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Shoot, ram, and wreck your way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland in a battle for resources and tactical domination
Shoot, ram, and wreck your way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland in a battle for resources and tactical domination
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Posted by Mark at DreamBigGames (Creator)
Don't ever let it go Jack
Don't ever let it go Jack

Yup you guessed it...

Wreck and Ruin is on a boat, the CMA CGM ANTOINE DE ST EXUPERY! Hopefully not sharing the same fate as these unlucky peeps, and with everything going to schedule it should arrive in Southampton on 15th February - cool, right? It's now up to Poseidon and Taxacles(God of imports), all going well they should arrive at Wasteland HQ around a week later so I can begin shipping out. Want to track the boat? Just use this link but I warn you, it gets crazy addictive and it doesn't move very fast - but then it is coming from the other side of the world...


Pledge manager is closing!

I will be locking down the pledge manager on 14th February so be sure to have it all correct and completed by then, failure to do so will mean your game won't ship out the same time as everyone else - time to get on it!

So what's the plan?

The games will come to me then I will begin shipping them out. All are being shipped out from Scotland so the UK ones will arrive first and then all the other countries - I plan on posting them all out at the same time though. My retail backers especially I need to look after as it's important to treat all backers with respect for helping to fund a dream, but especially companies because they are investing in me as much as the game. I won't be selling my game until the games are received by most, if not all, my backers.

Painted pledgers

As soon as the games come in I will be high-tailing it round to Michael Mordor's painting grotto with a load of games for him to work his magic. I know some of you want some input into the painting style so I'll speak to Michael about what he thinks is the best way to do that. It does mean though that your games will come a bit later than everyone else's.

Infamous pledgers

I promised you a poster with your artwork on it, I'll start to arrange that now. I haven't quite decided how to ship that yet, whether it will be in the same box as the game or seperate, but I'll keep you up to date.

Wreck and Ruin will be tearing up Airecon!

I will be attending Airecon again this year, and I can be found in the demo area tearing up the wasteland - if you're going be sure to say hi! I would like to sell the game while I'm there but I would rather see how delivery goes first - I wouldn't like to see a game I backed on sale before I had my copy: I don't want to be that guy.

Anything else?

You mean that's not enough excitement for you? I'm going to update the facebook page soon with events for the conventions I'm attending, and I may even run a little demo tour for any stores that are interested. Think your FLGS may be interested in having me and my game over for a cup of tea? Ask them to get in touch and we'll work something out - UK only for now though I'm afraid, as much as I'd love to go globetrotting! 2019 is the year of the wasteland so be sure to like, share, and spread the word, and love :)

That's all the news from me for now, next update - there's a truck outside my house!

Stay safe in the Wasteland


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    1. Mark at DreamBigGames 3-time creator

      Nice one David, hope things keep going up for you! :D

    2. David Autzen on

      This week is just getting better all the time! My wife's health is omproving, I got a promotion, and now the games are on the boat! #kermitflail