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Underwear inspired by the danish military. 
Solving every problem you could have experienced with your "normal" boxers.
Underwear inspired by the danish military. 
Solving every problem you could have experienced with your "normal" boxers.
Underwear inspired by the danish military. Solving every problem you could have experienced with your "normal" boxers.
802 backers pledged DKK 360,609 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Antron

      Hi Chris,

      Didn’t received your reply via email. Can I just enquire what is the exact measurements of the current sizes VS previous sizes in terms of inches you had cut off?

      1 inches lesser for the current boxers to previous for all sizes?

      Thank you.

    2. Christoffer Bak 2-time creator on

      Dear @peter verkoulen i am sorry to hear that you dont like the boxers as much anymore! We have tried to make the boxers a bit smaller since the first batch we recieved was a bit too big for most people, which color have you bought? please get in touch with me on email at so we can see what we can do :-)

      Best regards

    3. Missing avatar

      peter V on

      Bought some extra pairs from the website.
      Size large is now about an inch smaller.
      The elastic band is now about half as thick so it keeps rolling over.
      Very disappointing development for what was once a nice pair boxers.

    4. Gizmo on

      Any changes in the design yet for a keyhole front opening or similar?, if so I’d be in.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thijs on

      Using these for couple months now and really like them!

    6. Patrick S Lever

      Hey Christoffer
      Been wearing the shorts and got say there very comfy
      So thanks again

      Patrick S Lever

    7. Brandon Kirkham

      Great product! I really love the quality. Thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael MATHIEU on

      I went on a trekking for a month in Asia and took only two boxers. They stay fresh, fit and odourless for days ! My waist is 84 so the boxer M is a little bit large but doesn't fall. Super product, congratulations and big THANK YOU +++

    9. Balazs Popal on

      I am very satisfied. Thanks guys.
      The boxers are so soft and breathable. They suit me perfect for everyday use as well as exercising.
      I will definitely be buying more in the future.

    10. Missing avatar

      Torben kristensen on

      Nothing less than the best underwear I have ever tried. Super soft and stays fresh and in place throughout the whole day.

    11. Stephane

      Got my 6 pairs a while ago now and love them. Should have ordered more. Is there a way we'll be able to?


    12. Arron on

      Should I wash cold?

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Ellis on

      I received my order of 12 a few weeks ago and have since pushed all my other underwear to the back of the drawer, including my expensive under-armour boxer briefs. The mili-tech fabric is soft and breathable. I am equally comfortable exercising or just sitting at my desk at work. I can't say enough good things about this product. I have also washed them several times and no shrinking or fading. I did accidently turn some of the white pairs light blue, but that was my fault and they actually look pretty good in a grey blue. I don't think it would matter what I did to this underwear, it is basically bulletproof.

    14. Edgar 'Eddie' Flores

      Got mine and I can't say how much I love them enough! If I had the chance to do it over I would have bought 10 pairs! No lie! They are breathable, flexible and very comfortable. I just wish that they had an easy access hatch in the front lol. Also, for version 2.0, can you make them tagless? The only real complaint is that the tag bothers me at times after a long day.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rahmat Yudi Wibowo on

      Mine has arrived and I love it,
      Thank you @creator cheers thumbs up,
      Definitely going to buy more

    16. Missing avatar

      Christoffer Olesen on

      First of all the boxers are great! Just like stated in the video, they don't ride up and it's perfect! It kinda feels like you are not wearing them. They are way more comfortable than cotton boxers. Definitely the best boxers I've ever had!

    17. Gustav Soelberg on

      Best boxers ever. They feel so good and the quality is in top.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kristian Johannesen on

      Like the feel and the material of the product. However, as others have indicated they are quite large in the size, i should probably have ordered M and not L

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicklas Toldam on

      The boxers feels just amazing. In some way you feel so free, your not going to notice your acutally are wearing them. The material er very strong, and the dryfit makes them super suitable for making sports. All my other brands are thrown out, because cotton just dont make the standard anymore.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason Tan on

      Materials and quality is as good as what was told. However the size dont really fits me as i got an S, should have gotten XS.

