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$17,892 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Howard Phillips
$17,892 pledged of $50,000 goal


A number of folks have suggested that the Kickstarter doesn't speak to them directly. So, I'm crafting multiple overviews. This one is for you.

Know-It-All is designed to be a fast-pace simple-but-challenging action puzzle game like Tetris or Dr. Mario. We have a number of additional gameplay twists on top of what's shown in the videos of prototype play that are in alpha stage and we need to iterate more on before we consider them worth showing.

In addition to being a fun action puzzle game, Know-It-All is a so-called "smart game" that lets you learn stuff while not even thinking about it. This last statement immediately fires off the BS warning system with a lot of people as it deservingly should. There has been a lot of DREK put out that purports to do the same. On this point and in advance of actually playing the game yourself, you will simply have to trust me (or not) with that statement. I've always been straight with gamers and no project is worth sacrificing that integrity over. Seriously.

To give you a bit more on the learning bit without dropping into the hard science filled with jargon that will turn you away, is that Know-It-All gets you to exercise the trivia or facts or vocabulary at such a low level game mechanic that you don't pay attention to it as you focus on higher-order game objectives. The end result of play is that you exercise the matches to such an extent that they become automatic. Chris Kohler in his Wired write-up speaks to this with his naranja example.

REWARD REVISIONS - when you Retro-Gamers speak, I listen...

In response to feedback that you all want MORE for LESS (Ack!) and given that our focus is and remains on making the game, not printing t-shirts, etc, we're making the following official modifications to the Rewards;

$50 now also gets you high-rez PDFs of all six of the Game Of My Life comic series. I hope you find these comics and the retro-style of the talented artist Matthew Taranto valuable at a minimum for the great memories they help bring back.

$75 now also gets you a new physical reward item - the 6-in-1 Poster of the comics.

$100 now also gets your name in the Friends and Family credits in addition to the 6-in-1 Poster because at $100, you are stepping up in a way that I appreciate deeply.

$150 now also gets you all six comics in high-rez print form.

$250 now also gets you individually signed (by Matthew and me) limited edition copies of the comics PLUS the rare and collectable limited edition Grey Cart.

$500 now gets you all that plus a Launch Party Ticket.

$1,000 now gets your name in the Special Thx credits plus the comics, Grey Cart, and the very limited Gold Cart. In addition, I'm throwing in a 2nd Launch Party Ticket as well.

The above are retroactive so anyone currently backing at those levels will receive the additional rewards. You can also up your backing and reward level if the above entice you to double your support (!?) for Know-It-All.

Thx to each of you not just for your support, but for you role and contributions to our retro-gamer roots.


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