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Desperate plea for cash!

Oh hey there friends!  Thanks for stopping by my “awkwardly desperate plea for donations towards a project that will most likely create zero profit”, or ADPfDTaPTWMLCZP for short.  

In a concerted effort to delay becoming an adult with a real job, I am attempting to kickstart (see what I did there?) my career by producing and directing some short films that I have written.

The first short I want to direct is called "Plan A".  It is a parody of the Plan B commercials that are on Lifetime from 2 to 6 in the morning.  If you would like to read the script contact me at

The idea was first developed by a young actress named Beth Lepley, who, in turn, asked me to write a script.  We are now in the stage of planning called preproduction in which we choose locations, hire crew, and plan a shooting schedule.

While most of the cast and crew, myself excluded, will be working for free; I am hoping to raise some funds to pay for locations (hookers) and equipment (drugs).

Now you may be asking yourself, “(insert your name here), I am a high powered (insert occupation).  Why should I, (insert name again,) give Mikey Mann my hard earned money just to enable his naïve, pie in sky, dreams of someday possibly being a neurotic, out of work and suicidal screenwriter?”  Which is, in all honesty, a valid, but pretty harsh question.  Take it easy man, I am just trying here.  

Here is the trajectory for the project.

Step 1 - Raise money

Step 2 - Film the short

Step 3 - Put short online

Step 4 - Various Hollywood wheelings and dealings

Step 5 - Win Oscar

In all seriousness, starting a career in film is something about which I am extremely passionate.  Over the last few years, the internet has become an amazing medium for aspiring writers and directors to gain notice from the industry.  People in all aspects of television and film production have started from a simple youtube clip or twitter feed, and I feel with my past experience and the talented people I have around me, I can create work that will get my name out there.  

In conclusion, I think the homeless guy on my corner put it best, “Just give me some money please.  Come on man.”




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    Literally any credit you want will roll when the film ends. You can be the director, producer, or writer. I promise to vouch for your hard work with 3 text messages and 1 phone call to the hot girl in your office you are trying to sleep with.

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    A photograph of Michael Mann, the acclaimed writer/director of Heat, Last of the Mohicians, and Collateral signed by me.

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    A private showing of my new one man show “The Mann behind the Mike” for you and a dozen friends

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