      But i'll still recommend this boxer to be purchased as it's comfortable and breathable ��

    21. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Zubair Pasha

      Amazing Milli-Tech Boxers. Perfect blend of performance and comfort, ordering some more of these for my brother. Cheers to Christoffer.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sthapaun Patinthu on

      I really love the boxer. Its what I've expected from the campaign. I'll buy it again for sure.

    23. Kasper Højsgaard on

      The Boxers are much better then expected! Fit so perfect :)

    24. Missing avatar


      Absolutely love the boxers! This are really comfortable & breathable so there is no discomfort wearing them for the entire day. I do actually forget that I am wearing them, which is a good thing. Have tried using them for sports(self defense classes) & I would have to say they work pretty well. There is abit of riding up but it is hardly noticeable when compared to other boxers where it gets downright uncomfortable when wearing jeans/shorts that are tight fitting.

    25. Antron

      A great and amazing best feeling boxers you can ever get! Never regret having them on.. it's gonna be my forever boxers from now on until other can convince me it's better than this! Thanks Chris!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jorge Daher on

      Great Boxers!!! Really liked!!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Per Aachmann on

      Super boxers. Thanks.
      The Best i ewer have.

    28. Missing avatar

      Laurits Christian Sandahl Mikkelsen on

      I work as an EMT, which means getting in and out of a car seat, several times during a shift. It also involves a lot of physical activity and sweating, from time to time. This made the cotton underwear, that i used to wear, stretch it's fibers, run up and make me feel uncomfortable in situations where i needed to focus.
      After i started using Mili-Tech Boxers from SNT this is no longer a problem for me. I can go an entire shift without needing to adjust my underwear and they keep me completely dry and odor free.
      Both my partner and i have thrown out our old boxers and now only uses these.

    29. Gizmo on

      Just a further comment on whether to Fly or not to Fly, personally I am not a fan of the button up Fly but I have some very nice ones with a discreet keyhole type Fly(if that's the correct term for them?) & this is my own personal preference.
      Really enjoying the comfort of these shorts especially as the barely ever ride up.

    30. Simon (Chojey) on

      I have gone away on holiday to Queenstown in NZ wearing these and have just returned. Like most of the others have said, I have no problems with the fabric - it really is comfortable and I think the breathability is fine. Riding up also isn't an issue - it did a couple of times but nowhere to the same degree as some of the other boxers I have tried. Sport-wise I think they are fine though I didn't do any intense sporting activity - really just some running, and a lot of walking. Lack of fly isn't an issue for me but this would be subjective to each person and also depends on the pants being worn (right now with these boxers, the waistband sits comfortably just near the top of my pant's fly so when I open up the fly on the pants it isn't an issue for me to draw back the waistband to urinate). I will definitely be ordering more, and will wait for the improvements to come first - feel free to keep me posted (not sure if there is an emailing list or something?)

    31. Lewis Howles on

      Just wanted to say these are great. I wore all of my pairs in a row. Not once did they ride up at all, even with a lot of standing, sitting, driving, and adjusting my trousers.

      I love them, and they're really comfortable.

      The lack of fly isn't even a consideration for me. I'm not sure why some people would have to unbutton absolutely everything to get in there - I know I certainly don't, whatever I'm wearing.

    32. Gizmo on

      Thanks for listening to your backers about a Fly option in the future, Please give me a heads up when these will be available as I will definitely be buying a dozen of them.
      But for now I'm more than Happy with this version.
      So comfortable.
      Thank You!.

    33. Johan Ahlberg on

      How is shipping to Sweden coming along?

    34. Christoffer Bak 2-time creator on

      @alex you are not forgotten, please check your private message I have already wrote you last week about the situation. Your boxers will be shipped by the end of the week.

    35. Missing avatar

      alex kang

      Will I be getting shipping updates once it's coming to me? Still haven't received mine

    36. Missing avatar

      Dan Trandafir on

      Received mine some days ago. Thank you. They are soft and comfortable.
      Best regards.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jaskaran Bahia on

      Received mine last week - so far I'm very pleased with them - they're very soft.

