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one girl + two quilted tents + one subaru wagon + rad kickstarter backers = EPIC CROSS-COUNTRY QUILT STORY ADVENTURE!!!
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on the road again...

Posted by eliza fernand (Creator)

After two weeks living in Minneapolis, I am on the road again.  To summarize my residency in the Twin Cities is difficult, but I will update you with a few highlights:

The bicycle greenways!  Minneapolis has the most impressive amount of green spaces and designated bike routes that I have ever seen.  And by green spaces, I mean lakes and rivers, and waterfalls, shrouded with foliage, right in the middle of the city.  It felt so good to get around the city on my bike, after weeks in the car.

The Textile Center!  It is an amazing facility, gallery, shop, and library.  I ran into an antique quilt show on the day I first visited, these quilts were from a private collection, on their way to museums.  Although this may frighten archivers and historians, I was delighted to get close to quilts and see them in full lights- the same quilts will be in museums that use dim lighting to preserve the fabrics and displays that keep you back from examining the tiny olden-day stitches.  I had the great honor of being a volunteer librarian for a day, entrusted with the "19,000+ circulating and reference items on quilting, knitting, weaving, needle arts, beading, spinning, fiber, dyeing, embellishments, surface design and more."

Attic 19!  David Pitman, co-founder of the Art Shanty Projects, hosted me through the Network of Domestic Spaces in his very own home.  A domestic residency makes the home into a space for the resident artist to work and exhibit.  I used the space to finish quilt drawings, take the tent out on photo-shoots, make packages for my lovely backers, sort through tour documentation, collaborate with friends old and new, and sift through my new quilting books.  I set up Quilt Stories and collected stories and stitches right in the front yard, posting my 'quilt stories' sign up for the duration of my stay.

The Slumber Party!  Inspired by stories of quilting retreats, I hosted the Quilt Stories Slumber Party 2011- an all-night sew fest where guests added stitches to the collaborative quilt, chowed snacks, worked on their own projects, napped in the tent, and pieced patchworks together.  The party was well attended with a few waves of people, five sewing machines going at once, and fourteen contributors putting together a 10' wide circle of patchwork.  In the morning we had a lovely brunch, and David and I finished the patchwork to install in the opening in his poolhouse.  The circular opening in the ceiling (David's handywork) makes the old garage an indoor/outdoor space, inspired by Hawaiian lenais and James Turrell.

And after all of that, I am back on tour for a week.  Three days of Quilt Stories events in Wisconsin take me to a locally-sourced art shop in Madison, a quilt and fiber arts museum in Cedarburg, and a community gathering space in Milwaukee.  After a visit to Chicago, I will land in Pentwater Michigan, where I will be setting up my studio and staying put for a while.... East Coast tour plans are brewing for September!

Still posting on Facebook and Flickr, researching and exploring, learning and scheming.

xoxoxox eliza

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