leads and contacts in both directions, so I don't anticipate any problems.

Once the project is funded the next challenge is to have the books readied for print and then printed. I have worked with printers in the past and have found one I am happy with.

My main obstacle beyond fulfilling the orders of the backers is to find a distribution network or larger publisher who can get my books into stores. Most of my distribution contacts have experience in the gaming industry but few have any experience in the competitive children's book market. I am actively seeking an agent, publisher, or distributor willing to help in this regard. I welcome any insight or advice.

After that, who knows? Alphabeast Soup the Motion Picture?

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  • Shipping to anywhere outside the United States is $10 regardless of your rewards. There is no extra charge for extra books or snazzy stuff.

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  • Any books ordered through the kickstarter will be signed and personalized free of charge.

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    NURDLE: This level is for people who either just want to make it look like they're backing a bunch of projects so their own project will do better and also people who just want to help but don't want to dish out the smackeroos for a larger pledge. It's all good.

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    $10 reward

    13 backers

    RUNCID: Folks backing at this level will nab themselves a downloadable PDF version of Alphabeast Soup.

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    $20 reward

    0 backers

    IGG: For a pledge of this amount you'll not only get the PDF version of Alphabeast Soup, you'll also get a set of 10 full-color postcards featuring images from the book. You can also add $10 to any other pledge and get yourself the postcards. Domestic shipping is included.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $35 reward

    23 backers

    FLOUNCE: Here's where it gets good! Not only do you get the downloadable PDF version, you also get an authentic HARD COVER ALPHABEAST SOUP BOOK! Includes domestic shipping.

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    $45 reward

    12 backers

    GUMP-WUMP: Nab yourself a copy of the hardbound book, a PDF, and the set of 10 art cards.

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    $50 reward

    9 backers

    GRUNKLE: As a grunkle you get TWO copies of the hardbound book, one for you and one for that special someone. You also nab the PDF. Includes domestic shipping.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $100 reward

    2 backers

    YOPP: This level is for retailers and people who want to spread the Alphabeastical love. You get SIX copies of the hardbound book, as well as the PDF download. Includes domestic shipping.

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    $145 reward

    1 backer All gone!

    PROTO-HOOPH: You get the exact same thing a HOOPH gets, you just save five bucks for being first.

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    $150 reward

    4 backers

    HOOPH (Best Value): This nabs you the PDF, the Alphabeast Soup book, the art cards, the flounce statuette, the plush flounce, and Alphabeast Soup Bites Back (the sequel). If we do not reach the funding levels needed for these extras you will get a free original drawing from my archives instead (a $300-$500 value).

    Estimated delivery:
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    $300 reward

    1 backer Limited (29 left of 30)

    ABYSSAL AGONKUS: In addition to the PDF and printed book, you nab one of the actual original full-color drawings from Alphabeast Soup (your choice, first come-first served). These drawings are approximately 11"x14", prismacolor colored pencil on archival bristol. Includes domestic shipping.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $450 reward

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    QUOOP: This backer gets the exact some thing the Joffles get, she just gets to save $50 because she signed up first. Way to show some initiative, sport!

    Estimated delivery:
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    $500 reward

    0 backers

    JOFFLE: You'll get the PDF, the physical book, AND I will work with you to create an original Alphabeast Soup style monster, which I will draw for you. You get to keep the original drawing and your monster will be included in Alphabeast Soup Bites Back, the planned sequel to Alphabeast Soup. Includes domestic shipping.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $800 reward

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    THE KING: In addition to the PDF and physical book, whoever chooses this reward gets the original drawing of the king wallowing in his throne. This drawing is roughly 16"x24", prismacolor colored pencil on archival bristol. Includes domestic shipping.

    Estimated delivery:
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    $10,000 reward

    0 backers

    MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR: This is the entire package. In addition to everything a Gump-Wump gets and any extras we attain, I will work with you to produce a children's book or art book to your specifications (up to 32 pages). You'll get the first 30 copies, signed and personalized. I'll illustrate it and if you want me to I'll write it too. Otherwise you can write it or we'll collaborate or whatever you want. I'll publish it under Mutha Oith Creations ( and we'll share credit on the title page. This might sound expensive, but it's a super good deal.

    Estimated delivery:

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