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Shoot, ram, and wreck your way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland in a battle for resources and tactical domination
Shoot, ram, and wreck your way through the post-apocalyptic wasteland in a battle for resources and tactical domination
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Good news everyone!

Posted by Mark at DreamBigGames (Creator)

Hello warriors, how was your festive break? Good I hope! I know you would have preferred this game under your tree, but the good news is we shouldn't have too much longer to wait - manufacturing is completed! The factory is talking to the freight company just now so I'm not quite sure yet when exactly they'll be on the boat, but that's an excuse for another update, right?

The first mass production copy

I was sent a copy of the mass production run, and I'm pleased to say I'm very happy with the quality of everything. I almost didn't bother using an insert but I'm glad I stuck with it. The insert will hold all the cards and plastic components - flame pegs and dice are hidden under the faction cards. I also decided on giving it a clear lid to stop the pieces going everywhere when people stand it on its side - you know who you are! The punchboards will come below the insert for transit then once they're punched they can be stored on top - I've even supplied a baggy for the tokens when they're popped :)

Should I complete my pledgemanager order?

For those that don't know, pledgemanager is an external site which is used to gather backer info to make shipping easy - what you ordered, where you'd like it sent etc... Your pledge info is taken from Kickstarter and put in there, an invite is then sent out asking you to confirm it all. Currently 69% of backers have completed it, so even if nothing is changing can you please go in and finish it. I have requested emails be sent out again to those that are still outstanding, if nothing appears in the next few days please get in touch.

The pledge manager will be closing soon

I will keep the pledgemanager open until the games are almost with me, so I will provide a date closer to the time - I'm aiming for some time in February hopefully but will do an update to warn you :)

What if I don't see the email yet?

Check your spam folder. If you use Gmail, sometimes your invite will go to your "Promotions" tab.
If you still can't find it, search your inbox for "PledgeManager"

If that doesn't work:

  1. Click - 
  2. Click "Request New Invite" 
  3. Enter your email address (the one you pledged with)
  4.  Wait at least 10 minutes - then go to your email, open the invite, and click the giant button to confirm all your goodies

And if that doesn't work, check the FAQ page @ and submit a support request.

There's something wrong with my pledge!

That's not impossible. If you notice something is awry, you can submit a support request at or send us a message directly to and we'll look at it for you.

What if I need to change my address?

As long as your items have not been shipped, you can always change your address. Just simply log back in to PledgeManager and make the appropriate change. However, if you change your country, additional shipping costs may apply.

If I have a friend who missed the project, can they still join?

You can share this link to your friends and they can pre-order too:

Anything else?

It's pretty much just a waiting game for me now, but I'm always on here so feel free to comment on here or on the facebook page with any questions you have. I created a facebook group for players to ask questions, share paintjobs and stories of epic victories or narrow defeats - I hope to see you on there. The advantage to a group is that you can talk amongst yourselves as well, so let's get chatting! There have already been some comments on the facebook posts stirring up the old faction rivalries....

join here

Until the next update, be safe and let's hope it isn't too far away! :D


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    1. Mark at DreamBigGames 3-time creator

      Definitely @orangedroogie42, I was always aiming for it but nice when a plan comes together! :)

    2. OrangeDroogie42 on

      So excited! Looks on track for a possible early fulfillment perhaps too? Wink Wink eeah?!

    3. OrangeDroogie42 on

      “All will tremble at the sight of ME! LURRR! Ruler of the Wreak & Ruin Wastes! We shall dine on Desertkin Horn tonight my fellow Wastetonians!!!” 🤘☠️

    4. David Autzen on

      I am going to dream of the wasteland tonight!

    5. Missing avatar

      Christoph Salewsky on

      Hey, I am also happy to see the game is nearly ready for delivery. The components look great and the case with the lid is perfect. We'll done... I am really amazed

    6. Mark at DreamBigGames 3-time creator

      I do have plans Patrick - solo, campaign, alternative scenarios as well as more tiles, more cards, more factions and new vehicles! They're a while away from being close to ready, but I'll be sure to share ideas with my community to test them out :)

    7. Ray Wingrove on

      Well done Mark - looks great and I'm glad you stuck with it and pushed on.

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Looks like some good quality components! I'm very happy you kept the insert and its lid (yes I confess, I'm one who usually puts game boxes on their side rather than stacking them :P ). Looking forward to having a go at the game!

      Have you already planned any expansions? :-)