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Once upon a time, two Parsons girls told stories in the language of luxury fashion. They were called EVIGHEDEN...

EVIGHEDEN (which means "eternity" in Danish) is Marianna Barksdale & Abigail Stewart. We are a luxury fashion studio, launched in 2010. We design high-end garments, drawing on stories to inspire each collection.

All our pieces, from tiny accessories to the formal collections, are one-of-a-kind. We make textiles from scratch, work with local artists, and buy from farms to get materials like wool, yarn, and metal, so we can genuinely say we're making something New. We want our clients to feel transported, as if on a flying glitter unicorn of happy, when they wear our garments.

We've already made and shown our first collection ("A Thousand Pieces", Winter/2010) to a warm fashion industry welcome. It takes some real cajones, we know, to make Things Of Beauty in this recession, and the risk is worth all we put into it. We've come to you for support to make our next year's worth of work.

With the funds raised here, we'll be able to finish our sophomore collection, called "Operaland" (thanks to Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears for this inspiration - we bow to you). This season involves complicated construction, handwoven material, soldered metal frameworks, and yeah, some pieces normal people can wear too. We're Kickstarting to finish this work, and produce all the promotional materials that accompany such a collection.

The next step, this autumn, is to show that work to exclusive retailers and editorial. In 2011 we intend to participate in the designer-end trade show scene with our first two collections, and elbow our way onto a famous body by 2012, the year the world's going to we know it.

After that comes Fall/Winter 2011, special projects, limited editions, shoes, a toy factory, Terry Gilliam costumes, a unicorn farm -


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    A set of hair barrettes, all one-of-a-kind, made by us.

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    3 backers

    A handmade toy mouse, in our current season's fabrics.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    A vinyl wrist cuff or bracelet, all one-of-a-kind, made by us.

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    A signed art print, options on display at under "Limited Editions, Fabric & Illustration" > "Mood & Illustration".

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    A signed lookbook from our Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Our first storybook, really. Check out the imagery on our site under "A Thousand Pieces" > "Lookbook".

  • Pledge $400 or more
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    A custom garment made by re-working something you already own and want repurposed, like a jacket, dress, or sweatshirt.

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    A from-scratch custom garment - designed by consultation.

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