    38. Christoffer Bak 2-time creator on

      It is no problem to put them in the dryer.

      I have to disagree with you that they are not good for sports. The material is a lot like thin running thights which should make them very good for sports. Never or less in the next production we are adding are function that will make the boxers more breathable.

      Best regards

    39. Missing avatar

      peter V on

      Got mine last week. They are indeed very soft and have a long lasting feel.
      They would be perfect if they had any breathability which they don't. After a 10 miles walk I was soaking wet so no good for sports.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sean Lim on

      Thanks for the reply Christoffer! So I'm assuming using the dryer on these isn't a good idea?

    41. Missing avatar

      Anthony Barnes

      @Christoffer Bak

      You are correct that there never was a mention of a fly being included on the Mili-tech boxers. I believe most of the people complaining are from the United States of America because here most underwear and boxers have it included. Please let me know when the Mili-tech version with a fly are available to order. As for the comfort and breathability I am happy with them they stay nice and cool. I look forward to hearing from you.

    42. Christoffer Bak 2-time creator on

      We are thrilled to see all the positive feedback on our Mili-tech boxers. Furthermore we listened to all the feedback we got. In the future we will release a Mili-tech version with a fly + we are working on additional feature that will make the boxers more breathable.

      We have never advertised that there would be any fly on the boxers. If you look through the campaign we have been thorough on all features on the Mili-tech boxers.
      I want to make sure you all know how much we appreciate all the feedback we get, in order to create the best product possible, we listen to everything and evaluate it so we can create the product that YOU want.

      If any backers experience any issues that need to be resolved feel free to send us a private message, or send an email to

      Best regards

    43. Missing avatar

      Anthony Barnes

      I have to agree with the others the lack of a fly in the front makes it difficult to wear these when dressing up for work do to have to unbuckle your belt and unbutton your slacks so your can pull them down to pee. A fly would have made them more business friendly. Unzip fly use fly in underwear or boxers and urinate without having to unbuckle your belt or unbutton your pants. Other then that they are really nice but I will not be adding more to my collection till they come with a fly.

    44. Missing avatar

      Patrick J Soule on

      As a backer, I was surprised when I discovered that the underwear had no fly opening in the front of them.
      My go to underwear has been and is UnderArmor Boxer Briefs with the 9" leggings and they have a fly in front. My back up underwear is from Duluth Trading Company and they have a fly in the front. Both types are similar to your product. Your underwear feels similar to them, but without the fly in front, they are an inconvenience.
      I would like to trade you for the same number of pairs with a fly in the front or return them for a refund please.

    45. Simon (Chojey) on

      Also received the correct sized pairs now (thanks for getting the issue resolved) - taken the pair for a trial and can confirm they feel very comfortable. Glad I've backed the project :)

    46. Christoffer Bak 2-time creator on

      When washing the boxers just don't wash them at more than 60 degrees.
      Then they will keep will fresh and will not shrink significantly.
      Further if you have not been doing hard exercise you can easily use the boxers for 2 days in a row.

      Best regards


    47. Missing avatar

      Sean Lim on

      just received mine! they seem great so far. just have 1 question, is there a specific way i have to wash these boxers to prevent like shrinking or anything?

    48. Gregory Lo

      Received mine. I like the fabric. I like the price. The tag at front was very prominent, but easily removable. A bit annoyed at the lack of a functional fly (I've gotten used to it in my usual base layers). I've noticed that the legs most definitely do ride up... noticed this right away when squatting to put on shoes, etc., and after sitting and getting up from chairs.

    49. Missing avatar

      Adrian Hales on

      Appeared yesterday afternoon (delivered by DPD in the UK if anyone wonders). Totally unique product, never worn anything so comfortable and smooth to the touch. When they go on sale to the general public I will be pointing all my friends in that direction. Good bye to Calvin Klein...

    50. Missing avatar

      Christopher Trapp

      Received :) Fantastic product. Thank you.

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