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Follow the actions of two brothers and their friend as they attempt to dismantle a criminal organization known as The Syndicate. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 15, 2013.

Follow the actions of two brothers and their friend as they attempt to dismantle a criminal organization known as The Syndicate.

Ryan S. Fix
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Ryan S. Fix

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About this project

The series follows the actions of Alex & Zach Berezine (Katie Dehnart) along with their life long friend Trina Niles (Debi Derryberry) as they enact various plans to bring down a multinational organization known as the Syndicate. The trio will take on various challenges while dealing with the Syndicate such as stopping a train full of toxic chemicals from reaching Boston, infiltrating the inaugural ball and even downloading themselves into cyberspace to prevent a virus from crippling the US's defense system. In their travels they are pursued relentlesly by a local sheriff (Nancy Daly), face the Syndicate's leader (Gary Anthony Williams) and even recieve help from the President (Marisa Tomei). As the Syndicate is crippled by the Berezines, secrets are exposed and the truth comes out, all leading to a huge revelation 1,148 feet above the Las Vegas Strip!

We've got an amazing cast for the series, the problem lies with the final bit of money needed to pay for the final bits of production. I have already had this series reviewed by someone at Cartoon Network and they loved it, but in order to move forward I need the funds to do so, in order to pay my amazing production team.

Risks and challenges

As with all animation series, there is a chance that production could be delayed due to scheduling, this is especially true for the recording dates since many of my cast members are involved in other major cartoon series. In the event that there is a delay that affects any of my backers, I will let you know as soon as I'm aware of the problem. As I know how annoying it is to plan extensively and end up having to change things at the last minute.

For anything shipped by mail, as you're aware shipping is sometimes sluggish, but if you have not received your item from me within the normal 5-7 business days, contact me. If there will be a delay in shipping out the item due to absence, etc. I will let you know.

Items received by email are quick to send and should arrive on the same day, if not the same hour. Images sent via email will be in PDF format, if you can't open the file because you don't have the reader that file requires, notify me and it will be sent in a JPEG format which is universal and visible on all computers. If not informed to switch formats, the images or documents will be sent in PDF.

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    Receive a copy of one of the character concept art pieces.

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    Photograph of the cast just before the pilot recording. Includes voice over stars Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron) and Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks).

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    Your advertisement will be listed in the credits of "The Making of", a short video about the story of how I put this series together and made a dream a reality.

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    Receive a copy of the original pilot episode we recorded at the legendary Marc Graue Studio!

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    Sit in on a recording of an episode when recording production begins.

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